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The Carrington Manor, briefly known as the Morrell Manor, is the primary residence of Blake Carrington, Fallon Carrington, Cristal Carrington, Liam Ridley, Dominique Deveraux, and Kirby Anders. The home is owned by Alexis, the lands mineral rights owned by Dominique, and the access roads owned by Fallon.


The Manor was built on land previously owned by Alexis Morrell's family. When Alexis married Blake Carrington, his father, Thomas Carrington, gifted them the house, it's 341 acres of land, and the loft as a wedding gift.

Blake and Alexis's first-born son, Adam Carrington, was abducted from the Manor as a child, which devastated the family and staff. They soon welcomed two more children, Fallon and Steven. Blake and Alexis's live-in majordomo Joseph Anders had a daughter who came to live with them. When Kirby overheard an ongoing affair between Alexis and Anders, she was sent away and blamed for a fire started in Fallon's room.

When Blake and Alexis divorced, he kept the house but evicted Alexis. While living there, Fallon invited a close childhood friend of hers over for a sleepover, Trixie Tate, but in the midst of a fight Trixie fell over the banister and died. Fallon panicked and asked their live-in majordomo Anders for help. Anders and Blake put Trixie's body in the Carrington lake to cover up the crime and protect Fallon.

Throughout Series

Season 1

Twenty-some-odd years later, Steven moved out of the Manor while Fallon stayed to help her father run the company. Blake remarried to Cristal Jennings, who moved into the Manor alongside her nephew Sam Jones.[1] The Manor was briefly held hostage by Claudia Blaisdel, which revealed the presence of not only a wine cellar, but a gun room where the Carrington's stored their hunting rifles and pistols.[2] Fallon later married Jeff Colby in an illegal wedding at the Manor. The union caused Thomas Carrington to have a heart attack and die.[3]

After Thomas's death, Alexis returned to the Manor for the reading of his will. The family learned that Thomas left the entire Manor in Alexis's name, as Thomas had merely given the Manor to her and Blake but never signed over the homeowner rights. However, Fallon annulled the codicil and returned the home to Blake. In the meantime, the families live-in chauffeur Michael Culhane moved out of the Manor. Alexis moved into the loft that resided above the barn on the Manor's grounds, as it had belonged to her family.[4]

Sometime later, the con-artist Hank Sullivan pretended to be the long-lost Adam Carrington and moved into the Manor for a brief interlude. Steven married Sam Jones on the Manor grounds. Hank became angered over Alexis's sudden dismissal of him and set fire to the loft where she lived. Unbeknownst to him, Alexis had locked Cristal inside which resulted in her being burned to death. Shortly after the fire, Kirby Anders returned to the Carrington Manor.[5]

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Alexis and Jeff plot to steal the Manor by forcing Blake to put all of his assets on the line for a bank loan. When he fails to pay the loan back in 24 hours, the assets revert to the ownership of the bank or whoever owns the loan. If Blake fails to pay the loan back in time, the assets become property of Jeff and Alexis, who purchased the loan.[6]

The following day, Fallon and Liam plan to have their wedding at the Manor, with everything set for the perfect day. In the meantime, Alexis and Jeff inform Blake that they have become the new owners of the Carrington Manor following his inability to pay back his loan. They promptly evict Blake, which infuriates Fallon enough for her to move her wedding out of the Manor. With their revenge satiated, Alexis and Jeff plan to file for divorce with Alexis set to inherit the Manor in the settlement.[7]

Current Residents

Former Residents



  • According to the address on a letter received by Sammy Jo, the mansion is located at 3673 Riverly Road N.W., Atlanta, GA 30327.
  • According to Fallon, there are 16 bedrooms in the house.
  • There are 341 acres of land that the Carrington manor is resting on.
  • In I Hardly Recognized You, Fallon Carrington and Steven Carrington moved back in. As of recently, the former is still a resident of the manor and the latter is currently residing at a mental institution in Paris.
  •  In I Answer to No Man, Steven and Sam leave the manor together and they become roommates; however, Sam moves back in Our Turn Now per Steven's request.
  • In Dead Scratch, the Carrington House goes up in flames due to a mysterious person causing the fire.
  • On October 12, 2018, as part of Rafael's Instagram takeover, he revealed that The Carrington Manor is located in Suwanee, GA. Only the exteriors are shot at the real house, everything else is shot at the studio.[8]
  • The house that is used for exterior and outdoor shots is located at 5726 Kennedy Road, in Buford, Georgia.
  • The loft, where Adam currently resides, was built on the spot where Alexis' family home previously stood.
  • Alexis picked out the bed and wallpaper in the master bedroom. ("Twenty-Three Skidoo")
  • When Alexis moved into the Manor in The Aftermath, she decided to strip the house of all Blake-loyal employees and fired everyone.
  • The manor has seventeen bathrooms. ("The Aftermath")
  • Fallon has a sewing room and an office in the Manor that she has never seen. ("Everybody Loves The Carringtons")
  • As of Everybody Loves The Carringtons, the Manor is predominantly female residents for the first time in its history, with four women and two men living in the Manor.
    • The property and Manor is also owned by three women for the first time; Alexis owning the Manor itself, Dominique the mineral rights, and Fallon the access roads.
    • The blue print of the manor featured in this episode shows the ground floor of the manor, but does not show the pool or gardens.