The Carrington family is one of the richest families in the US, and behind the multi-million dollar Carrington Atlantic empire built by Tom Carrington's father.

Family members

First Generation

  • Tom Carrington's father (founder of Carrington Atlantic)

Second Generation

  • Tom Carrington (CEO of Carrington Atlantic; deceased)
    • Ellen Carrington (Tom's wife)
    • Granny (Tom's former lover)

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation

  • TBA

Extended Family


Carrington Atlantic Carrington Mansion


  • In the Original Series, Jeff and Sammy Jo married Fallon and Steven and were the parents of a new generation of Carringtons.
    • To date, only Sam has legally married Steven. Fallon and Jeff's marriage had been annulled.
  • According to Blake in the first season finale, he didn't learn about his half-sister existence before the day of Fallon and Jeff's annulled wedding.
  • In the original Blake and Alexis did have two other children : a son Adam, who was kidnapped as a baby and raised by another family, and a daughter Amanda, born after their split.
    • In this reboot only Adam is confirmed to have had existed. He was kidnapped as a baby and his father believes him to be dead, unlike his mother who lost all her money to search him. Fallon is the last member of the immediate family to learn about his existence.
    • Amanda is indirectly referenced in Trashy Little Tramp when Fallon asks Steven if he's been "Sleuthing for more siblings and found her a sister?"
  • In the original series, Fallon and Jeff were married and were also second cousins (their mothers were cousins).
    • In the reboot, their marriage was declared illegal before they learned that they are actually half-cousins (Fallon's father and Jeff's mother are half-siblings).
  • As revealed in the penultimate episode of the first season, they are blood-related with the Colbys.
  • They are also related to  the Machados via two marriages : Cristal married Blake Carrington in the Pilot and her nephew and stepson tied the knot in the First Season Finale.




Blake, Fallon, Cristal and Steven


Cecil Colby and his children


Sam with his mother and his aunt