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Enter Alexis
Season 01, Episode 17
Air date March 30, 2018
Written by Sallie Patrick & Christopher Fife
Directed by Jeff Byrd
Viewers 0.69 million (690,000)[1]
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You want the house? Fine, take it. But if you think we're gonna be one big happy family here, I have news for you. I will never, ever, live under the same roof as you again.
— Fallon to Alexis

Enter Alexis is the seventeenth episode of the first season of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on March 30, 2018.


NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN GUEST STARS — The arrival of Alexis has thrown the entire Carrington family into disarray. After Alexis receives a fortune from Grandpa's will, Fallon sets out to prove her mother weaseled her way into it. Meanwhile, Cristal tries to keep Alexis away from her already shaky marriage to Blake.

Plot Summary


The Carringtons are shocked to discover that Thomas has left the mansion and the grounds to Alexis. Blake vows to overturn the codicil to Thomas' will as Fallon makes overtures to connect with her mother. Accused of abandoning her children, Alexis tells Fallon that Blake bribed a judge to seize custody and exile her, which Cristal confirms. Fallon soon discovers, however, that Alexis has not been living a life of luxury abroad, but is housed in a trailer nearby, and has stayed in touch with Steven. A furious Fallon confronts Alexis, and their catfight takes them into the pool. Michael learns that his father has been hospitalized, and resigns. Through a bribe, Fallon ensures that the codicil is invalidated, but Alexis reveals that she does legally own Michael's stable house—her former art studio—and moves in.[2]

We go back a few hours before Thomas Carrington's funeral, where at their separate rooms, Fallon and Alexis Carrington, who has recently returned, are getting ready almost in the same manner.

Back to the present, we see Alexis at Thomas' casket crying. Fallon who had been glaring at her mother from afar reaches to Steven who was just asking Blake if he had invited Alexis to which Blake denies. Fallon too asks him the same question which irks Blake. Joseph Anders enters to inform them that the people are ready to carry the casket. As they proceed to move, Alexis enters the room too. Blake reminds Alexis that it’s not a good time, to which Alexis gives her condolences, and that she came here to give her respects to Thomas, who was like a father to Alexis. Fallon cuts her off by saying that it has been a while. Alexis agrees, though quickly turns to Steven and compliments him irking Fallon yet again. After Fallon misbehaves, Alexis remarks that it is good that Blake had her teeth fixed, if not her tongue. Finally, Alexis turns over to Cristal assuming that she is a friend of Fallon. Fallon is quick enough to inform her that Cristal is Blake’s new wife and that Alexis will hate her. Fallon also tells about her recent marriage to Liam Ridley and sarcastically tells Alexis off. Fallon, Cristal, and Steven proceed to walk away. Blake does too, but before that informs Alexis to go home.

Next, we turn to Fallon and Liam in the car going back to the Carrington Manor, Fallon still furious about her mother’s suspicious return. Liam tries to fix things, but Fallon tells him that she was talking to the chauffeur Michael Culhane, not him. When Culhane ignores her, Fallon asks him to stop being mad at her. Culhane bluntly tells Fallon to talk to Liam. Liam mentions that he was already ready to hate his new mother-in-law. Fallon then tells Liam to stay at the manor for a few days, because it is their "honeymoon" phase, and he shouldn't be seen alone. Liam agrees, much to the clear disappointment of Michael.

The scene shifts to Sammy Jo and Steven are in a car too. Sam wished that Steven introduced Sam to Alexis, now that they are engaged. Steven tells him that he wanted their engagement to be a happy moment and not be associated with Alexis’ return. Stevens reveals that everyone thinks she is a monster- everyone that is except him.

Cristal and Blake are in the car too, when Cristal remarks Alexis as a textbook narcissist. Cristal then asks how he is fine to which Blake replies that one of his wives is back, and the other one is leaving him. Cristal reveals that she didn’t contact the divorce lawyer to divorce him but to change the prenup. This revelation doesn’t affect Blake who is still angry with Alexis’ return.

