Granny (full name unknown) is a minor character in the television series Dynasty in The CW. She first appeared in the twenty-first episode of the first season, portrayed by Laverne Scott Caldwell.


Granny was Tom Carrington's secretary at Carrington Atlantic during the Seventies. They had an affair and she secretly gave birth to their daughter, Millie.

More than forty years later, Alexis Carrington reveals to Jeff Colby that he is a Carrington. He then comes to visit his grandma with his sister Monica. She first denies but finally confesses that her daughter Millie is also Blake Carrington's half-sister, making Jeff and Monica heirs of the Carrington empire.


Season 1 (1/22)



  • In the original series, Millie Cox (aka Dominique Deveraux) was Tom Carrington's illegitimate daughter with his deceased mistress named Laura Matthews.
    • In the reboot, Granny's name is currently unknown.
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