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Go Rescue Someone Else
Season 4, Episode 13
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Air date August 6, 2021
Written by Josh Reims and Christopher Fife
Directed by Heather Tom
Viewers 0.24 million


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Go Rescue Someone Else is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season and the seventy-seventh overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired August 6, 2021.


SECRETS - Fallon confides in Anders that she's worried that she hasn't heard from Liam as it's unlike him to not come home. Blake becomes enraged when he finds what Adam has been keeping from him and makes a rash decision. Culhane and Sam work together to find a way out of a very precarious situation, with dangerous results. Meanwhile, Jeff needs help in securing his next venture and turns to a very unlikely source for help. Lastly, a tragedy strikes the Carringtons.[1]

Plot Summary




Guest Starring

  • Luke Cook as Oliver Noble
  • Stephanie Kurtzuba as Katy Lofflan
  • Ramón de Ocampo as Nolan Jamison
  • David Aron Damane as Leo Abbott


  • Rabon Hutcherson II as Paddy
  • Geoffrey D. Williams as Jerry Simmons
  • Jennifer Christa Simmons as Dr. Wanda Scott
  • Marco Guerrero as Esteban
  • Frank Brennan as Priest
  • Ashley Drayton as Nurse


  • Kevin Kilner as Senator Bill North (archive footage)

Notes and Spoilers

  • As part of the main cast, Michael Michele (Dominique Deveraux) is credited though she is absent from the episode.
  • This is the episode where the person in the casket is revealed.
    • A main character dies in this episode.
    • The person in the casket is revealed to be Joseph Anders after a car accident.
  • This episode's title, along with its synopsis, directors and writer were revealed on May 20, 2021 via press release.


  • Joseph Anders dies in this episode. His original counterpart also died in the fourth season episode "The Bungalow" of the original Dynasty.
  • The writers were gonna kill off Anders via a heart attack but Alan Dale requested a different way to be killed off because his former characters (Caleb Nichol on The OC, Bradford Maede on Ugly Betty amongst the few) died because of a heart attack. [2]