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Dynasty is an American prime time television soap opera reboot based on the 1980s series of the same name. Developed by Josh Schwartz ("Gossip Girl"), Stephanie Savage ("Hart of Dixie"), and Sallie Patrick, the new series stars Grant Show as Blake Carrington, Nathalie Kelley as Cristal Flores Carrington, Elizabeth Gillies as Blake's daughter Fallon, and James Mackay as his son Steven.

Season 1

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# Image Title Writer(s) Director Airdate No. in series
1 101 Promotional (4) I Hardly Recognized You Sallie Patrick, Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage Brad Silberling October 11, 2017 1
Fallon Carrington is charismatic, cunning, and poised to become the new COO of her father Blake’s global energy empire – or so she thinks. Along with her brother Steven, Fallon is horrified to learn that they were called home not to announce her promotion – but rather to make the acquaintance of their stepmother-to-be, Cristal. When Blake chooses Cristal over his own daughter, Fallon sidles up to Blake’s biggest rival, Jeff Colby, to seek her revenge. Meanwhile, when Cristal’s nephew Sammy Jo comes to town, her carefully concealed history could bring her future crashing down – and who knows who else she might take down with her.
2 102 Promotional (10) Spit It Out Sallie Patrick Michael Allowitz October 18, 2017 2
WHAT’S IN A NAME? — When it’s discovered that Matthew’s “accidental” death may have involved foul play, the spotlight falls on the Carringtons themselves. The family must swallow their own suspicions of each other and close rank to defend the clan. Cristal struggles with what it means to be a Carrington, while Fallon begrudgingly helps cover up Cristal’s affair to protect the family name. Despite their efforts, everything comes to an emotional head at Matthew’s funeral.
3 103 Promotional (1) Guilt is for Insecure People Ali Adler Kellie Cyrus October 25, 2017 3
WHEN GREED WAS GOOD — In a throwback to the ‘80s, when "greed was good,” the Carringtons don their best costumes for their Charity Gala; Fallon fights her father Blake for the right to use the family name in her new business venture; and when Cristal learns her sister is in danger, she’s forced to choose between her old family and her new one.
4 104-1 Private as a Circus Jenna Richman Kevin Sullivan November 1, 2017 4
WE DON’T NEED ANYBODY BUT US — The Carringtons’ efforts to protect their secrets – from the world and from each other – lead them outside the protective cocoon of the Manor: Cristal and Blake to their belated honeymoon, Steven to Sammy Jo’s rescue, and Fallon to confront old demons. They all face the same difficult choice: serve yourself, or save the family?
5 105 TVPromo (4) Company Slut Christopher Fife Cherie Nolan November 8, 2017 5
NOW IT’S PERSONAL — Fallon plays a game of cat and mouse with Cristal, as the two vie for the cover of a prestigious magazine. Steven’s ex-boyfriend returns to town, upending Steven’s life in many ways. Sammy Jo and Anders discover an unlikely connection.
6 106 11 I Exist Only For Me Kevin A. Garnett Lee Rose November 15, 2017 6
TO GIVE OR TAKE — Cristal’s houseguest puts Blake in an awkward position; Sammy Jo gets in over his head while babysitting; Fallon realizes that she has alienated everyone in her personal life and zeros in on the one thing she wants more than anything.
7 Dynasty 107 Thanksgiving Dinner A Taste of Your Own Medicine Jay Gibson Matt Earl Beesley November 29, 2017 7
SOMETHING TO BE GRATEFUL FOR — Blake’s hopes for a perfect Thanksgiving – Dynasty-style – are ruined when he clashes with both Fallon and Steven. Cristal’s challenging houseguest reminds everyone to be grateful for the ties that bind.
