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It is a brand, it's a lifestyle, and unlimited really is the right word because we are planning to have businesses in every form of media you can imagine. Including, our new namesake magazine. I am presenting a new vision and a new mission to focus on girls and women feeling their own unlimited power.
— Fallon introduces her company

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Fallon Unlimited (formerly NTNR Enterprises) is a magazine and media conglomerate company. It is owned and named after, Fallon Carrington.


Fallon first purchased NTNR Enterprises to acquire the publishing company, Elcott Publishing. She renamed Elcott Publishing to Femperial Publishing but never paid the mother-company much attention. She admitted that it was just a means to an end.

Fallon decided to invest in NTNR. She renamed it Fallon Unlimited and made it a modern and up-to-date magazine and corporation that women and men alike can relate too. She had to navigate legalities as the name Fallon Unlimited was already owned by an older woman. Fallon acquired the name after buying it from the woman. She then launched the magazine with a press conference. On their first day of launch, someone shut down the Fallon Unlimited website. ("A Used Up Memory")

She attempted to pitch the company to Landon III, a creative director based in Wales, but her efforts were thwarted after an accident. She created a puff piece that Liam would write about the building Landon was staying. When Liam found out, she decided to shop the piece to other companies. ("Shoot From the Hip")

Fallon Unlimited Streaming

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Fallon revealed her plans to expand Fallon Unlimited by merging it with her streaming service that she acquired through the acquisition of Femperial Publishing. She wanted to take it internationally and had plans to merge with a European company called Corlent. However, the merger fell through due to her not having enough pre-existing European subscribers. She approached The Atlantix with an offer to use their upcoming show, which streamed in Spain, to advertise her new company. The advertisement would run at half-time and offer a special deal to all the new Spanish subscribers. Atlantix CEO Michael Culhane countered with a sponsorship ad and allowed her to run a graphic on the screen at half-time.

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Fallon's plan to woo Corlent was sabotaged by Silverflix Streaming, the newest streaming service purchased by Blake Carrington. Desperate, Fallon changed her plan back to her initial idea that included fireworks and dancers. Her plan went awry when Sam, who wore a mascot, caught fire and the fireworks burned the banners to say, "F U Spain" instead of "Fallon Unlimited For Spain". Despite the disaster, Fallon Unlimited Streaming saw a considerable spike in overseas subscriptions that weren't from Spain. Corlent was impressed and agreed to restart negotiations for the merger. ("A Wound That May Never Heal")

Aunt Alexis

When Alexis interrupted Fallon's podcast with "Love, Sydney" she accidentally gave a woman good advice. She was also candid about Fallon's childhood and humorous. After the podcast, people began referring to her as “Aunt Alexis” and asking her for advice on parenting and fashion. Everyone was entranced by Alexis' seemingly candid and honest opinions. Fallon offered to give “Aunt Alexis” her very own podcast courtesy of Fallon Unlimited. Alexis is thrilled to work with Fallon but has other offers to consider first. Fallon offers a bimonthly issue and a written column in the online magazine as often as Alexis wants. Alexis happily accepts the offer. ("She Cancelled...")

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"Aunt Alexis" faced legal issues when one of the women Alexis gave advice, Joyce Doyle, sued for damages. Alexis gave Joyce advice on how to handle a career change by telling her to get behind the wheel and drive without looking back. This resulted in Joyce getting in a car accident where she broke her left leg and right arm. Joyce is now suing Fallon, Alexis, and the company for damages. Fallon initially wanted to settle for two-million-dollars, but they later discovered Joyce was faking her injuries for an easy paycheck. The lawsuit was dropped. Fallon also gave Alexis more control over what she could and couldn't say in the podcast. ("Robin Hood Rescues")


Board of Directors

  • Fallon Carrington (Owner, Major Shareholder, Chairwoman of the Board and CEO)
  • Garry (Board Member)
  • Brian (Board Member)
  • Ellen (Board Member)
  • Quinn (Board Member)
  • Daniel (Board Member)
  • Aubrey (Board Member)
  • Leslie (Board Member)

Magazine Employees

  • Unknown

Streaming Service Employees

  • Unknown

Other Employees

  • Jamie

Resigned/Fired Employees