Fallon, Steven, Blake, and Cristal reach the manor only to find Alexis already there. Upon asking how she got in, Alexis informs Blake that Frank let her in because she was the one who hired him. Hoping that the service was beautiful, Alexis tells the crowd that she was catching up with the staff, and also points out how homely it still feels. Blake is quick to tell her that this isn’t her house anymore. When Blake asks Joseph to escort Alexis out before the lawyers come to read the will, Alexis reveals that that is exactly why she is back. Seeing everyone shocked that she is beneficiary, Alexis discloses that she too was shocked, however, Thomas did promise her a painting. During the will reading, Anders reveals that Thomas has left Alexis not only the painting but the manor to leaving everyone in utter shock.

The next morning, Fallon, Liam, Steven, Cristal, Sam, and Blake are having breakfast as they discuss this new revelation. Fallon and Blake are positive that Alexis knew about this and that it might have been her plan as she is pretty close to Thomas, though Steven thinks otherwise. Celia points out that she didn’t know the house was in Thomas’ name to which Blake replies that it was a gift to Blake but he kept it in his name for tax purposes. Soon angered by all things happen, Blake storms away not before telling Fallon and Liam to have some wedding bliss, and asking Cristal to accompany him. Fallon tells Liam that Blake wants Fallon and Liam to act like a real couple because if not, Alexis can sense something wrong and can use it against them.

Blake and Cristal are shocked to see Alexis in the manor (with a dog, her driver, and a tax assessor to assess the worth of house) as the former had fired Frank. Alexis informs them that Billy let her in. Blake gets angry and informs Alexis that he will have a restraining order against her until the will is overturned and storms to his office. Cristal then asks Alexis what is the name of Alexis’ dog. Alexis replies "Krystle" and then suddenly realizes the coincidence, though Cristal thinks it is an unusual name for a male dog. After Alexis indirectly insults Cristal via Krystle, Cristal walks away.

Fallon orders Anders to find dirt on Alexis and also where she was during the time of the will being written to remove her from their lives forever. Anders curiously asks Fallon as to why she isn’t the one to search the dirt against Alexis. Fallon says that she would love to, but Blake has said no to getting closer to Alexis as he feels she might get attached. Anders agrees but asks Fallon if this is really what she wants. Fallon remarks that she doesn’t say what she doesn't feels unless it is the word sorry.

Next at the loft with Culhane, Fallon is still puzzled why Alexis is really back. Fallon wonders if Alexis and Thomas were boning, which grosses her out and remarks that she thought Alexis had some standards. Culhane decides to speak up and says that he doesn’t think they were boning, and asks why Fallon is here. Fallon says that she is pouring her heart out and that they are bonding. Michael gets a call from his mom which he declines and he proceeds to tell her that he is only talking to her because her mother's arrival must be very hard for her. Michael also tells Fallon to act like a grown-up and ask her herself and not by asking Anders to dig dirt against her.

Alexis who is just getting out of a manor gets a call from Fallon who invites her to get manicure and pedicure with her the following day to which Alexis agrees. It's the next day, Fallon and Alexis are discussing how they have been these past eleven years. Alexis mentions about her ex-lover Rupert dying last summer. Alexis also mentions how she has been traveling all over London, and her Christmases in Acapulco, which Fallon says is the murder capital of Mexico. Seeing Fallon so uneasy, Alexis tells Fallon that she can directly ask Alexis whatever she wants to ask instead of plying her with alcohol to loosen her tongue, a trick which Fallon learned from Alexis herself in eighth grade and that she has nothing to hide. Fallon asks why she has come now after missing eleven birthdays, her high school, college, and biz-school graduations, her first company, her wedding(s), but came for Thomas’ funeral. Did she come for the painting – or the house? Alexis tries to justify herself by saying that this house means nothing to her without family in it. Fallon asks her if she is delusional to which Alexis says that Fallon makes it sound like Alexis had the choice of staying, that she left willingly. Alexis reveals that Blake had banished her. Not only that, but Blake had also bribed the judge to rule in his favor, and paid Alexis to leave. When Fallon guesses that she took the money, Alexis replies in affirmative but says that she didn’t have anything else. Fallon doesn’t know her father, as well as Alexis, does, as per Alexis. Fallon says that what choice Alexis had because Blake was such a monster. Fallon stands up angrily and says that he was raising two kids while she was sleeping her way through Fallon walks away angrily. As Fallon leaves, we see an infuriated Blake coming in.