8 DYN108a 0196bc The Best Things In Life Francisca X. Hu Pascal Verschooris December 6, 2017 8
THE GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST — Everything is shiny and bright at the city’s Annual Tree Lighting, but behind the scenes, the Carringtons struggle with ghosts from their past; Fallon tries to move on from her former flame; Steven and Jeff band together to right an old wrong; and Cristal’s past resurfaces, threatening her future with Blake.
9 108-2 Rotten Things Paul Sabbaga Brad Silberling December 13, 2017 9
GONNA FIND OUT WHO’S NAUGHTY OR NICE — The Carringtons’ plan for a peaceful holiday are spoiled by two new arrivals and the scandals they bring with them. Blake faces a power struggle with his own father; meanwhile Fallon attempts to reunite the Colbys.
10 110-1 A Well-Dressed Tarantula Adele Lim Kenny Leon January 17, 2018 10
THE MIDAS TOUCH — Cristal's efforts to mend her fractured marriage are complicated when a dangerous newcomer threatens to destroy everything she and Blake hold dear; Meanwhile, Fallon celebrates her golden birthday and gains control of her trust, forcing her to think about more than just what size champagne bottles to serve at her party.
11 111-2 I Answer to No Man Gladys Rodriguez Steven A. Adelson January 24, 2018 11
ALL THE DIAMONDS IN THE WORLD — When Fallon is taken hostage, the rest of the family must come together to enact a rescue mission — but coming together isn’t exactly what Carringtons do best. Out of desperation, Culhane turns to Jeff Colby for help, while Cristal is forced to choose between her old family and her new one.
12 Dynasty 112 HD (4) Promises You Can't Keep Jenna Richman Matt Earl Beesley January 31, 2018 12
THE STAKES ARE HIGH FOR THE CARRINGTON FAMILY — When the Carringtons host a lavish Casino Night party, Cristal and Blake's marriage is put to the test when an explosive secret from Blake's past surfaces. Meanwhile, Fallon must reconsider her behavior as she attempts to fix a professional blunder by accepting an indecent proposal.
13 Dynasty-Episode-13-Season-1-Nothing-But-Trouble-08 Nothing But Trouble Jenna Richman Matt Earl Beesley February 7, 2018 13
TORN BETWEEN OLD FLAMES AND NEW LIVES — After Fallon's declaration of professional - and romantic - independence, Jeff tries to reel her back in. As Cristal struggles with Blake's unorthodox moral compass, she finds herself in a gray area of her own.
14 114 (2) The Gospel According to Blake Carrington Francisca X. Hu & Paula Sabbaga Dawn Wilkinson March 9, 2018 14
A WEB OF LIES — Suspicious that the Colbys may be up to no good, Fallon plays a dangerous game of charades; meanwhile, Steven finds himself unexpectedly channeling his darker side when he tries to help Sammy Jo, and Cristal must cover-up an impulsive mistake that threatens to implode her marriage.
15 115 (6) Our Turn Now Libby Wells Matt Earl Beesley March 16, 2018 15
RULES OF ENGAGEMENT — After Fallon discovers that Jeff Colby's motives to marry her are not for love but for revenge, she is forced to continue with her faux engagement until she can save her family from becoming a casualty of the Colby-Carrington war. Sam pulls out all the stops to earn his citizenship and Steven’s love, while Cristal must choose between her role as a wife or her role as a stepmother.
16 117-1 Poor Little Rich Girl Jenna Richman & Ali Adler Kenny Leon March 23, 2018 16
ALL THAT GLITTERS — In the wake of a sudden Carrington death, Blake's temper pushes Cristal to make a bold decision regarding their marriage. Fallon's feud with Jeff goes public, forcing her to rely on her faux-husband, Liam, for support. Steven processes his grandfather's sordid past and decides how he wants to spend his future.
17 116-2 Enter Alexis Sallie Patrick & Christopher Fife Jeff Byrd March 30, 2018 17
NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN GUEST STARS — The arrival of Alexis has thrown the entire Carrington family into disarray. After Alexis receives a fortune from Grandpa's will, Fallon sets out to prove her mother weaseled her way into it. Meanwhile, Cristal tries to keep Alexis away from her already shaky marriage to Blake.
