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Daniel Ruiz is a recurring character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Rogelio T Ramos.

Daniel is Fallon Carrington's horse, Allegra's trainer and also a guest at La Mirage. He is later revealed to be Sam Jones' father.


Season 5

Daniel was a guest at La Mirage who informed Sam about the Heroic Hooves Foundation. Daniel later agreed to train Fallon's horse Allegra upon Sam's request.

After being given a better suite in La Mirage thanks to Fallon Carrington, Daniel asks Sam to join him for a dinner. Sam, thinking it's date, reaches Daniel's room when Daniel reveals it to him that he is actually Sam's father.


Physical Appearance


  • Daniel Reece from the Original Dynasty is also a horse trainer and Sammy Jo's surprise father.
    • His last name is confirmed to be Ruiz in Mind Your Own Business due to the jersey given to him by Sam. It seems to be an hispanic version of his last name in the original.
    • He is also revealed to be Sam's biological father.