Blake and Alexis enter his office. Alexis tries to justify herself by saying that Fallon invited her. Blake says that she is unbelievable and that she had the audacity to turn Steven and Fallon against Blake in his house. Alexis replies that it is her house now and that he was the one turning everyone against her according to what Fallon was saying. Blake informs Alexis that he has lawyers working day and night to overturn the will and that she should go before his guards would drag her out by her fake extension. Alexis ignores this and asks him to relax, and points out that his frown lines have increased since she last saw him. Blake corrects her by saying that it is happy lines. He also tells her that no one is falling for her play. Alexis says that if memory served her right then Blake did fall quite hard for her. Alexis then starts flirting with Blake about the numerous places where they had sex. Alexis also reminds him how this father caught them together in intimacy, and that when Blake proposed, Thomas bought The Morell farm and all the land surrounding it, and give it to them as a wedding gift. The sexual tension rises, Alexis points out how this might be Thomas’ way to get them together as he disapproved of their divorce. As Alexis tries to sleep with Blake, Blake tells her that even if she gets the house it will be as cold and empty as her heart was when she walked out on him. Blake then storms out.

Next, Sam is handing out Liam a binder of all of Fallon’s favorite things, and that he is signing Liam on social media platforms as Mr. Fallon, or rather TheRealMrFallon. Liam says that though he is appreciating the effort, he can read people well enough to put a temporary show. Sam points out that this is a huge deal for him and request Liam to cooperate.

At the loft, we see Alexis and Anders. Anders points out that Michael is living her when Alexis tells him that this was her art studio though she wasn't a good one, and Anders replies he never was a critic. Alexis points out that it wouldn’t be difficult for Blake to get the house back. Asking for his help, Alexis requests Anders to give Fallon this box of Alexis' things which is a way of Fallon to get to know her mother and come to her side. Anders agrees though he hesitated before until Alexis points out it is for the children’s sake.

When Anders entered Fallon’s room with the carton of Alexis' belongings, Fallon wishes that this is something that she can use against her mother. However, Anders thinks that this is to prove otherwise, things which will not contradict what Alexis has been saying. As Anders leaves, Fallon picks out an album of her and Steven’s baby pictures. As Fallon flips through the pages, we see Cristal coming in asking how Fallon is feeling. Fallon asks her to wait eleven years to ask that question that is what this family does. Fallon then tells all the lies Alexis was spilling. Cristal informs Fallon that Blake did pay off the judge meaning that Alexis got their custody. This leaves Fallon in shock.

It is the following day and we see balloons and extravagant gifts entering the manor. Upon asking what is going on by Fallon, Steven informs her that Alexis is keeping a birthday party for all of the eleven ones she missed. When Steven requests her to give this a chance, Fallon agrees because a, she loves gifts, and b, this will piss off Blake which is always fun. Not long after, Blake enters and asks what is going on to which Fallon says that this is all that he robbed them from. Fallon tells him that he should give Alexis a chance if he didn’t push her away. Blake agrees because he believes they will get to know what kind of person she is. Alexis who just entered even after Blake fired Billy is glad and thanks, Fallon.

Alexis meets Liam and asks him if Fallon still likes foie gras to which Liam first says no, but when Sam indicates otherwise, he replies in affirmative. A suspicious Alexis then leaves, and Sam angrily gives Liam a ring to put on.

