The Carrington dynasty is changing. Evolving. Once it does, I'll be on top.
Dominique Deveraux

Millie Colby, stage name as Dominique Deveraux, is a main character on The CW's television series Dynasty. She is portrayed by Michael Michele. She first appeared in the season two episode "New Lady in Town".

Dominique is Jeff and Monica Colby's estranged mother, after having had left them as children to pursue her singing career. In the second season, she returns to her children's lives with a hidden agenda. 

Dominique is the paternal half-sister of Blake Carrington.


Dominique has everything to become a celebrity - talent, looks, and numerous secrets.  The mother of Jeff and Monica, she spent ten years estranged from children after walking out on them and her husband, Cecil Colby, who was convinced that she had been having an affair with Blake Carrington. This caused Cecil to act out and attempt to murder Blake, which led to his sentencing of ten years in prison.

It was later revealed that Blake was never sleeping with Dominique and was protecting a family secret.[2] This is further explained by Alexis when she reveals that Tom Carrington had an affair with Dominique's mother which led to a pregnancy.[3] This makes Dominique the daughter of Tom Carrington, the half-sister of Blake Carrington, and her children cousins to the Carringtons.

Despite these revelations back home, Dominique remains in New York and does not attempt to reach out to her children. However, after a near-death experience, Jeff attempts to reach out to Dominique and ask her to come back home. [4] However, Monica intercepts the plan and threatens Dominique into never coming back, still bitter about her mother's vanishing act. This, however, does not keep Dominique away for long, and she returns upon hearing of Jeff's illness[5] to, apparently, reconcile with her children and make up for the lost time.

After a stunt involving Jeff's disappearance, Dominique develops a plot to ingrain herself in the affairs of the Carrington family, thereby becoming a main character in the third season.


Dominique is an extremely selfish and narcissistic person. Time and again, she has put herself and her own needs and wants above those of her children and her loved ones. She lacks a maternal instinct and typically only uses her children's ailments as a stepping stone in a larger plot. She is highly intelligent and capable of seeing the long-game and can think multiple steps ahead. She is cunning, diabolical, and witty. In sum, she can be the life of the party or the one who brings it down.


Guilt Trip to Alaska

Dominique and Monica are seen at the police station talking about how it’s a problem that the police suspect absolutely nothing regarding Jeff's disappearance. Monica brings up how they gave them every piece of the puzzle to pin Jeff’s disappearance on Adam, and so far no progress has been made. Dominique placates her daughter telling her to relax since it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet since Jeff disappeared. Later, Blake is talking to his lawyer asking to make sure he’s protected because he pays him a lot. Dominique knocks on his office door and walks in shortly thereafter. He looks her way and says he needs to lock that door more often. She tells him that Adam is safe and hands Blake the cufflinks Jeff had planted to frame Adam. He hands her money for working with him on this matter. But then Dominique tells Blake that it has been a while since she left Atlanta, so she’d like for him to use tonight’s event to reintroduce her to society. Sort of like her new debut. He rejects that idea telling his half-sister that he doesn’t trust her and that tonight is not going to be all about her. When Monica seems ready to throw Adam's name out to Fallon, Dominique stops her daughter. Fallon sees her and calls her famous runaway half- aunt.

Without Blake’s help, Dominique shows up at the Carrington Gala to reintroduce herself into high society after her story gets bumped down to cover the aforementioned Gala. After the gala is over, Dominique meets with Doug, the reporter, where she reveals that she paid him a large sum of money to have her interview air. But then it didn't. He tells her that he just reports the news, he doesn’t program it; that’s above his pay grade. When she threatens to tell his boss about him taking a bribe, Doug asks her what she wants then. She tells him she wants everything. Fame. Fortune. Then proceeds to explain how the Carrington Dynasty is changing, evolving, and once it does, she’ll be on top. She decides to use Doug to investigate Cristal’s family who she knows is in dirty dealings, and want him to report to her so that she can use anything he finds against her new sister in law.

Caution Never Won A War

After she leaves the jail Blake is being kept at, Cristal goes to see Dominique, who is scheduled to give TMZ an interview on Blake’s case. Dominique claims it is to gain some leads on Jeff, but Cristal doesn’t buy it. She tells Dominique that if she goes through with the interview, those secret payoffs Blake has been giving her might just stop. Once Cristal exits, Dominique calls TMZ to cancel her interview, but promises to get them something juicier on her half brother.

Cristal reveals to Dominique and Adam separately that she is now officially a Carrington.

Wild Ghost Chase

Dominique meets with some woman, where she is telling her she needs power of attorney over Jeff’s accounts so she can access his money. The other woman says it won’t be easy and there’s not a lot she can do without Jeff’s signature. Dominique asks the lawyer to draft something that will fly in court.

