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Connor is the son of Heidi and John Lowden and half-brother to Liam Ridley. He first appeared in "You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White". He is portrayed by John Jackson Hunter.

Initially believed to be Liam's son, it is later revealed that he is, in fact, Liam's half-brother and the son of his father, John Lowden.[1]

Throughout the Series

Connor is the product of a high school affair between John Lowden and his son's high school senior girlfriend, Heidi. She and Laura Van Kirk, John's wife, lied and said the child was Liam's. Heidi initially told Liam that she put the baby up for adoption. However, it was later revealed that she couldn't part with her son after his birth and decided to raise him on her own. ("Deception, Jealousy, and Lies", "That Wicked Stepmother")

Upon Connor's request to meet his father, he and Heidi travel to Atlanta to meet Liam. ("You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White") Heidi later allowed Connor to stay with Liam while she went on a job interview. Connor's soon-to-be-step-mother, Fallon Carrington, also spent the day with the pair, trying her best to make Connor like her. However, Connor wanted to spend more time with his father then Fallon. Fallon offers Heidi a job in San Diego with her friend, Luke Tennant's couple, as an act of driving her and Connor away. This caused a fight between Fallon and Liam, but they reconciled. After their engagement party, Liam and Fallon returned their suite to find Connor with a note revealing that Heidi had left Connor in the care of his father and Fallon. ("That Wicked Stepmother")

After Heidi's great escape, Connor and Fallon are left together as Liam goes to search for Heidi. A frustrated Fallon, mistakenly, tells Connor about his mother abandoning him. Connor starts crying and runs away. Fallon after searching for a while finds Connor up a tree. Liam reaches soon after tries to console Connor by lying that he has gotten to contact with Heidi. However, Connor realises this is a lie and refuses to come down. Fallon steps in and makes Connor understand that she too didn't have a mother while growing up and it was her father who took care. Connor then tries to step down, however, the branch he was on breaks and he falls into the Carrington lake. Liam, and Culhane save Connor. Later, Liam, Fallon, and Connor reach La Mirage to see a movie where they see Heidi, who informs them that she regrets what she did and that they will leave soon. Fallon says she won't let this happen, not without a fight. ("Up A Tree")

After Liam and Fallon try desperately to keep Connor in Atlanta, Heidi reveals that Liam is not the father of Connor, John Lowden, Liam's father, is. Heidi and Connor then leave the following day with Liam promising Connor that he will meet him regularly. ("Is The Next Surgery on The House?")