18 Dynasty cont con a con artist 1523042634518.png 39248807 ver1.0 640 360 Don't Con a Con Artist Kevin A. Garnett & Paula Sabbaga Carl Seaton April 06, 2018 18
FALLON VS. ALEXIS — When Fallon and Alexis fight for Steven's love, his relationship with Sam gets caught in the crossfire. Meanwhile, Cristal turns her attention to Culhane's family and stumbles upon a terrible secret.
19 Dynasty 1x19 Promo Still 1 Use or Be Used Jake Coburn & Jay Gibson Viet Nguyen April 20, 2018 19
POWER STRUGGLE — The manipulative power games between Fallon and Alexis continue when Alexis — who’s grown highly suspect of Fallon’s new husband, Liam — meddles in Fallon’s love life. Meanwhile, Blake and Cristal spar over whether CA will take responsibility for the health crisis that is hurting Culhane’s family.
20 Dynasty 1x20 Promo Still 1 A Line From the Past Jenna Richman & Francisca X. Hu Pascal Verschooris April 27, 2018 20
THE WAR OF THE CARRINGTONS – While Alexis and Blake continue to battle, Alexis enlists in a surprising ally, Jeff Colby. With her loyalties torn, Fallon must decide if she helps save the company or come to the aid of Culhane’s family.
21 Dynasty 1x21 Promo 1 Trashy Little Tramp Christopher Fife & Kevin A. Garnett Brandi Bradburn May 4, 2018 21
FALLON MUST MAKE A DIFFICULT DECISION – When Blake thwarts Fallon's attempts to take the company in a new direction, Fallon realizes that the biggest threat is actually Blake himself.
22 Dynasty 1x22 Promo 1 Dead Scratch Sallie Patrick & Libby Wells Michael Allowitz May 11, 2018[1] 22
WEDDED BLISS TURNS INTO TRAGEDY — As Alexis loses control of her plan with the Colbys, Fallon challenges Blake for control of the family's company only to learn she's not the only one with a claim to the throne. Sammy Jo and Steven prepare to tie the knot - but an unexpected guest causes all hell to break loose.

Season 2

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# Image Title Writer(s) Director Airdate No. in series
1 DYN201a 0170b Twenty-Three Skidoo Sallie Patrick & Christopher Fife Matt Earl Beesley October 12, 2018 23
SEASON PREMIERE — On the eve of Carrington Atlantic's 100th anniversary, our splintered family struggles to rise from the ashes to redefine themselves as past mistakes emerge, new alliances are forged, and the fate of the Carringtons' legacy falls squarely on Fallon's shoulders.
2 Dynasty 202-1 Ship of Vipers Josh Reims & Jenna Richman Kenny Leon October 19, 2018 24
BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY — While Blake focuses on his own selfish endeavors, Fallon goes to desperate measures to sell Carrington Atlantic to the Van Kirks. Sam and Alexis are determined to validate their suspicions about Melissa. Meanwhile, Anders' daughter Kirby befriends the Colbys in order to seek revenge on Fallon to make her pay for the past.
3 Dynasty 203 Promotional (9) The Butler Did It David M. Israel & Paula Sabbaga Pascal Verschooris October 26, 2018 25
MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE — Fallon gets in over her head and needs Liam and Culhane's help. Kirby makes a shocking discovery that changes everything, while Blake wines and dines a new guest.
4 Snowflakes Snowflakes in Hell Francisca X. Hu & Audrey Villalobos Karr Mary Lou Belli November 2, 2018 26
ALL ADVENTURES, TOGETHER, FOREVER — After an earth-shattering reveal, the Carringtons scramble to keep the family together on an expedition abroad, with Fallon playing the unlikely role of peacemaker. Meanwhile, back home, Culhane is coerced into a dangerous endeavor.
