I'm Fallon Carrington. I run this town, I make the rules, and I always win.
Fallon Carrington

Fallon Morell Carrington is the female protagonist and lead heroine in the television series Dynasty on The CW. She is portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies.


Fallon is a charismatic, manipulative, and fiery heiress as intelligent and business savvy as her millionaire father Blake Carrington. She knows what she wants and gets it, and she has her plans set on making a name for herself outside of her father. What first started as coming to see her father in hopes of a C.O.O. promotion at Carrington Atlantic, is soon thwarted by the news that her father will be marrying Cristal Flores, and has been given the promotion instead, creating an unforgettable rivalry. After Blake refuses to give Fallon a job of importance in his company, she teams up with Jeff Colby, her father's mortal enemy, and he offers her financial backing to be chief executive officer of Carrington Windbriar, her own company that she's starting which will also be Blake's new competition.

Later, she also successfully launches another company she calls Femperial Publishing with Kirby. After Femperial is sold, Fallon launches her new company called Fallon Unlimited, and also gets engaged to her ex-husband/on-again-off-again/two times fiancé Liam Ridley.


Fallon can be described as sharply intelligent, competent, charismatic, and savvy. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it, even if it means manipulating the situation to better benefit her needs. She is charismatic, outgoing, and the center of all parties. She can appear cold-hearted which is fueled by her sarcastic quips. At first, her intentions were set on becoming the C.O.O. of Carrington Atlantic, until she felt betrayed by her father and decided to switch allegiances.

Fallon wants to establish herself in the corporate world outside of her father's legacy and on her terms. Despite her hard and unflinching exterior, Fallon had a good heart and tends to choose to do the right thing over hurting someone else. For example, when Culhane's family believed that he was an executive at the company and not a limi driver, she covered for him by calling him a good vice-president.

On the flip-side, Fallon tends to talk down to the staff at The Carrington Manor and brushes off most problems as beneath her. She can be territorial and fiercely protective of her family and, subsequently, their companies. While she is riddled with trust issues, when Fallon does let someone in, she loves them unconditionally and would do just about anything for them.


In "Guilt Trip to Alaska", when Cristal tries to apologize to Fallon yet again, she tells her to "save it, Cristal. You’ve already apologized twice. You think the third time's a charm?" Shortly thereafter, Blake mentions that the family's lawyers are on their way over, which means that so are the detectives in charge of this case. As a result, they all need to talk fast and get their stories straight. Fallon sarcastically says that she’s fine and sarcastically thanks them for asking since she just saw her friend’s corpse get dragged out of the lake. Not to mention, that she also just found out that her fiance drowned and would have died if Tony, the gardener hadn’t taken his fourth break of the day and found him in time. She reveals that she still doesn’t know how he is. Blake confronts Fallon and asks her what she thought really happened to Trixie. If she really believed Trixie had just run off to Spain or something. To which, she says that she figured she had gotten hurt really badly on that night and was recuperating in one of their secret hospitals. However, she eventually admits that she tried not to think about it, and tried to put that bad experience behind her.

Later, Fallon tells Adam that it really wouldn’t surprise her if somehow he was involved in what happened to Liam too. She warns him that she doesn't forget, and drives off to go visit Liam at the hospital. When she gets there, he is still unconscious, and as Fallon leaves Liam’s hospital room, she hallucinates Trixie sitting in a chair. She takes a deep breath and then looks back, but Trixie is still sitting there. She makes her way to La Mirage, where she tries to seek some comfort from  Sam. He asks her if he really didn't kill Trixie, even by accident since he knows 16-year-olds can be bitchy sometimes. Fallon says no, and talks about Trixie was one of her closest friends and confesses that it has been very traumatic for her having all these feelings bubbling back up. Sam makes her feel worse though by bringing up how it must be horrible for Trixie’s family because just when they have moved past it, they are being forced to relive it again. Not to mention that the press is probably hounding them. This, in turn, guilts Fallon into to seek out Mrs. Tate, who is just coming out of a church service. She tells the older woman, she’s there to offer her condolences. Mrs. Tate says she wishes that were helpful, but that Trixie has been gone for ten years, and her disappearance destroyed her family. That she got divorced from her Trixie’s father, and her brother had a terrible time after. Not to mention she is still battling a vicious depression, so condolences don’t really help her right now.

Mrs. Tate tells Fallon that she should leave because this isn’t really helping her and that this certainly isn’t helping Trixie. When Fallon goes to visit Liam again,  Ashley is there, having been told what happened from Laura. Liam's mom as it turns out is in Europe apparently and asked Ashley to keep an eye on Liam in her absence.

