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Fletcher Baylor Myers[1] is a supporting character in the television series, Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Daniel di Tomasso.


Fletcher is a PR consultant. He owed Fallon Carrington a favor, which he paid for by helping La Mirage with their PR nightmare. While helping Sam, the pair exchanged a heated kiss. ("Shoot From the Hip").

After a flirtatious encounter with Sam Jones, Fletcher disappeared for a few days. ("The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial")

When he finally returned, he admitted to reciprocating Sam's feelings. However, he didn't date clients. Sam solved the problem by firing Fletcher and they kissed again. ("The Caviar, I Trust, Is Not Burned")

In the days that followed, they had an ongoing relationship that was mainly physical. Whenever Sam wanted to know more about Fletcher, he would pull away or change the subject. In the meantime, Fletcher was hired by The Atlantix as their full-time PR manager. He worked alongside Sam and Culhane to expose the investor's classism. After they succeded, Sam opened up about needing more from Fletcher then just sex. Fletcher then told Sam his middle name, which is Baylor. He agreed to try and be more open about his past and feelings in the future. ("What Sorrows Are You Drowning?")

Afterwards, Fletcher is hurt when Sam is reluctant to call Fletcher his boyfriend, causing a small rift between the couple. When Sam realises he did so because of his failed marriage with Steven, he reaches Fletcher's house to tell him how he feels. However it is revealed that Fletcher is married. ("A Wound That May Never Heal")

On Valentine Day, Fletcher keeps messaging Sam asking him to talk to him regarding his marriage. Sam, however, intends to ignore Fletcher's messages and focus on the grand party he hosted on La Mirage. However, seeing the couples at the party, Sam desperately messages Fletcher back ("Battle Lines")

Sam asks Fletcher to meet him at La Mirage. Fletcher does so, to find Kirby Anders there too. Fletcher makes it clear that he is married, but that the latter are in a open relationship. Fletcher pleads Sam to keep seeing him, much to Kirby's dismay. Fletcher's sweet gestures, such as gifting Sam an expensive watch, makes Sam feel that Fletcher will leave his husband, but Kirby thinks the rather opposite. Fearing that Fletcher will break Sam's heart, Kirby proceeds to talk to Fletcher, the former asking the latter to make Sam understand that he will not divorce his husband, if he doesn't want not break up with Sam. The next time Kirby meets Sam, he reveals that Fletcher dumped him. ("You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White")

Fletcher is briefly mentioned when Fallon asks why Sam is in a bad mood. ("That Wicked Stepmother")


Fletcher is sarcastic, outspoken, and blunt. He is very confident in his methods of operating and is quick to call someone out who has an opposing viewpoint. He can come across as obnoxious and condescending but has a big heart that he shows to those he cares for. Fletcher is closed-off when it comes to emotional bonding and opening up about his past, something that he is trying to work on.

Physical Appearance

Fletcher is a physically attractive male standing at 6'0" with a well-built and toned physique. He has shaggy black hair that frames his face and striking blue eyes that contrast with his dark features.



  • Josh Reims expressed his wishes to bring back Fletcher to introduce a potential love triangle between Sam, Fletcher, and Sam's stripper new husband, Ryan in Season 4 like it was planned for the end of the third season prior to the Covid-19 pandemic causing the third season to end 2 episodes short of its 22 episode season.[2]
    • This love storyline took place with Fletcher returning back to Sam's life and informing him that he and his husband are getting a divorce.