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I'm trending and a meme. Everyone is obsessed with the sister who attacked the prosecutor because she loves her murderous brother that much.
— Dominique about her successful meddling in Blake's trial to gain publicity for herself

Millie Cox[2] (previously Colby), mainly known as Dominique Deveraux, is a main character on The CW's Dynasty. She is portrayed by Michael Michele.

Dominique is Jeff and Monica Colby's estranged mother, after having had left them as children to pursue her singing career. She returns to her children's lives with a hidden agenda.[3]

Dominique is the paternal half-sister of Blake Carrington.


Dominique has everything to become a celebrity - talent, looks, and numerous secrets.  The mother of Jeff and Monica, she spent ten years estranged from children after walking out on them and her husband, Cecil Colby, who was convinced that she had been having an affair with Blake Carrington. This caused Cecil to act out and attempt to murder Blake, which led to his sentencing of ten years in prison.

It was later revealed that Blake was never sleeping with Dominique and was protecting a family secret.[4] This is further explained by Alexis when she reveals that Tom Carrington had an affair with Dominique's mother which led to a pregnancy.[5] This makes Dominique the daughter of Tom Carrington, the half-sister of Blake Carrington, and her children cousins to the Carringtons.

Despite these revelations back home, Dominique remains in New York and does not attempt to reach out to her children. However, after a near-death experience, Jeff attempts to reach out to Dominique and ask her to come back home. [6] However, Monica intercepts the plan and threatens Dominique into never coming back, still bitter about her mother's vanishing act. This, however, does not keep Dominique away for long, and she returns upon hearing of Jeff's illness[7] to, apparently, reconcile with her children and make up for the lost time.

After a stunt involving Jeff's disappearance, Dominique develops a plot to ingrain herself in the affairs of the Carrington family and use the publicity to launch her secret daughter's music career.


Dominique is an extremely selfish and narcissistic person. Time and again, she has put herself and her own needs and wants above those of her children and her loved ones. She lacks a maternal instinct and typically only uses her children's ailments as a stepping stone in a larger plot. She is highly intelligent and capable of seeing the long-game and can think multiple steps ahead. She is cunning, diabolical, and witty. In sum, she can be the life of the party or the one who brings it down.

Throughout Dynasty

Season 2

Return to Atlanta and Manipulation

Jeff leaves a message for his mother, and invites her to Atlanta for a reunion. Monica, still furious over their mother's abandonment, calls Dominique and threatens a confrontation if she gets on the plane Jeff sent. Jeff is dejected when their mother does not come, or even call.[8]

Dominique later reappears as Jeff recovers at home. She and Monica clash over Dominique's abandonment, and though Dominique is apologetic, she asserts that Jeff and Monica were better off being raised by their grandmother. Dominique confesses that she has been lying about having a successful career, and Jeff writes his mother a check for $1 million as a trap to see if she only came back for money. Jeff and Monica catch Dominique trying to leave, but she has thrown the check in the trash. Dominique takes a secret phone call, revealing that she is manipulating Jeff and Monica, and that she has other children in New York.[9]

Dominique visits Blake, who has been paying her for years to keep secret the fact that she is his half-sister. The payments have recently stopped, and Dominique wants what she is owed. Blake says she can have her money when she gets Jeff off his back.[10]

Jeff and Dominique stage a crime scene with Jeff's blood and Adam Carrington's cufflink to make it look like Adam murdered Jeff, who leaves the country. Dominique, however, removes the cufflink and calls Blake to confirm that his payments to her will resume now that Jeff is out of the way.[11]

Season 3

Post-Jeff's Disappearance

Dominique uses the press surrounding Jeff's disappearance and the Carrington Foundation Fundraiser as her reintroduction to Atlanta society. Dominique makes an enemy out of Blake's fiancée Cristal, sending a journalist to investigate the Flores family as part of her plan to take control of the Carringtons' dynasty.[12]

Monica grows impatient with the pacing of Jeff's investigation and both she and a recently returned Jeff discover Dominique sabotaged their plan for Blake. Feeling betrayed, Jeff kicks Dominique out of his home.[13]

Dominique works to earn Jeff and Monica's forgiveness, agreeing to help sabotage Blake's winery, his last remaining business since being imprisoned. Though she initially spoils the wine, she later takes credit for a gas explosion that blinds Adam.[14]