When Fallon asks Mickey, Alexis' bodyguard/driver, to take an off, his suspicious behavior makes Fallon wonder. She then tricks him and finds out that he is not her driver, but an Uber driver. Afterward, she bribes him to give the real address of where Alexis is staying.

Fallon reaches Culhane and begs him to take her to the address which is 1 hour away from Atlanta. Though Culhane declines first, Fallon is able to convince him.

Fallon and Culhane reach the address, only to find a deserted lane. The one thing there shocks both of them – a van, which looks it has not left Georgia in months. They enter inside to find Alexis’ clothes there. A collage of pictures reveals two things- she came to know of the marriage of Blake and Cristal before her entrance, and that she and Steven had been in touch with each other for a long time. Fallon finally gets why Alexis is back –to get more money, as the money she had is over. The real question comes to Fallon’s mind – who has not been lying to her.

Back at the manor, Cristal and Blake see from afar as Alexis is preparing for the party. Cristal finds it ridiculous that they are welcoming Alexis into their house. Blake tells her that that’s how she is. She insinuates herself everywhere. That is a part of Alexis’ game. After Blake refuses to believe that Alexis is manipulating him, Cristal then suggests that they should just give her the manor and leave Alexis alone. Blake immediately refuses as he believes it is his legacy, and you don’t walk away from it. Not without a fight. Cristal then points that is it the house that he can’t walk away from or is it, Alexis. Cristal mentions that Alexis has some hold over Blake and that he likes to be in a war against Alexis. Cristal walks away irritated after Blake helps Alexis, as Sam and Liam, and behind them, Steven walk in. Liam points out that he did not except a party, a typical birthday party, for two grown adults. To which Sam points out it is the guilt of million-dollar parents.

Steven walks towards Alexis telling her that the gifts are too much. To which Alexis replies, she has 11 presents, one each for one birthday she missed and that there is a lot to make up for. Alexis suddenly notices Liam and says she forgot a wedding gift. After suggesting to buy them rings to which Liam replies they have it already, Alexis mentions how odd she finds it that she never noticed it before because she has a keen sense of jewelry. Liam replies that he wasn’t wearing it because it had gone to get resized. After all, they were his grandparents. After making a crazy story involving his grandfather, war, and forbidden love, Liam is able to fool Alexis. Impressed by this, Sam asked him if it was true, Liam replies that he may have plagiarized "The Notebook".

Anders approaches Alexis as he is informed by Mrs. Gunnerson that Alexis has bill the payment to the household account, to which Alexis replies it is only for convenience's sake. Anders points out that Krystle has urinated on the carpet. Alexis takes her out of the manor near the pool.

Fallon barges in angrily screaming for Alexis. Seeing her all rifled up, Steven asks what is wrong. Fallon doesn’t respond but slaps Steven as Anders replies that she has taken Krystle for a walk, not the "real" Cristal, the dog.

Fallon reaches Alexis as Sam, Cristal, Steven, Blake, Liam, and Anders look upon them from the balcony. Fallon starts yelling at Alexis, asking her if all of this has been a lie. Alexis is puzzled, to which Fallon asks where she has been the last 10 years, or the last five, or even the last month. Alexis lies again saying that she was in Europe, Dubai, and she would have named a few places if Fallon mentions that she cannot even afford to send a postcard to Dubai and that she knows about Alexis’ “duck dynasty” trailer. Alexis being astonished at first replies that it is a temporary situation and that she is in process of developing that land of a summer house called ‘’Casa Morell’’. Fallon asks what is wrong with Alexis that she is adding up more lies to save herself. Alexis gets defensive and says that how dare Fallon called her a liar, she doesn’t even know Alexis. Fallon chuckles and replies that it is her fault since she is not the child Alexis was in contact with. Steven realizes why he was slapped, and everyone looks at him shocked. Alexis is seen running out of words to say to which Fallon says that this is the rarest time someone has seen Alexis Carrington running out of lies. Fallon tells her that for a second she believed that Alexis cared, but she realized that she doesn’t care about anyone but herself and what kind of horrible woman abandons their children. Alexis replies that that’s not true and that her feelings for her kids are genuine. As Alexis attempts to walk away, Fallon pulls Alexis’ extensions out and screams that nothing is genuine about Alexis. The fight intensifies, Fallon and Alexis throw themselves into the pool. As Fallon and Alexis splash in the pool, Krystle frantically is barking nervously. Blake says that he will get them out before anything else happens but Cristal tells him not to. Fallon and Alexis continue to throw water at each other and Alexis splash Fallon’s face into the water and walks out. Before leaving, Alexis points out that they should have spanked her more as a child because she was born an egomaniac. Fallon replies with the phrase “Like Mother. Like Daughter”.