Meanwhile, everyone around her tells Fallon they are concerned for her because of all the trauma she has gone through in such a short amount of time. When Fallon is at this year's Carrington Gala, despite her many efforts, she continues to be plagued by seeing Trixie's ghost everywhere. After taking the mic off from her aunt Dominique, she uses her time on the spotlight to announce that  sets up a scholarship in honor of  Trixie. She thinks she has gotten rid of her, but Trixie’s “ghost” then begin talking to her when she walks through a tunnel that shows a lot of fishes. She tells  Fallon that she knows what needs to be done, and that what she really wants is for Fallon to take responsibility for her death. As a result, she eventually goes to the police and confesses about what really lead to Trixie's death. Which inadvertently leads to her father getting arrested. She later goes to see Liam once more, who begins to wake up, but upon being fully conscious, he has no idea who she is and doesn't recognize her, only having memories of his time with Ashley.

In "Caution Never Won A War", Back at The Carrington Manor, a lawyer tells Fallon that her sentencing hearing is in 48 hours. He mentions how Judge Anson is tough. Fallon thinks he should be lenient considering the fact that she ended up telling the police the truth about the night that Trixie died. She does admit to lying about ten years ago, and again when she was questioned recently. She wonders if it's the same lie, does it technically count twice? The lawyer shrugs and says that ultimately, this judge could go either way. He tells Fallon that in the best case scenario she gets a slap on the wrist, and some probation. But if the judge chooses to make an example out of a spoiled rich kid who’s always gotten away with everything, she could be looking at five years or more of jail time. Sam, who walked in midway through Fallon’s meeting with her lawyer, asks her why she’s not more freaked out once the lawyer leaves. Sam suggests Fallon could always flee the country, but she disagrees, telling her former brother in law that she is taking responsibility for her actions.

At the hospital, Fallon is visiting Liam and trying to make him remember her by showing them pictures of them throughout their relationship. Liam eventually stops her, saying he believes her when she says they had a relationship. Fallon calls their relationship magical and true love, but Liam says he also knows that when they broke up, Fallon went a little crazy when she heard Liam and Ashley had gotten back together. Fallon asks if Ashley told him that, but Liam says she didn’t tell him anything. That she actually went back to New York to grab some of her stuff to bring back. Fallon mentions that perhaps Ashley should bring back with her the truth, because she never went crazy and that Liam and Ashley never dated again. She wonders out loud where Liam would even get an idea like that, and a few seconds later Liam’s mom walks in.

At the hospital, Fallon kidnaps Liam in order to make him remember, and he goes along with it. Fallon has taken Liam to the courthouse where they first met. She mentions how hard this has been for her because they belong to her. Liam stares closely at her, and recalls the night they first met. But asks Fallon if she was wearing a different hat from the one she’s wearing today. Fallon says that yes, the hat she had worn that night was white. But before she can ask about anything else, Laura shows up. Fallon flippantly asks her if she has a tracker on her or something. But Laura mentions it's Liam who she put a tracker on, and asks rhetorically if there’s any line she’s not willing to cross.

Laura and Fallon fight over Liam until he yells at both of them to stop. He admits to Fallon that the pressure she’s putting on him to remember their time together is freaking him out. Thus, he asks her to stop because his memory may never come back.

Fallon eventually gets to her hearing, and the judge calls her a woman of exceptional means of influence in certain parts of the county. The judge decides to make an example out of her, and sentences her to 100 hours of community service. She strongly suggests to Fallon to use her means of influence for the good of the community, and not for herself. Her lawyer tells Fallon how unreliable the verdict is and tells the younger Carrington how she got off easy. Fallon takes offence to that, saying that nothing is easy for her right now.

In "Wild Ghost Chase", Fallon comes in to sit down for breakfast, and Sam asks her if she would be willing to come and also help out with preparation. But she too passes on going to the party because of her community service. Fallon and Adam squabble once he comes in to sit on the table, and Fallon departs, but not before telling her brother to choke on his breakfast.

Back in jail, Fallon goes to visit Blake and scoffs at the fact that there’s no glass separating the two of them. She mentions that she always wanted to use one of those phones, and put her hand on the window like they’re in a Lifetime movie. Fallon asks Blake to kick Adam out of the house, but Blake doesn’t want to. He agrees that Adam has made some mistakes, but he is helping him right now as acting CEO of the winery. Fallon then stands up angrily, and tells her father that she will deal with Adam on her own as she walks out of the jail.