Vanessa's Arrival in Atlanta

Dominique's stepdaughter Vanessa Deveraux arrives in Atlanta to the former's dismay, not ready to include Vanessa in her master plan. Dominique uses the grand re-opening of the hotel La Mirage as a time to bond with Jeff as well as get Vanessa recognition as a performer. Dominique and Vanessa drug the artist Ashanti, who was scheduled to perform, and Vanessa sings in her place.[15]

Dominique works on getting Vanessa signed to Fallon and Monica's record label while Vanessa develops a relationship with Michael Culhane. However, Vanessa accidentally lets it slip that Dominique is also her stepmother. Michael confronts Dominique, demanding she tell Jeff and Monica the truth about Vanessa, but Dominique blackmails Michael into silence after making a deal with Blake to stop the monthly payments in exchange for information. However, Vanessa goes against Dominique's wishes and tells Monica the truth at Thanksgiving dinner.[16] Dominique works to make amends with her children yet again, but while Jeff has made his peace with Dominique's continuous antics, Monica decides to take an indefinite trip to New York. She invites Vanessa to go with her, who accepts the offer, leaving their mother alone. Dominique is stunned to see Alexis Carrington return to testify at Blake's trial, now married to Jeff.[17]

Dominique warns Jeff against Alexis, but Jeff swears allegiance to his new wife. Dominique revels in Alexis' failure to get Blake convicted of murder and exaggerates a fall and neck injury when Alexis pushes her. She later announces she's going back to New York for the time being.[18]

Dominique's Manipulation of Culhane and House of Deveraux

Dominique later returns to Atlanta, wanting to stay with Jeff, who turns her away. She runs into Michael at a bar where she gets him drunk and the two have sex. However, Michael later reveals that Vanessa is back in town and the two are back together, begging Dominique to keep their one night stand a secret. Dominique, meanwhile, assists Blake in breaking into Jeff's office in order to get information on the re-sale of Carrington Atlantic, demanding something big in return. Once Blake gets what he wants, Dominique moves into Carrington manor.[19]

Blake and Cristal are dismayed with having to live with Dominique for the next year, who later pitches a reality show - House of Deveraux - about herself and Vanessa set in the manor. The producer is more interested in the immediate Carringtons, so Dominique works to put together a sizzle reel with Cristal, leading to her discovery of Cristal potentially having an affair.[20]

Dominique confronts Cristal, agreeing to keep quiet in exchange for Vanessa also getting to live in the manor. Dominique closes the deal on the reality show by leaking a recording of her and Michael having sex, resulting in a dramatic confrontation between her and Vanessa at Fallon and Liam's engagement party.[21]

Dominique works with Vanessa to get Michael to join House of Deveraux. He agrees to shoot a few scenes as a peace offering to Vanessa, but once officially getting him on board, the two women celebrate Vanessa manipulating him.[22] The manipulation continues when Dominique insists on a huge birthday celebration for Michael at La Mirage. Anders later obtains video evidence of Dominique and Vanessa conspiring in private, which he shows to Michael.[23] Dominique, Vanessa, and Michael get together to discuss deals for a second season of House of Deveraux, but when Dominique receives a better offer elsewhere, she provides a long list of demands for the network. House of Deveraux is cancelled, and Dominique and Vanessa come to learn that Michael played them and that there was never a better offer. With the reality show cancelled, Vanessa fires Dominique as her manager, leaving her with nothing.[24][25]

Season 4

Taking a Stand and Alliance with Alexis

Later, Dominique meets with her business partner Barbara about Domisleek. Barbara tells Dominique they need to chat about the House of Deveraux cancelation. Dominique wants to rebrand as a fashion focused company with her name to expand the sleepwear line into an empire. Barbara lets her know that because the show is canceled, so is her investment into the business. Dominique then says she can scrape 25% but Barbara wants double, and Dominique has no idea how she’s going to do it with three days until production begins. Barbara reminds Dominique she is a Carrington-Colby, and she's sure she can get something done in that time or less.

Dominique meets with Blake to try and secure the funds for her sleepwear launch. Blake tells her that even if he wanted to, his finances are tied up. She leaves her proposal with him just in case, and Blake says she’s milked the Carrington cow enough. This sets Dominique off, even though they have the same father, Blake was given everything, while she was always seen as less than. She tells him that perhaps if things had worked out with her mother and their father, she would have been given the privilages Blake had, and Blake in turn would have been the bastard child. Instead, he is just a bastard.

