Get back to work you company tramp. Or is it company slut?
Claudia to Cristal
Company Slut
Season 01, Episode 05
NEW Dynasty 105 (2)
Air date November 8, 2017
Written by Christopher Fife
Directed by Cherie Nolan
Viewers 0.72 million (720,000)[1]
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Company Slut [2] is the fifth episode of the first season of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on November 8, 2017.


NOW IT’S PERSONAL — Fallon plays a game of cat and mouse with Cristal, as the two vie for the cover of a prestigious magazine. Steven’s ex-boyfriend returns to town, upending Steven’s life in many ways. Sammy Jo and Anders discover an unlikely connection.




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  • The title is a reference to an episode of the 1981 Dynasty series, titled "The Proposal", where Alexis calls Leslie the "company tramp" and "company slut".


  • While leaving Cristal's bedroom, Anders mentions Jeanette, a member of the staff. In the Original Series, Jeanette served as the longtime maid of the Carrington family.
  • The presentation of the watch to Cristal is a callback to the original Dynasty, when Blake has earrings sent up to Cristal's bridal shower.
  • The champagne spray moment was rehearsed several times, with and without the actors. On the day of filming, Elizabeth and Nathalie filmed the scene in one take.
  • Guest star Nana Visitor played a recurring role on the Dynasty spin-off The Colbys.


Cristal: It's a big company, people talk. And women will never break through the glass ceiling if they're always looking for a shard to stab each other with.

Fallon: Oh, I don't believe in luck. I believe in opportunity. And this one is one I had no intention of letting slip by.

Jeff: And if you land Woman of the Year, you get the cover. Businessmen at every newsstand will thank me.






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