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The relationship between Fallon Carrington and Michael Culhane started out as a fling purely for sex and each other's company, but soon escalated into a true love relationship between the two. Fallon often found it difficult to let him in and allowed him to be a real boyfriend to her, as much as he shows that he loves her.


They often have their road blocks and Michael feels like he's not good enough for her, seeing as he comes from an entirely different social class and works for her father, but they have a deep and meaningful connection underneath it all. However, they both have differences they need to work out in order to work as a couple.

Tired of their 4-year hidden relationship, Michael breaks up with Fallon and begins a short-lived affair with Kori Rucks, her rival from High School, and then with Monica Colby, a close friend of her. Fallon and Michael finally work on their relationship and agreed to stay good friends.

When Fallon is kidnapped, Michael teams up with Fallon's boyfriend Jeff Colby to save her and has a heart-to-heart conversation with Blake Carrington, who is aware of his past relationship with his daughter and regrets that their social differences spared them. Despite his relationship with Monica, Michael finally realizes that he still has feelings for Fallon and grows suspicious about Jeff's motivations. He unsuccesffuly tries to warn Fallon and reveals his feelings for her. She refuses to listen for finally returns to him when she discovers Jeff's agenda.

The day before her wedding with Jeff, Fallon opens her heart to Michael and proposes to secretly marry but he refuses. After Fallon and Jeff's wedding, Michael realizes that Fallon marries another man in order to annulled a contract signed by Jeff allowing him 25% shares of Carrington Atlantic. He blames her for trying to use him... again.

Despite being tired of her and her family, Michael helps Fallon one last time to clear-up the motives of her mother's return. He later resigned his job for the Carrington family without a word for Fallon.

In the season 2 premiere, Fallon accepts Michael's proposal and the two are now engaged.

But later Fallon cancels the engagement because he lied to her and because she is in love with Liam.

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