After some time, Alexis enters wearing a robe. She tells Blake, who is there with Anders, Sam, Liam, Steven, and Celia, that they should have taken her to a specialist. Sam informs Liam that is subdued behavior for Fallon. Blake tells her that her lies have caught up with her. Alexis fires back by saying that Blake poisoned Fallon against her. Fallon enters still in anger and shoots at the ceiling with a gun. Blake asks Fallon what she is doing. Sam tells Liam that that is a more typical behavior of hers. Fallon reminds everyone that it was a gift, indicating at that gun, that “Mommy Dearest” sent her for her 16th birthday. Steven orders to put it away, while Alexis asks her to sit and talk about it. Fallon says why. She doesn’t want to hear Alexis’ never-ending lies. If Alexis wants the house, she can take it but if she thinks that they will stay like a happy family, Fallon has news for her. Fallon starts shooting. First, she shoots the champagne bottles to which Alexis screams in horror. Steven grabs his mother and takes her back as Fallon shoots one of the lights. Fallon says that she will never say under the same roof as her again, as she shoots the window multiple times. Fallon walks in anger and throws the gun away, leaving Celia in smiles and everyone else shocking – especially Alexis.

Now at Steven’s apartment, we see Steven bringing tea to Alexis. Steven asks her why she didn’t ask for money when they met the last year. Alexis tells him that she did not want him to think that that’s why she reached out. Alexis admits that her finances are not ideal but he need not to worry. Steven tells her that she should have told him that she is coming in order for him to smooth down Fallon. Alexis says that she doubts it. Fallon was always her father’s daughter and Steven was his mother’s son. Steven tells her that he doesn’t want Fallon to be mad at him. Alexis tells him that most children of divorce as forced to choose between their parents. She didn’t want Fallon to make her choose between Alexis and herself. Alexis tells him that family is complicated, something he will only understand when he gets married. This reminded Steven about the engagement, and he tells his mother about it. Alexis is shocked that he is marrying Cristal’s nephew and she is very happy about it. As they hug, we see an uneasy Alexis.

As Culhane enters the manor, Anders asks him where he has been. He tells him that he was dealing with the Fallon side of this war. As Culhane starts rambling about Fallon, Anders cuts him off and tells him that his father is in a critical situation and is in Atlanta General and that Luella Culhane had tried to contact him.

Alexis returns back to the van only to discover Blake sitting inside. Asking what is going on, Alexis tries to find Krystle. Blake informs her that her charade is over and that his lawyers discovered the codicil was invalid. It turns out that it was drawn up when his father had open-heart surgery and Alexis coerced him to sign it when he was under heavy sedation. Alexis tells him that this is not true and even he knows it. Blake ignores this and tells her that he has an injunction against her stepping into his property until the codicil will be overturned. Alexis says that it will happen because he will pay them. Alexis tells him she will fight him harder this time because she has nothing to lose. Before leaving Blake tells her that Krystle ran away when he opened the door. As Blake leaves, Alexis is infuriated and she vows he will not get away with this. She will get everything he took from her, her house, her money, and her children, and he will end up living in the van.