At a community garden somewhere in Atlanta, Fallon is trying her best with the gardening she needs to do and pleads continuously to not come across a dead squirrel. She rolls her sleeves, and gets to work on the manual labor that awaits her. Later, Frank congratulates her on a marvelous job and says it’s quite impressive. He admits that he didn’t think Fallon would last five minutes, let alone be halfway done. Frank shows her the other plot she is in charge of, but Fallon doesn’t break. She vows to make this community garden, the best garden in all of Georgia. However, she takes a look at her watch, and realizes she needs to get to a meeting.

Fallon ends up running into Evan Tate, who asks her what she’s doing at a grief counseling meeting. She admits to barely recognizing him and says he looks great. Evan tells Fallon that his mom is doing better now. He mentions that Annie Tate still panics, but it’s now mostly about him never finding a girlfriend. Fallon asks Evan if he is living in Atlanta again, and states that he moved back a few years ago. He further reveals that he is still working as a corporate lawyer. When she asks him how the grief counseling meeting went, he confesses that after they found Trixie, some bad memories came up for him. Fallon tries to apologize, but Evan says it’s really okay. Fallon, nevertheless persists and says it really was not okay, and that she can admit to really screwing up. Evan mentions that Fallon was probably pretty scared that night, she was young and it was an accident. He finishes up by saying that hating her isn’t going to bring his sister back. Fallon smiles and admits that his reaction is certainly different from that one he got from his mother. He wishes her luck on getting the closure she needs and tells her it was nice seeing her. He tells her that she looks great too as he walks away

Back at the manor, Adam confronts Fallon about her visit to see Blake the other day. She laughs, and tells him to not be jealous because it wasn’t conjugal. Adam asks her head on why Fallon wants him to be thrown out of the manor. Fallon says that it is because she hates him, and jokingly thanks her for coming to her Ted Talk. Adam tells Fallon she will regret trying to separate him from Blake. He tries to threaten her, but Fallon doesn’t cower. Instead, she laughs and says that if Adam wants to come after her, to bring it on.

Meanwhile, Fallon in a more flattering and fashion forward orange vest, tells Monica how today she feels more prepared for her community service. She admits that it was harder than she thought, but today she actually has a plan. She mentions how she imported Dutch soil, has brought a Buddhist monk to bless the Zen garden, and a crop-maximizing plan designed by Atlanta’s top landscape architect. Monica is impressed and calls it heroic since it brings the 1% to the 99%. Fallon goes on to say that if everything goes according to plan, she should have a version of the garden done by tonight and thus dodge another court date.

Culhane shows up a few seconds later, and Fallon hands over her shares of the Atlantix. She says it’s her way of apologizing for her part in unwittingly helping Blake frame him. Culhane accepts her apology now that he is a majority owner of the team. Monica says that Jeff would have given him his shares too, and that he’d be happy that Culhane is in charge. He asks if there’s been an update, and mentions that he has been praying for Monica’s family. She tells him that nothing yet as of now, but thanks him. Culhane apologizes for how bad things got between them, and asks for a fresh start. The two ladies agree and take Culhane’s offer in starting anew.

At the community garden, Fallon finds out that all the hard work she did the day before has been ruined. She asks Frank if he will still sign her community service hours, but he says not unless she fixes everything up again. Fallon says she can’t possibly get all that work done before it gets dark. But Frank doesn’t care, and just tells her that if she can’t do the time, she shouldn’t have done the crime.

At the Carrington Manor, Fallon enlist Tony's help at her community garden, but inadvertently reveals that he is still traumatized from the favors he had to do for her mother. He accepts to help Fallon, on the condition that he gets to take his kids trick or treating first.

Fallon descends the stairs of the Carrington Manor dressed as Marie Antoinette, only to find that Adam is dressed up as Louis XVI. Fallon taunts Adam by saying how Louis was killed before Marie. But Adam responds in kind, and asks her sister if she knew that the French beheaded Marie Antoinette for incest. The comment grosses Fallon out and she walks away.

In the kitchen, Fallon and Sam have a talk, where she tells him how proud she is of making his investment on the hotel work. Sam tries to tell her that he’s in the middle of selling the hotel and giving up, but doesn’t get the chance. Just as she’s going in search of some of the good wine they have in the pantry, she sees a pair of boots. She asks one of the employees who the boots belong to, and the woman tells her that they belong to Adam. That he left there when he came in last night. Thus, Fallon deduces that racoons didn’t destroy her garden, but it was actually Adam behind it.

