Dominique Deveraux, also known as Millie Colby, is a main character on The CW's television series Dynasty. She is portrayed by Michael Michele.


The mother to Jeff and Monica, she spent ten years estranged from children after walking out on them and her husband, Cecil Colby, who was convinced that she had been having an affair with Blake Carrington. This caused Cecil to act out and attempt to murder Blake, which led to his sentencing of ten years in prison.

It was later revealed that Blake was never sleeping with Dominique and was in fact protecting a family secret[1], which is further explained by Alexis when she reveals that Tom Carrington had an affair with Dominique's mother which led to a pregnancy.[2] This makes Dominique the daughter of Tom Carrington, the half-sister of Blake Carrington, and her children cousins to the Carringtons.

Despite these revelations back home, Dominique remains in New York and makes no attempt to reach out to her children. However, after a near-death experience, Jeff makes an attempt to reach out to Dominique and ask her to come back home. [3] However, Monica intercepts the plan and threatens Dominique into never coming back, still bitter about her mother's vanishing act. This, however, does not keep Dominique away for long, and she returns upon hearing of Jeff's illness[4] to, apparently, reconsile with her children and make up for lost time. 



  • Dominique Deveraux was confirmed to appear via the official synopsis for the second season.[5]
    • However, the synopsis contains an error, listing the character as Blake's "stepsister" rather than his "half-sister".
  • On April 26, 2019, it was revealed that she debuts in the 20th episode of the second season. Her character's entrance shares the same episode title as in the original.[6]
  • It is revealed by Monica that "Dominique Deveraux" is Millie Colby's stage name.
  • On July 9, 2019 Michael Michele confirmed in an Instagram post that she had indeed been upgraded to Series Regular for Season 3. [7]



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