Cecil Colby is a recurring character in The CW's television series Dynasty. He is portrayed by Hakeem Kae-Kazim.


The father to Jeff and Monica, Cecil was sentenced to ten years in prison for drug trafficking after Blake Carrington paid off a judge to put him there. His children resented him and deemed him guilty, and they were estranged until I Hardly Recognized You when Jeff began to understand that his father was framed and decided to get revenge on The Carringtons.

Cecil spent a long time accusing Blake of sleeping with his wife, Dominique Deveraux and went as far as to try and kill Blake which prompted him to pay off a judge to send him away. However, it was later revealed in Our Turn Now that Blake never slept with Dominique, and was, in fact, protecting Tom Carrington.

This revelation was explained further in A Line From the Past, when Alexis Carrington revealed that Jeff and Monica's grandmother had an affair with Tom Carrington which led to the birth of Dominique Deveraux. This makes Dominique the half-sister of Blake, the daughter of Tom, and the Colby children to be cousins to the Carringtons by blood. After this revelation, Cecil has accepted that his family is connected to The Carrington family and remains civil.



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