Adam is making some progress with some shareholders, but they are once again put off, when an angry Fallon confronts Adam in front of them. Not caring that they’re there, she reveals that Adam hired the divers that started tFallon and Evan get into an argument, when he finally tells her that her punishment didn’t fit the crime. He is sick and tired of the Carringtons not having to pay for their mistakes, and admits that Trixie’s death tore his family apart. Fallon sighs, and agrees with Evan, that her punishment was not enough. That no matter what she does, it can’t bring Trixie back, but that she had hoped that by doing this it would cleanse her soul. Or at least take away a little tiny part of the guilt she feels every second of every day. He realizes just how much Fallon has been hurting over it too, and asks her to forgive him. She quickly agrees and the two hug it out. They look into each other's eyes and just as Evan leans to kiss her, she steps back. She apologizes and tells Evan that she can’t because she has a fiancé. Evan apologizes too and asks if they can be friends again. Fallon accepts, and Evan decides that the first act of their friendship, he will help her clean up the mess he caused.

Adam tries to say that his shoes get muddy after a trip he took the vineyard, but Fallon doesn’t believe him. Adam tries to leave, but Fallon lunges at him and the two end up covered in the Halloween cake. Adam asks Fallon if she has lost her mind because he was talking to business clients. But she tells him that she doesn’t care, and to let them eat cake. She goes to hit Adam again, but gets stopped by Blake who is back at the Manor.

In his study, Fallon confronts her dad and tells him that they need to talk about Adam once and for all. He tells her that while he’s not throwing him out of the manor, he agrees with him that Adam is out of control. Fallon is shocked, and Blake continues by saying he does see how Adam is obsessed with sabotaging her, and at this point he can’t deny that anymore. He promises to do the best he can to keep the two of them apart, and Fallon thanks him for that. Not quite finished with talking to Fallon, he tells her that he is quite proud of her for tackling the gardening she had to do for her community service. He is glad that she didn’t take the path of least resistance since he knows just how seductive that can be.

Back at the community garden, Fallon has ordered Tony to stand down and decides to do the work herself. She ends up hearing a branch crack, and asks who is there. Evan steps out of the shadows, and tries to lie and say he’s there to see if there’s a memorial of Trixie or something. Fallon, however, sees the gallon of chlorine he is holding and realizes he sabotaged her the other day and not Adam.

Fallon and Evan get into an argument, when he finally tells her that her punishment didn’t fit the crime. He is sick and tired of the Carringtons not having to pay for their mistakes, and admits that Trixie’s death tore his family apart. Fallon sighs, and agrees with Evan, that her punishment was not enough. That no matter what she does, it can’t bring Trixie back, but that she had hoped that by doing this it would cleanse her soul. Or at least take away a little tiny part of the guilt she feels every second of every day. He realizes just how much Fallon has been hurting over it too, and asks her to forgive him. She quickly agrees and the two hug it out. They look into each other's eyes and just as Evan leans to kiss her, she steps back. She apologizes and tells Evan that she can’t because she has a fiancé. Evan apologizes too and asks if they can be friends again. Fallon accepts, and Evan decides that the first act of their friendship, he will help her clean up the mess he caused.

Back with the Colbys, Jeff kicks Dominique out after confronting her for having double crossed them. She gets teary eyes and tells her children that while they may have given up on her, she will never give up on the both of them.

The next morning, Blake wakes up as he tries to go and make a call with their sellers after Adam’s meltdown the night before. Cristal informs her there’s no need, and that she even got one of the sellers to have their wine sell in China. She asks Blake to giver her power in the family business, and promises to make their dynasty flourish.

Fallon arrives that same morning having finished with the gardening she needed to do for her community service. Adam mentions that Liam has been discharged from the hospital, but that he suggested to Laura Van Kirk that she could care better for her son at her own home. He also gleefully mentions to his sister that wedding bells aren’t too far for Liam and Ashley.

In "A Wound That May Never Heal", at a table at La Mirage, Kirby reads an article about Blake while Fallon listens in disapproval. The article praises Blake while the rest of the media is calling Fallon the “forgotten Carrington”. In the last twenty-four hours, she has seen a plunge in her social and business standing. Fallon explains to Kirby that she plans to take Fallon Unlimited international with her new streaming service. The streaming service was one of the assets that she bought when she purchased Femperial, but if she doesn’t expand it will get lost with other streaming services. Kirby offers to pitch television show ideas to Fallon but she rejects the offer, saying that she has a European business company interested.

