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You see, I got tired of playing ball in a man's world. So, I went ahead and bought NTNR Enterprises. The company that owns your Oh, well, no, my publishing house. Femperial Publishing, as it will now be known, will focus on books for, by and about women.
Fallon to Stuart

Femperial Publishing (formerly Elcott Publishing) is a publishing company owned by Fallon Unlimited. Fallon Carrington originally acquired the company through the acquisition of NTNR, and later sold the company to Kirby, who in turn, sold it to a synergy group, however it's later revealed that at some point Fallon bought the company back.


Elcott Publishing was owned by NTNR, however, when Fallon Carrington bought the company she became the new owner of a publishing company and renamed it Femperial Publishing. ("Miserably Ungrateful Men")

Fallon later sold the company to Kirby for one-dollar, under the deal that Kirby would sell the company back. However, Kirby slighted Fallon and chose to keep the company as her own. ("Deception, Jealousy, and Lies")

Fallon offered to buy Femperial back from Kirby for two-million dollars, which Kirby rejected instantly. Fallon then vacated Femperial from their office as she owned the building they were occupying. Kirby realized that she wasn't capable of running the company herself but still wanted to own it. She began actively searching for a new CEO, however, her efforts were thwarted by Fallon who made her look like a drunk in front of potential CEOs. ("Mother? I'm at La Mirage")

Kirby sold Femperial and transferred the funds into her personal bank account. ("What Sorrows Are You Drowning?")

Fallon later decided to invest in NTNR and renamed it Fallon Unlimited, her next business venture after Femperial. ("A Used Up Memory")


Board of Directors


  • Kirby Anders (Millennial Content Consultant; formerly)
  • Liam Ridley (Writer)
  • Dale (Ghost Writer; formerly)
  • Stuart (formerly)