5 Queen (1) Queen of Cups Kevin A. Garnett & Jay Gibson Jeff Byrd November 9, 2018 27
FATE VERSUS FREE WILL — Even as Fallon commits her heart to Culhane, forces she can’t see, and some she can, pull her away. Alexis seemingly makes inroads with Blake but she doesn’t realize she’s pushing him into Cristal’s arms.
6 Witch (3) That Witch Josh Reims & Libby Wells Tessa Blake November 16, 2018 28
LIONS, AND TIGERS, AND MOTHERS-IN-LAW, OH MY! – Hoping to put Liam in the rear-view, Fallon fights to prove to Culhane’s family, and to herself, that Culhane is her one and only. Blake and Cristal struggle to keep their courtship alive as a paranoid Alexis derails their holiday plans.
7 Infestation (1) A Temporary Infestation Jenna Richman Michael Allowitz November 30, 2018 29
NEW BEGINNINGS — In the wake of a traumatic yet therapeutic Thanksgiving, the Carringtons are ready to embrace a fresh start. As Fallon dives into a new business endeavor, she inadvertently collides with Culhane's secret life. Meanwhile, Sam employs Kirby's help as he embarks on a new personal venture, and as Cristal celebrates the next step of her relationship with Blake, Alexis does her best to drive a wedge between them.
8 Jugular (1) A Real Instinct for the Jugular David M. Israel & Francisca X. Hu Matt Earl Beesley December 7, 2018 30
OLD HABITS DIE HARD – Fallon recruits her mother’s help with wedding planning, only to realize that Alexis may have ulterior motives. Desperately missing Steven, Sam develops a complicated relationship with a member of the Carrington staff. Culhane discovers his dark side as he ventures into a new business partnership.

9 Crazy (1) Crazy Lady Christopher Fife & Paula Sabbaga Melanie Mayron December 21, 2018 31
'TIS THE SEASON (FOR A MANHUNT) — As the Carringtons track down a dangerous enemy on Christmas Eve, Fallon and Blake clash on how to best handle the situation, stirring up unresolved grievances. Meanwhile, Cristal suspects Alexis may not be telling the whole truth to the authorities, and Kirby is cast out by Anders for having an immature reaction to the grave situation at hand.
10 Champagne (3) A Champagne Mood Josh Reims & Kevin A. Garnett Michael Allowitz January 18, 2019 32
THE THINGS WE DO FOR FAMILY — In the wake of a horrific accident, Culhane desperately needs Fallon's help and protection, while she needs to process the sheer weight of his lies. Meanwhile, as Blake shows no shame in using family to promote his own self-interest, Cristal is reluctant to reveal a big development.
11 Capture+ 2019-01-11-10-30-43~2 The Sight of You David M. Israel & Audrey Villalobos Karr Matt Earl Beesley January 25, 2019 33
MAY THE BEST GIRL WIN — Reeling from a series of emotional developments, Fallon decides to round up her gal pals for a restorative "girls' trip" to Idaho, but when the assembled squad arrives to the ski resort, Fallon's hidden agenda quickly reveals itself. Meanwhile, Blake enlists Culhane's in recruiting a star player to his new soccer team, and Alexis teams up with Sam to tackle their blues.
12 Filthy (4) Filthy Games Francisca X. Hu & Libby Wells Geary McLeod February 1, 2019 34
NEVER SURRENDER — Fallon, after a devastating rejection, tries to prove she is still at the top of her game. Sam tries to become a better person in an attempt to salvage his drifting relationship with Steven. Meanwhile, Alexis schemes to drive a wedge between Blake and Cristal.
13 Worms 2x13 (5) Even Worms Can Procreate Christopher Fife & Jay Gibson Viet Nguyen February 8, 2019 35
FAMILY MATTERS — Cristal and Blake have a surprise visitor show up who threatens to unravel their relationship, while Fallon goes to war with Culhane when he becomes a power player at Carrington Atlantic.
