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Crazy Lady
Season 02, Episode 09
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Air date December 21, 2018
Written by Christopher Fife & Paula Sabbaga
Directed by Melanie Mayron
Viewers 0.63 million (630,000)[1]
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You really are a crazy lady still, in or out of that place where they locked you up.
— Alexis to Claudia about her mental health

Crazy Lady is the ninth episode of the second season and the thirty-first episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on December 21, 2018.


'TIS THE SEASON (FOR A MANHUNT) — As the Carringtons track down a dangerous enemy on Christmas Eve, Fallon and Blake clash on how to best handle the situation, stirring up unresolved grievances. Meanwhile, Cristal suspects Alexis may not be telling the whole truth to the authorities, and Kirby is cast out by Anders for having an immature reaction to the grave situation at hand.



The FBI are called in to investigate the disappearance of Little Blake, who the Carringtons now know was fathered by Matthew. Claudia hides out in a hotel with baby Matthew, but a televised plea by Blake and Alexis leads the authorities to her. A hysterical Claudia has Matthew on the roof, and Blake, Fallon, Cristal, and Sam try to coax her away from the edge. Claudia admits to killing Blake's late wife Cristal, but trips and accidentally tosses the baby off the building. It is only a doll, and Kirby discovers that Manuel actually kidnapped the baby. She manages to knock him out with a lamp before Anders arrives. Before Claudia is arrested, Alexis gaslights her into believing Hank was not real. Michael and Jeff are caught up in Ada's plan to destroy Van Kirk Industries; Jeff is shot as they flee the FBI, and Michael crashes their car on the way to the hospital. At the Manor, Anders receives a call that Steven never got on the plane in Paraguay, and is missing.[2]



Guest Starring


  • Jay Devon Johnson as Agent Don Harper
  • Dave MacDonald as Hull
  • Dave Blamy as Pharmacist
  • Deena Dill as Reporter
  • Leslie Black as Detective
  • Stefanie Friedman as Donna
  • Brad Brinkley as Guard
  • Steven Garland as SWAT Team Member


  • Claudia Blaisdel is the titular character of this episode.
  • This episode's title, along with its synopsis, writers and directors were revelead on November 28, 2018.[3]
  • It was originally supposed to air on December 14, 2018 but was pushed back a week to December 21, 2018.


  • The events of I Answer to No Man and Trashy Little Tramp were referred to.
    • The Carringtons finally learned it was Claudia who shot and killed Cristal in Dead Scratch after Sam spotted her in his wedding pictures the previous episode.
  • The title of this episode comes from a line of the original Dynasty series, first said by Sammy Jo to Claudia in the Season 4 Episode 05: The Hearing - Part 2.
    • In this episode the original line was kept and said by Alexis to Claudia.
  • Homages to the original series were paid in this episode with the TV confession regarding LB's kidnapping and throwing a baby doll off a roof, coming from Season 3 episodes 01 : The Plea and 02: The Roof.
  • The line that Alexis says to Cristal about her dress is a line from the Season 7, Episode 02: Sideswiped in the original series.


Cristal: I'm sorry. Why wouldn't they look for a woman who tried to kill all of you last Thanksgiving?
Fallon: Oh, daddy didn't tell you? He didn't report it to the cops. Instead, he paid to lock her up in a loony bin. Don't worry, they had crafts.

Blake: I always said the family and the company were the same thing. Well, it took me losing the company to realize that was never the case. Losing Carrington Atlantic was the best thing that ever happened to this family.

Cristal to Alexis: Send a card signed: "ho ho ho." I'll know it's you.

Claudia: You said you were gonna help me. 
Blake: And you said you killed my wife. Everyone up there heard it. Look, I am helping you. I'm helping you understand the pain you caused me and my family by taking away what you love. I know it's cruel, he's only a baby. Will it make things equal? I don't know. But it's a hell of a start.

Fallon: You know, I grew up in a family where, if you don't stab someone in the back before dinner, you don't get dessert, so I forget sometimes that there are some decent people in this world.

Alexis to Cristal: Not that finger.




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