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Caution Never Won A War
Season 03, Episode 02
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Air date October 18, 2019
Written by David M. Israel
Directed by Melanie Mayron
Viewers 0.41 million (410,000)[1]
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It may take Liam a while to remember that he loves me, but it will only take him a second to recall how fiercely he hates you. Which pales in comparison to how much I hate you right now. Beep you, bitch.
— Fallon to Laura

Caution Never Won A War is the second episode of the third season and the forty-sixth episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on October 18, 2019.


POWER MOVES – As Blake and Fallon face legal troubles, Fallon and Adam handle the outcome of Liam’s accident in very different ways. Anders visits Sam at the hotel where they break ground and discover a room filled with valuable historical artifacts. Michael Culhane’s jail stint takes an interesting turn while Cristal and Dominique make power moves. [2]

Plot Summary


Blake's mugshot

Blake is handing over his stuff; amongst them his watch and a golden chain he was previously wearing now that he has been arrested. His fingerprints are also taken and he is given a prison uniform to change into. His mugshot is taken, and he smiles as the camera goes off.

Fallon, Sam, and their lawyer

Back at The Carrington Manor, a lawyer tells Fallon that her sentencing hearing is in 48 hours. He mentions how Judge Anson is tough. Fallon thinks he should be lenient considering the fact that she ended up telling the police the truth about the night that Trixie died. She does admit to lying about ten years ago, and again when she was questioned recently. She wonders if it's the same lie, does it technically count twice? The lawyer shrugs and says that ultimately, this judge could go either way. He tells Fallon that in the best case scenario she gets a slap on the wrist, and some probation. But if the judge chooses to make an example out of a spoiled rich kid who’s always gotten away with everything, she could be looking at five years or more of jail time. Sam, who walked in midway through Fallon’s meeting with her lawyer, asks her why she’s not more freaked out once the lawyer leaves. Sam suggests Fallon could always flee the country, but she disagrees, telling her former brother in law that she is taking responsibility for her actions.

Sam and Anders discover a secret room

At La Mirage, Sam has hired a photographer to document the renovations for the hotel, and upon making a hole with a hammer, he and Anders discover a secret room. Anders jokes that it could be Al Capone’s secret vault, but Sam is unfamiliar with the reference. One of the things they find is a painting of a guy named Bernard McCarty from 1923. Sam sees no value in it, and initially says he will have one of the workers bring the trash can to dump it all in. Anders disagrees and says that this McCarty person could be an important figure and it’s worth checking it out. Sam reluctantly agrees, but says that it cannot delay the reopening of the hotel since he already sent out all the invites.

Cristal confronts Dominique

After she leaves the jail Blake is being kept at, Cristal goes to see Dominique, who is scheduled to give TMZ an interview on Blake’s case. Dominique claims it’s to gain some leads on Jeff, but Cristal doesn’t buy it. She tells Dominique that if she goes through with the interview, those secret payoffs Blake has been giving her might just stop. Once Cristal exits, Dominique calls TMZ to cancel her interview, but promises to get them something juicier on her half brother.

Kirby reveals her living situations

Back at the hotel, Kirby gets caught trying to use a shower by her dad. She comes clean to him; revealing how she has been staying in her office at Femperial Publishing, but was caught by a janitor while she was trying to take a sponge bath. Anders tries to get her to move in with him, but Kirby refuses; explaining that she’s not a child needing her dad’s help for everything.

Fallon and Liam are interrupted by Laura

At the hospital, Fallon is visiting Liam and trying to make him remember her by showing them pictures of them throughout their relationship. Liam eventually stops her, saying he believes her when she says they had a relationship. Fallon calls their relationship magical and true love, but Liam says he also knows that when they broke up, Fallon went a little crazy when she heard Liam and Ashley had gotten back together. Fallon asks if Ashley told him that, but Liam says she didn’t tell him anything. That she actually went back to New York to grab some of her stuff to bring back. Fallon mentions that perhaps Ashley should bring back with her the truth, because she never went crazy and that Liam and Ashley never dated again. She wonders out loud where Liam would even get an idea like that, and a few seconds later Liam’s mom walks in.

Blake and Culhane are cellmates

Meanwhile, Blake finds himself face to face with Culhane, who apparently is sharing the same jail cell. Culhane tells Blake that it is rather fitting that all that backstabbing finally caught up with Blake. He gleefully mentions how Blake is essentially a public enemy number inside the prison since he is the top 1% of the 1%.

Cristal learns about Adam's plan

Cristal arrives at Carrington Manor, complaining about how her driver kept getting lost somehow. Adam quickly reveals to his father’s girlfriend that the board meeting was moved up. He mentions that he just got back from it and was named acting CEO of the winery. Adam begins to walk away, but Cristal doesn’t let him as she realizes Adam somehow played a role in rescheduling the meeting, so she’d purposely be left out. He tells Cristal to not be so paranoid, and that it all worked out in the end since she’s not a Carrington.