14 Parisian 2x14 (2) Parisian Legend Has It... Sallie Patrick & Jenna Richman Pascal Verschoori March 15, 2019 36
EVERYTHING’S GOING TO BE OKAY – As Blake seeks justice in the wake of a disturbing crime, Fallon and Sam covertly fly to Paris to investigate the truth behind a distressing phone call.
15 Overprotectiveness (1) Motherly Overprotectiveness David M. Isreal & Paula Sabbaga Brandi Bradburn March 22, 2019 37
MUM’S THE WORD – While Fallon and Sam struggle to keep a secret from bubbling to the surface, their attempts are complicated by the arrival of a mysterious stranger. As Blake is occupied up with familial matters, Cristal teams up with Culhane to face a brewing crisis at the Atlantix soccer office.
16 Ungrateful (1) Miserably Ungrateful Men Garrett Oakley & Bryce Schramm Jeff Byrd March 29, 2019 38
PRODIGAL DAUGHTER - When a damaging article is released that threatens the strength of the Carrington reputation, Fallon seeks to get ahead of the narrative by fast tracking a slate-cleaning memoir. Meanwhile, Blake throws a celebratory party, and Cristal asks Sam to chaperone an intimidating visitor while she attempts to manage a tricky situation.
17 Two-Faced (1) How Two-Faced Can You Get? Christopher Fife & Kevin A. Garnett Joanna Kerns April 19, 2019 39
GLOWING UP – Fallon’s acquisition of a new publishing company brings an unexpected person from her past into the fold, forcing her to deal with the emotional and financial ramifications. Meanwhile, Blake is suspicious when a disgruntled Jeff shows up on the Atlantix doorstep, and Cristal fears her old family will seek revenge on her new one.
18 Masquerade (1) Life is A Masquerade Party Josh Reims & Aubrey Villalobos Karr Jeff Byrd April 26, 2019 40
BEHIND THE MASK - Romantic issues surface between Fallon and Liam when she uses a public misconception to try and boost pre-sales of his soon to be released book. Meanwhile, when Sam plans a masquerade ball to roll out his new identity as a single man, Adam uses it as an opportunity to unveil the “new” Alexis to the family.
19 Illness (3) This Illness of Mine Jay Gibson & Francisca X. Hu Matt Earl Beesley May 3, 2019 41
BAD BLOOD – As Fallon prepares for the launch of Liam’s book, Liam’s mother returns to Atlanta with a shocking announcement that could derail Fallon’s plans with Liam. While Blake and Cristal partner up to pursue a nefarious new scheme, Jeff and Culhane get closer to exposing Blake for his illicit activities.
20 New Lady (1) New Lady in Town David M. Israel Elodie Keene May 10, 2019 42
MAMA’S HOME – Fallon and Liam team up to exact revenge against Adam, who’s been sabotaging Fallon’s business and personal endeavors. Jeff’s recovery from a mysterious illness is complicated by the arrival of a potent figure from his past -- his mother, Dominique.
21 Thicker Than Money (1) Thicker Than Money Jenna Richman & Kevin A. Garnett Ken Fink May 17, 2019 43
A TALE OF TWO DYNASTIES - Fallon’s pursuit of a game-changing deal for Femperial is complicated when Blake asks her to mentor Adam in all things Carrington and help him retain control of the Atlantix. Meanwhile, a rift arises between Blake and Cristal when he asks her to choose between her family and his.
22 Deception Jealousy (2) Deception, Jealousy, and Lies Christopher Fife & Paula Sabbaga Michael Allowitz May 24, 2019 44
WHAT LIES BENEATH – As various members of the Carrington family make the ultimate decision between preserving their legacies and protecting their personal relationships, allegiances are tested... while dark secrets from the past resurface.

Season 3

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