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Evan Tate is a supporting character on The CW's Dynasty. He is portrayed by Ken Kirby.


Evan is the older brother of Trixie Tate and the son of Annie Tate. Trixie was friends with Fallon Carrington, and therefore, Evan grew up knowing the family. When Trixie disappeared during a sleepover at the Carrington manor, Evan changed and was forced to become more supportive of his mother.


Season Three

When news spread that Trixie's body had been found in the lake on the Carrington property, he attended group grief counseling sessions with his mother. He pretended to forgive Fallon for her part in what happened to Trixie when, in reality, he sabotaged her community service in the hopes that she would do jail time. He later remedied the situation by helping Fallon finish her service in time. Evan also kissed her, but she informed him that she had a fiance and they agreed to try and be friends. ("Mother? I'm at La Mirage")

Evan returns to Fallon Unlimited upon hearing about a lawsuit filed against the company for damages. He advises Fallon to settle as the PR fallout could be worse than what she would pay in legal fees. When she agrees that this might be the best course he convinces Joyce Doyle, the plaintiff, to settle for two-million-dollars. Fallon initially agreed to pay it despite Alexis' objections. When the women discovered Joyce was faking her injuries Joyce dropped the lawsuit.

Fallon returned home to find Evan waiting for her, as they were supposed to have lunch together to celebrate her settling. She fills him in on everything that happened and he makes an advance on her. She stops him and reminds him that she's marrying the man she loves, Liam, and doesn't want to lead Evan on. She doesn't think they should see each other anymore, and Evan feigns understanding. He wishes her a happy wedding and leaves the manor with a dark look on his face. Once outside, he calls Joyce and scolds her for revealing she wasn't hurt. He tells her their deal is off, because if he can't be Fallon's hero then Joyce won't get a dime of money. ("Robin Hood Rescues")

Season Four

When Fallon and Liam are about to get married in a church, Evan worked with the wedding organizer to leak the pipes in the chapel so that the venue is moved to the Carrington Manor. ("That Unfortunate Dinner") As the wedding propels forwards against all odds, Evan unravels and breaks into the Carrington Manor to confront Fallon.

He encounters Kirby Anders who is retrieving shoes for Fallon. He confronts her on where Fallon is and sees through her lie that she doesn't know. He demands to use her phone, which is vibrating from Fallon's call, though she declines. As Kirby attempts to escape Evan he pulls her back and they fight before ending up on the floor. As she struggles, he stabs her in the stomach with a knife. As she lay bleeding, he escapes from the bedroom but leaves behind a bloody handprint on the bedroom door.

Evan makes his way to Fallon's old high school where the wedding had taken place. He waits for Liam to leave before confronting Fallon, who notices he has a bundle of rope and a knife. She is unable to run away due to her injured ankle, and he apprehends her. He holds a knife to her throat and confesses that this is for Trixie. Fallon tries to reason with him that what happened with Trixie was an accident, but he points out that she told him that while they were together. He's angry she left him for Liam when he thought they had something real. He even kept a strand of her hair as memorabilia, which she tries to hide her disgust for. She states that they did have something real and he frees her but refuses to let her wander far. When Liam re-enters the stage, Evan pulls Fallon back to him as he holds the knife. She tries once again to bargain with him just as Blake arrives. He and Liam devise a silent plan - Liam pulls the lights to the stage while Fallon runs and Blake charges Evan. After a scuffle, they both fall off the stage and onto a pile of band equipment, both now unconscious. ("Vows Are Still Sacred")