Fallon and Liam eat comfortably as Liam asks what her plans are – a wedding, or a funeral, maybe a good gunfight. Fallon admits that Alexis brings the worst out of her, but Liam responds he is loving the entertainment and indicates that he is not living. Fallon tells him that she will make it up to him by taking him shopping for clothes, cars, or anything he desires. As Anders enters to pour them tea, Fallon asks him to tell Culhane to bring out the car. Anders replies that he will be happy to take you. When Fallon asks about Culhane, Anders informs her that he had tendered his resignation earlier this morning. Anders also informs her that if she is leading towards the loft, he has more bad news.

Alexis is seeing taking bags out of her boxes into the loft which she is shifting in as Blake, Anders, and Fallon enter the loft screaming. Alexis reminds them that this stable was built on her family’s farm and that Thomas bought the deed from Alexis' father after when Blake and Alexis got married. She also tells them that when she heard of the vacancy she looked into the land rights and that Thomas deeded the loft to Alexis and that the land around the stable is Blake’s but the stable is Alexis’. Blake refused to believe so until Anders admits to it. Blake and Anders leave as Blake tells her that he will call the lawyers regarding this. Alexis mentions to Fallon that this is the least Alexis deserves considering the rest of the estate was stolen from her by Blake. Fallon corrects her mother by saying that it was not him but Fallon did. Fallon reveals that she paid some anaesthesiologist to change the time of Thomas’ surgery to when the codicil was signed. She is only telling Alexis because Alexis is too poor to prove it. After being compared by Alexis to Blake, Fallon agrees but says that Blake was wrong to banish them from their lives. Someone like her should be destroyed. Alexis walks towards her and tells her that Fallon should be smothered – with love. For the first time in her life, she is gonna make her care about other people and prove to Fallon how much she is loved even if it kills Fallon because she is her damn mother.



Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Chloe Stafford as Server
  • Benjamin Vandermey as Mickey


  • As a main cast member, Sam Adegoke is credited but does not appear in the episode. This is the first episode Jeff Colby is absent from.
  • The 15-second opening sequence is not featured in this episode.
  • Fallon and Alexis have a catfight in the pool; similar to Amanda Carrington and Sammy Jo. Their outfit is also a reference to Alexis and Krystle catfight in the lily-pond in the original Dynasty series.[3][4]
    • Even Costume Designer Meredith Pollack confirmed she is basing the outfits on the outfits worn by Krystle and Alexis in the original dynasty series. [5]


  • The line Alexis says to Fallon about her teeth having been fixed is the same line said by Alexis to Fallon in the episode of the same name from the original.
  • Alexis shares some memories with Blake about a strip-croquet game, which was also a game Nicollette Sheridan's character Paige Matheson played with her lover Greg Sumner in Knots Landing.
  • The name Alexis gave her dog is Krystle, a nod to the original Krystle Carrington of the original tv series despite it being a male.
  • The title of this episode is a reference to the episode of the same name of the original Dynasty series.
    • Both episodes are the ones in which Alexis was formally introduced (other than a cameo at the end of the episodes preceding it).
    • This episode's title is also the second one who was not based in a line from the original series.


Alexis: As if anyone could mother you. You were born an evil maniac.
Fallon: Like mother like daughter.

Cristal: And who is this? He's adorable. What's his name?
Alexis: Krystle. Oh, my God. Cristal. I didn't realize the coincidence until I said it out loud. Can you believe it?
Cristal: No, I can't. It's an interesting name for a male dog.
Alexis: Sometimes a name just screams out at you. He was a rescue. Trashy little thing. Desperate. Practically ate garbage out of my hand. Stinky little freeloader, aren't you, Krystle? Yes, you are. Ooh, yes, you are.

Fallon on the phone: Hey, it's me.
Alexis: Who's calling?
Fallon: It's your daughter! (quietly) Bitch.







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