Later, at Dominique’s place, she is trying to forge Jeff’s signature when Monica storms in. She mentions to her mother how she just came back from having a chat with her cousin Bobbi down at the police station. Monica continues by saying how she got her cousin to show her the evidence report from Jeff’s crime scene, on the DL of course. She is outraged because Adam’s cufflink isn’t on the list. Which means that without that aforementioned cufflink, there’s nothing connecting Adam to Jeff’s disappearance and the whole plan blows up. Dominique tries to calm down her daughter.

Once Monica leaves, Dominique rushes to call her lawyer, to ask if everything is ready for her to take Jeff’s money. The lawyer tells her that she needs the name and taz ID of the trust to create the power of attorney.

Later, Dominique is snooping through Jeff’s things in hopes that she finds the information she needs to get his money. Eventually, Culhane shows up, and everything goes awry when he catches her snooping and notices the computer's print history.

After Monica learns of Dominique's lies, rather than confronting her, Monica gets Dominique to miss her appointment with her lawyer and instead attend the Carrington's halloween party with Monica. There, Jeff ends up showing up and alongside his sister, confronts Dominique. Back home, Jeff kicks Dominique out after confronting her for having double crossed them. She gets teary eyes and tells her children that while they may have given up on her, she will never give up on the both of them.

Something Desperate

At the Colby House, Monica and Jeff are also having some breakfast until Dominique walks in with a basket and wants to apologize. She comes clean about being the one who took the cufflink and gave it to Blake. Dominique further says that she knows she hasn’t been around when her children needed her most, but wants to make things right. Jeff asks his mom why did she let him leave them, to which she answers that if he had stayed, Jeff would have just escalated the war until he really did wind up dead. Jeff refuses to listen further and tells Dominique that if she really wants to make things right, she can start by leaving his house.

Meanwhile, The Colbys are going on the offensive as Dominique agrees to get inside the manor to sabotage Blake’s plans for his winery.

At the Colby House, Jeff is genuinely worried about Dominique and asks Monica if something could have happened to their mother. Monica instead suggests that she could have easily used that as an excuse to run away since it wouldn’t be the first time. A few seconds later, Dominique arrives, and says she could use a drink after the night she had. They bombard her with questions about the explosion that happened at the manor. Monica asks if everyone is okay since she texted Fallon to check in on her, but she hasn’t responded.

Dominique reveals that Fallon is fine, but that as a result of a gas leak, Adam Carrington got the brunt of it. She takes credit for the gas leak saying she was planning to spoil the wine, but a better opportunity came along. The two Colby siblings wonder if Dominique actually did what she’s alluding to. Inside her car, Dominique talks to Vanessa to tell her that they are going to get everything they’ve always talked about. She asks her to sit tight a little while longer before she hangs up.

Mother? I'm at La Mirage

Dominque’s stepdaughter had gotten a job as a bartender at the hotel. She seems to be part of whatever Dominque was planning and so Dominque had been upset with her for coming to Atlanta without her permission.

Dominque wanted to hold off on using her. She said Jeff would lose it if he saw Vanessa and so she did her best to hide her stepdaughter from Jeff. Jeff had attended the grand opening as well and he made peace with Fallon there. It was great to know that Fallon cared because she was genuinely worried when he disappeared and so they put some of the past behind them. Jeff and his mother were happy when suddenly she came up with an idea. She wanted to be put in charge of his new streaming service because she said she could find the talent.

A Used Up Memory

Monica and Fallon were approached by Monica’s mother who wanted them to sign her new artist. Dominque talked up Vanessa and she said she was the next hit. She put a lot of thought into Vanessa’s career. Dominqiue suggested Vanessa date Culhane for the clout it would give her and Vanessa seems willing mainly because she was interested in Culhane already. He did save her life after all. He stopped a couple of goons from threating her at the hotel launch and they’ve been lightly flirting ever since.

It was great for Vanessa’s career. Thereby making it great for Dominque’s career and so she really had Monica and Fallon considering the idea.

Vanessa let it slip that Dominque is her stepmother to Culhane and she begged him not to say anything to either Monica or Jeff because Dominque has some kind of plan set up



  • Dominique Deveraux was confirmed to appear via the official synopsis for the second season.[6]
    • However, the synopsis contains an error, listing the character as Blake's "stepsister" rather than his "half-sister".
  • On April 26, 2019, it was revealed that she debuts in the 20th episode of the second season. Her character's entrance shares the same episode title as in the original.[7]
  • It is revealed by Monica that "Dominique Deveraux" is Millie Colby's stage name.
  • On July 9, 2019, Michael Michele confirmed in an Instagram post that she had indeed been upgraded to Series Regular for Season 3. [8]
  • When one fan asked her to describe Dominique in one word during one of her Instagram live videos, Michael Michele described Dominique as "Purposeful", though "fierce" was a close second.
  • In "She Cancelled...", Dominique reveals her plans to start her sleepwear line, "Doma-chic by Dominique".



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