Fallon is distracted during breakfast and doesn’t pay much attention to Sam’s issues as she is engrossed in her phone. She explains that her European merger is falling through because she doesn’t have enough existing European clients. She returns to her phone and Sam vents about Fletcher calling him “boyfriend”. While most of their relationship is great he finds it sudden. Fallon groans and tells Sam that the company ended negotiations and she can’t have her merger. If Blake wins then Fallon will have a bad effect. A soccer team from Spain arrives at the hotel per Fletcher’s arrangement. The game will create good PR. Fallon asks if Sam is still seeing Fletcher then realizes that she can use the game to save her streaming service and please the European company.

Fallon has a meeting with Culhane and he mistakes her presence for her wanting naming rights. She tells him that it would be a waste of money. She pitches the idea of her to using the Atlantix’s upcoming game, which streams in Spain, to advertise her new company. The large advertisement would run at half-time and offer a special deal to new Spanish subscribers. Michael countered with a sponsorship ad and allowed her to run a graphic on the screen at half-time and she takes the deal.

Fallon and Sam discuss Fallon giving presents to the Corlent representatives, the European streaming company, that she has convinced to meet with her after the game. Her assistant informs Fallon that Blake bought a streaming company and Corlent is interested in partnering with him, not Fallon. Corlent boarded Blake’s private jet and not Fallon’s.

Fallon confronts Blake but he tells her to relax as it is just a coincidence. He lies that he didn’t know about her streaming service. He is surprised she isn’t rising to the challenge and is running away like a “little girl” instead. She promises she is more than a “little girl” and will see him on the battlefield. She dumps his drink over his business papers and leaves.

Fallon loops Sam in on her plan which includes distracting Fletcher. She created a fake PR crisis at La Mirage to distract him, so she needs Sam to go over there and handle it. Fallon doesn’t want to lost Corlent to Blake while Sam doesn’t want Fletcher to find out he lied. The “crisis” is that people will start picketing about La Mirage’s unfair wager practices.

Fallon and Sam visit Scotty and ask him to weave in between fireworks and jump on trampolines. The moves are very complex for Scotty to learn on such short notices. She realizes the boy won't give in and instead, offers Scotty fifty-thousand dollars if he gives them the costume and keeps his mouth shut about skipping the halftime show. Scotty agrees and leaves. She hands the head to a reluctant Sam and convinces him to do the halftime show for her. She promises it will be great and puts the mascot head on Sam and boops the beak.

At the show, Fallon communicates with Sam through a walkie-talkie. Michael and Fletcher frantically catch up to Fallon and confront her about the changes to the halftime show. Michael hopes that Fallon didn’t go against what he told her to do and she promises they’ll barely notice the changes. Michael spots a pyrotechnics expert and Fallon brushes it off as not wanting an amateur to handle it. He wants her to call it off but she runs away from them instead.

Michael and Fletcher catch up to Fallon just as the firework go off. Her plan goes awry when Sam, unable to hear Fallon clearly, mistakes "no" for "go". He runs onto the field wearing the mascot costume, caught fire, and burned the banners to say, "F U Spain" instead of "Fallon Unlimited For Spain".

Alexis meets with Fallon to talk about Fallon’s unfortunate incident with her halftime show. Fallon thinks Alexis is trying to recruit her again but Alexis assures her that she isn’t the forgotten Carrington and wants Fallon to help her take down Blake. Fallon refuses to help Alexis as she doesn’t want her future to become Alexis. She won’t let her future be defined by Blake and leaves the table.

Fallon visits Michael about the events of the halftime show. Despite the disaster, Fallon Unlimited Streaming saw a considerable spike in overseas subscriptions that weren't Spain. Corlent was impressed and agreed to restart negotiations for the merger. To make up for the damages, and finally believing in the Atlantix, Fallon made an official offer for naming rights to the stadium.


Fallon-Michael relationship

At the beginning of the series, their romance became steamy and they fall in love. However, Fallon uses him for her gain and sometimes when she's around Jeff Colby, Michael can be somewhat jealous and they broke up. At the end of the Thanskgiving Episode, Michael and Fallon share a friendly pie.

The season 2 premiere Fallon accepts Michael's proposal and the two are now engaged. However, Fallon breaks it since he lied to her about Ada.

