Club Colby (formerly Ivy House) is a nightlife entertainment club owned by Monica Colby and Fallon Carrington. Several up-and-coming artists perform at the club and are occasionally signed by a record label.


Fallon and Monica went to the Ivy House to commemorate the club closing. It was here that Fallon revealed to Monica that she bought the club for Monica. Fallon knew that Monica always wanted to own a club since high school, so she bought the club for her no strings attached. Monica agreed to become an owner so she would have something of her own. ("Nothing But Trouble")

Monica reluctantly hired Kirby to help her open Club Colby. ("Ship of Vipers")

Monica booked Alex and Isis to perform at the club. She sat in on their rehearsal and then introduced them to Fallon. Fallon insisted that she and Monica start a record label together and hold a performance showcase at Club Colby. This clashed with a poker game arranged by a black driver and Jeff, so (under duress from BBB), Black Driver triggered a fire alarm to clear out the club. Monica is injured in the stampede. ("A Temporary Infestation")

Dominique pays a visit to Club Colby to talk to her daughter when they received a message that Jeff's health had taken a turn for the worse. ("New Lady in Town")

Monica admitted she plans to open a Club Colby in New York and franchise her business. Dominque convinced Fallon and Monica to give Vanessa an audition for their record label. ("A Used Up Memory")

Monica decided to leave Atlanta for New York so she could open her new club. She invited her newly discovered stepsister, and opening artist, Vanessa to join her. ("The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial")



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