This article is about Cristal Jennings. You may be looking for Cristal Flores Carrington.

Cristal Jennings is a main character on Dynasty who debuted during the second season.

She is portrayed by Ana Brenda Contreras.


Cristal Jennings works at a health and wellness center in Sedona, Arizona, and has taken an interest in the Carrington family. She is first seen following the story regarding Cristal Carrington's murder and explaining her fascination for the family.

She later went on to visit the Carrington Manor, and was mistaken for a nurse, which allowed her to gain entry at the front gate. Once inside, she met with Blake, and explained that she knew Cristal before her death, then showing a photo of them together, revealing that Cristal Jennings knew Cristal Flores before her death even giving her own identity so that Celia would be able to move to the States when they met in a Mexican Hospital since Cristal thought she was going die at the time. However, she pulled through and lived. After this she moved to Arizona and got a job at a spa. However Blake buys the spa forcing Cristal to come back to Atlanta like Blake hoped she would since he wants to start a relationship with her.


Season 2 (8/22)


  • On September 5, 2018 a new promo picture was posted along with some spoilers for the season. [1]
    • Sallie Patrick, the series' executive producer teased to TVLine that the reboot’s second season finds the Carringtons “rising from the ashes and redefining themselves after some major life changes.” The biggest being the arrival of the real Cristal, played by Ana Brenda Contreras, who has come to clear the air, as some mistruths have been circulating, so she’s coming to set that story straight. However, she’s not going to uncomplicate things.
    • She is the real Cristal Jennings and original Cristal from Dynasty series.