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Devoting All of Her Energy to Hate
Season 5, Episode 6
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Air date April 1, 2022
Written by Liz Sczudlo
Directed by Brandi Bradburn
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A Real Actress Could Do It

Devoting All of Her Energy to Hate is the sixth episode of the fifth season, and the ninety-second episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on April 1, 2022.


A WORK IN PROGRESS - Fallon recruits Jeff to help with her next steps. Kirby is ready to rejoin the modeling world but finds it not as easy as she anticipated, so Sam offers to help. Liam and Culhane run into a stumbling block and go to extreme measures to fix the situation. Meanwhile, Blake takes matters into his own hands.

Plot Summary




Guest Starring


  • Moniqua Plante as Gretchen
  • Rachel Walters as Hailey

Notes and Spoilers


  • There are many references to the original show in the episode:
    • The catfight between Cristal and Rita is a reference to the catfight between Krystle and Rita in the original Dynasty. Cristal also uses the line "I'll kill you" which Krystle said during the original catfight. Their black and blue outfits are also references to the outfit worn in the original show during the catfight scene.
    • Daniel is confirmed to be Sammy Jo's father, just like in the original.
    • This episode introduces Peter de Vilbis, the father of Patty de Vilbis. Him trying to seduce Fallon might be a reference to him being his love interest in the original show.
    • Jeff and Patty flirting together might be a reference to Jeff marrying Peter De Vilbis' wife in the original show.
  • Sam Underwood (Adam Carrington) is absent from this episode. This is the first episode he has missed since his introduction in Season 2 episode Parisian Legend Has It....
  • Devoting All Of Her Energy to Hate is the fifth episode of the series not featuring a Previously On Dynasty Segment after I Hardly Recognized You, The Aftermath, That Holiday Spirit and A Little Fun Wouldn't Hurt.
  • The show continue with its tradition of playing an 80s song during the catfight, this time with Goodbye to You by Scandal.
  • Carson and Bill Fagerbakke, who respectively portray Patty and her father Peter de Vilbis, are real life daughter and father.





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