Before the toast at Fallon and Liam's rehearsal dinner, Dominique pockets the “something old” which belonged to her aunt Lily.

Just as Dominique is leaving, she runs into Jeff Her purse begins ringing and he snatches it to see what’s inside, pulling out the clock. Jeff asks her if her plan was to sell the clock in hopes of getting a pretty penny from it and hoping nobody noticed. Dominique says it was her time to fight back.

Dominique is at her mother’s house in an effort to apologize while also talking about Thomas and how painful that situation must have been for her to keep Dominique away from the Carrington name. Her mom hands her a key that opens a safety deposit box, she doesn’t know what’s inside but hopes it will help Dominique heal. [26]

Eventually, Dominique meets up with Blake, where she tells him that in her safety deposit box that was left to her by their father is a deed for all mineral rights underneath the manor. Because Dominique can’t go excavating, she offers Blake the chance to buy her rights. For the right price, of course. Blake says he had no idea about the land splitting or anything being left to his sister, so he declines.

Outside, Alexis is overlooking the property when Dominique shows up to congratulate her on her ownership of the manor. She lets her know that while Alexis may own the house, Dominique owns what is underneath, and offers to let Alexis bid first on the rights instead of Blake.

At the Carrington Manor, Dominique is awaiting Alexis’ arrival. They’re discussing their plan for the dig under the manor. Alexis says she’s holding a small press event for the ground breaking, but Dominique quickly shuts her down saying she still controls the mineral rights and can have the whole thing canceled with a snap of her fingers.

The backyard honeymoon is sourly interrupted by Alexis’ ground breaking ceremony. That isn’t the only interruption, though, because Jeff has come to rain on Alexis’ parade. He knows that “Bob” isn’t actually her cousin and even found out his real identity. He wants her to tell him who the third partner is. Suddenly, Dominique steps up and claims it’s her. Jeff tells Alexis he can’t trust her anymore and pulls his money out of the company.

Later,Dominique and Alexis are carrying out a toast. Jeff walks in and immediately argues with Alexis for not signing the divorce papers. He knows she just wanted more money and then goes after Dominique for choosing sides. Jeff says that neither of them are getting any of his money, and Alexis claims it’s going to get ugly. Jeff claims that as long as they’re still married, he owns half of the manor and he plans on moving in until everything is settled. [27]

Dominique is present when Alexis and Jeff create havoc and which causes Fallon to lose the interview she desperately needed. Jeff confronts Dominique for choosing Alexis over her own family. He says the Carringtons have always come first but Dominique notes that Jeff was equally obsessed. Jeff says he’s giving Alexis the money she needs, and he’s leaving. [28]

Acceptance as a Carrington and the Launch of Dom-Mystique

The Return of an Old Flame

Season 5

Further Expansion of a Fashion Empire



  • Dominique Deveraux was confirmed to appear via the official synopsis for the second season.[29]
    • However, the synopsis contains an error, listing the character as Blake's "stepsister" rather than his "half-sister".
  • On April 26, 2019, it was revealed that she debuts in the 20th episode of the second season. Her character's entrance shares the same episode title as in the original.[30]
  • It is revealed by Monica that "Dominique Deveraux" is Millie Colby's stage name.
  • On July 9, 2019, Michael Michele confirmed in an Instagram post that she had indeed been upgraded to Series Regular for Season 3. [31]
  • When one fan asked her to describe Dominique in one word during one of her Instagram live videos, Michael Michele described Dominique as "Purposeful", though "fierce" was a close second.
  • In "She Cancelled...", Dominique reveals her plans to start her sleepwear line, "Doma-chic by Dominique", which she did by 'That Unfortunate Dinner".
  • Dominique is Daniella Alonso's favourite character and she would play her if she could play any other character on the show.
  • On September 27, 2021, Liz Sczudlo confirmed that Brady Lloyd isn't Vanessa Deveraux's father. Dominique met Vanessa's father one or two years after Brady left her. Hence Vanessa's father and Dom's marriage isn't legal. [32]
    • This is yet to be disclosed onscreen.



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