Fallon is dragged out by guards

At the hospital, Fallon is desperate to make Liam remember by using smells from their greatest hits to jumpstart his olfactory sense and his memory. He still can’t remember anything, but right when Laura calls security to kick Fallon out, something passes through him that leaves him motionless.

Blake and Culhane have a fight

Inside the jail, Culhane and Blake get into a fight, and a cop that Dominique had previously talked films the whole thing. Once they’re both back inside their jail cell, Blake promises to destroy Culhane if he touches him again.

At the hospital, Fallon kidnaps Liam in order to make him remember, and he goes along with it.

Thanks to Culhane, Blake's bail is denied

At his bail hearing, Blake’s request for bail is denied and is ordered to be taken back to his jail cell due to additional evidence that has surfaced on the case. As he’s being cuffed, Blake sees Culhane in a nice suit at his bail hearing. Culhane says how glad he is to be her for this moment in Blake’s life. He reveals that Joey, their other cell mate, was an undercover agent and that he made a deal with the Feds. If he got Blake to admit to his guilt, Culhane could walk away a free man.

Fallon tries to bring Liam's memory back

Meanwhile Fallon has taken Liam to the courthouse where they first met. She mentions how hard this has been for her because they belong to her. Liam stares closely at her, and recalls the night they first met. But asks Fallon if she was wearing a different hat from the one she’s wearing today. Fallon says that yes, the hat she had worn that night was white. But before she can ask about anything else, Laura shows up. Fallon flippantly asks her if she has a tracker on her or something. But Laura mentions it's Liam who she put a tracker on, and asks rhetorically if there’s any line she’s not willing to cross.

Laura and Fallon fight

Laura and Fallon fight over Liam until he yells at both of them to stop. He admits to Fallon that the pressure she’s putting on him to remember their time together is freaking him out. Thus, he asks her to stop because his memory may never come back.

Sam learns the truth

Back at La Mirage, While talking with Bernard McCarty’s great granddaughter, Sam finds out that Bernard was an advocate for gay conversion therapy. Moreover, he refused to serve or hire gay people at any of his hotels. She reveals that he called LGBT people an abomination, and that she herself is part of the community. Sam apologizes since he had no idea about any of it. Bernard’s granddaughter understands, since it’s not exactly on the guy’s wikipedia page.

Fallon's hearing takes place

Fallon eventually gets to her hearing, and the judge calls her a woman of exceptional means of influence in certain parts of the county. The judge decides to make an example out of her, and sentences her to 100 hours of community service. She strongly suggests to Fallon to use her means of influence for the good of the community, and not for herself. Her lawyer tells Fallon how unreliable the verdict is and tells the younger Carrington how she got off easy. Fallon takes offence to that, saying that nothing is easy for her right now.

Blake and Cristal getting married

Inside his jail cell, a guard open’s Blake’s door and tells him to come with him. Once he’s out in the hallway, he sees Cristal at the end of said hallway in a wedding dress and matching veil. She asks him to marry her and he accepts. Cristal vows to do whatever it takes to get Blake out.

Laura gets a restraining order against Fallon

Cristal reveals to Dominique and Adam separately that she is now officially a Carrington. Meanwhile, Fallon gets a restraining order from Laura. Which makes it illegal for Fallon to come within fifty feet of her, and Liam whenever she (Laura) is around him. When Fallon tells Laura that she will win the war, Laura smirks and says Fallon will lose everything.



Guest Starring


  • Rob Nagle as Mitchell
  • Victoria Blade as Daphne
  • Emily Marie Palmer as Genie McCarty
  • Matt Borlenghi as Rick
  • Susan Williams as Judge Anson
  • Greg Allan Martin as Judge Straton
  • Johnny Rey Diaz as Joey
  • Aaron Nelson as Clyde Gage


  • On the WPXI-CW station in Pittsburgh, this episode of Dynasty was pushed back to be aired on Saturday due to the airing of a high school football game.[3]


  • "Caution Never Won a War" is a reference to a line Blake Carrington said to Adam Carrington in the Season 6 Episode 30: The Triple-Cross of the original Dynasty series.
  • The images Fallon shows Liam, of the two of them together, were from the tennis match[4] and the masquerade party[5] in season two.
    • The first memory Liam recovers of Fallon is of when they first met.[6]
  • Blake and Cristal's wedding takes place in this episode.
  • Michael Michele revealed there was a full-on make out session between Dominique and the security guard, but the scene didn't make it to air. [7]


Fallon to Laura: Kiss my bass.

Fallon to Laura: Beep you, bitch.