Fallon-Jeff relationship

Their relationship began while they were both in high school. They later agreed to become business partners to help found Morell Corp and became close friends. Their relationship later turned into a romance and they kissed. They nearly married, until Fallon found out he was playing her. In the episode Dead Scratch, Fallon learns that Jeff is her half-cousin.

Fallon-Liam relationship

Knowing Jeff's sinister plan to take Carrington Atlantic away from Blake, Fallon enlists Liam, then a stranger, to marry her. The marriage prevented Fallon and Jeff's from being legitimate. To keep up appearances, Fallon and Liam pretend to be together for a few weeks per their contract. However, their relationship became a romantic one when Liam fell in love with Fallon. He asked her out on a date in Use or Be Used, but Fallon stood him up to confront Michael after she learned of his father's illness. She rejected Liam and decided to pursue a relationship with Michael, angry to learn Liam was not just a writer, but apart of the Van Kirk clan as well.

To sell CA to the Van Kirks, Fallon and Liam pretended once again to be married in Twenty-Three Skidoo. She remained loyal to Michael but questioned her feelings, so she decided to end their charade by hosting a divorce party ("Queen of Cups"). Liam and Fallon shared a last kiss that sparked their passions, but she spurned him for Michael and cut her communications with him. Just as Liam began to move on with formal flame Ashley, Fallon buckled under the weight of Michael's lies and admitted her feelings for Liam. She attempted to recapture his attention but he rejected her for her behavior in The Sight of You. Fallon later purchased a publishing company in How Two-Faced Can You Get? but to her surprise, the company was selling Liam's book, resulting in an emotionally-charged feud. Fallon reads Liam's book, which isn't the Van Kirk novel he was working on in season one, but about Fallon. Near the end of the episode Life Is a Masquerade Party, they finally became a couple, and in Deception, Jealousy, and Lies, Fallon proposes.

After being assaulted in Deception, Jealousy, and Lies, Liam suffered from a head injury resulting in retrograde amnesia. When Liam wakes up in the hospital ("Guilt Trip to Alaska"), he doesn't recognize Fallon. She attempts to jog his memory with artifacts from their past dates to no avail. Laura Van Kirk continuously thwarts her, finally accumulating in a restraining order against Fallon and betrothing Liam to Ashley. Fallon sends Sam to give Liam his original manuscript that details their relationship in Something Desperate. Liam decides to not go through with his wedding to Ashley but is also disgusted by the girl depicted in the manuscript, and can't be with Fallon either. In "A Used Up Memory," Liam finally regained his memory of Fallon and their relationship. Despite Fallon's budding relationship with Evan, she returns to Liam. However, Adam warns Fallon that Liam could be a victim of backsliding, in which he could forget the details he had just recalled ("Shoot From the Hip").



  • Blake wanted to name Fallon Ellen, after his mother, but the final choice went to Alexis. Fallon's middle name was revealed to be Morell in Private as a Circus and she subsequently used it as the name of her company, Morell Green Energy Corporation.
  • As revealed in I Answer to No Man, Steven and Fallon have another older sibling, a boy named Adam, who was kidnapped as a baby and was believed to be dead by their father.
  • Fallon tore her Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) sometime before the start of the series. ("A Taste of Your Own Medicine")
  • Fallon loves bacon and doesn't like to miss her morning bacon.
  • She was conceived down by the lake at the Carrington Manor. ("Enter Alexis")
  • Her first baby food was white truffles. ("Enter Alexis")
  • Fallon suffers from astraphobia, the fear of thunder and lightning. ("That Witch")
  • Her favorite color is cobalt blue and her favorite flower is white lilies. ("A Used Up Memory")
  • She is allergic to fresh pineapples. ("The Caviar, I Trust, Is Not Burned")
  • Fallon, along with Sammy Jo, and Blake Carrington, are the only characters to have physically appeared in the all of the episodes of the show till date.
  • She was the lead in her middle-school musical. Blake sent his temp assistant to the play on his behalf. ("The Butler Did It")
  • Fallon has weather phobia and is terrified of rainstorms and thunder. She takes anxiety medication when major storms hit. ("That Witch")
  • Alexis was in labor with Fallon for twenty-eight hours. ("She Cancelled...")


  • In the original series, Fallon was the second oldest and the older sister of Steven. In the reboot, she is the youngest child of Blake and Alexis.
  • In the original series Blake was the lead character, while in the reboot, Fallon is the lead character.



  1. As mentioned by Sam in Mother? I'm at La Mirage

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