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Caleb Collins is a minor character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Wil Traval. He first appeared in Season 3 episode "Is The Next Surgery on The House?".

Being a Chaplain at Atlanta General, he was asked to help Cristal Carrington, the married new director of the clinic. As romantic feelings spark between them, Caleb's priesthood and Cristal's marriage is not strong even to keep them apart from each other.


Father Collins is the young, charming, and irreverent priest with a soft spot for the disabled vets who rehab in the hospital’s clinic. But when his duties as the hospital chaplain put him on a collision course with the clinic’s new director, Cristal Carrington, not even the Lord above can stop the chemistry between this very married woman and very attractive man of the cloth.[1]

Season 3

In Is The Next Surgery on The House?, Caleb and Cristal meet at the Atlanta General Hospital, the latter was there to meet Father Kelly for a walkthrough. Cristal waits at the hospital for Blake when she receives a text message saying that he won't be coming because of Fallon. Her groan catches the attention of an attractive man lifting weights, who comments that people who groan like that are usually learning how to walk again. She remarks that she's the only person who values her time as she's been stood up by two men at the same time. He comments that those men aren't smart and that she should take it as a sign to stop cursing what she can't control and just appreciate what's in front of her. He offers to lend an ear which creates friendly banter between them before she leaves.

Cristal asks a rehabbing veteran about Father Kelly but the man hasn't seen Father Kelly as he retired a week ago. He instead, points her to Caleb she bantered with earlier, revealing him as Father Collins. They banter again and he calls her out on her rudeness earlier to which she apologizes and offers to sit down with him to work out a mutually beneficial agreement. He rejects the idea as he doesn't think clergy belongs in hospital politics. He has no doubt she can hold her own and walks away.

Cristal visits Father Collins and pulls a curtain between them, pulls up a chair, and does confession in the middle of a patient's room. She wants to do good and wants Collins to help her. He decides he will because he loves the veterans just as much as her. She apologizes for accusing him of flirting but he admits he was and leaves, calling out prayers for her to do as penance.

In She Cancelled..., Cristal and Father Collins discuss the Carrington Manor and she offers to give him a tour which he happily accepts. He flirts with her by moving her hair. She wants to get back to the work at hand but Collins has to leave.

Cristal and Father Collins discuss their roles in the clinic. She thinks he is better suited somewhere else, primarily due to his romantic feelings for her. Adam interrupts as he’s now the supervisor assigned to the planning for the fundraising gala. She suggests he be reassigned and should take time off since he just had major surgery. Adam assures her he’s fine and doesn’t want the assignment anymore then she does, but he has to use the gala to make things right with the board. Adam tells her that Father Collins is staying despite her claiming he wants to leave. The board is conservative and wants the gala to have both a community engagement component and a religious one so Collins is staying. Adam suggests they get to work.

Adam brings menu samplers to the manor for Cristal and Collins to taste. Collins continues to flirt with Cristal and make subtle remarks about them, which Adam doesn’t pick up on. As they are sipping champagne Blake notices the crowd and demands to know what Adam is doing at the manor. Cristal tells Blake that Adam is on the gala planning committee, which Blake believes is just another way to worm his way in after being banned. Adam wants to speak with Blake and Collins chimes in that he thinks Adam’s intentions are pure. Blake and Collins debate back and forth on religion and Adam’s intentions. Blake tells Adam to leave after the meeting.

Adam confronts Caleb about the emergency that kept him from the meeting. Caleb didn’t have an emergency but was told that Cristal canceled the meeting. He must have misread the texts which Adam accepts though Caleb doesn’t seem to believe it.

Caleb confronts Cristal about her making up a story to tell Adam. Despite his objections of not flirting she brings up everything that happened between them and he admits to having feelings for her. He kisses her and she returns the kiss.

At the hospital, Cristal and Caleb are making out while Adam angrily watches through the window.

In You Make Being a Priest Sound Like Something Bad, Cristal and Caleb regret their kiss and decide to go their separate ways with Caleb not attending the fundraiser. Caleb, however, does attend the fundraiser and confesses to Cristal that he can't stop thinking about her. Cristal, (who was heartbroken by Blake) is happy to see him. They slow dance to Leather and Lace. Cristal and Caleb then have sex. Afterwards, Cristal states that they've both broken their vows to god.

In Robin Hood Rescues, a guilty Cristal calls Caleb but he does not pick up. She informs him over the voicemail that the affair is over.

Season 4

In That Unfortunate Dinner, Caleb was called to be the officiant for Fallon and Liam's wedding as their original officiant was poisoned. He agrees as he was in under the impression that the wedding is a Van Kirk Wedding. He reaches the rehearsal dinner where Fallon, Blake, Cristal, Liam, Alexis, Jeff, Dominique, Kirby, Sam, Culhane and Laura are also present. Kirby spills it out that Caleb and Cristal have been sleeping together. It infuriates Blake who proceeds to punch Caleb.

In Vows Are Still Sacred, Cristal arrives at the Atlanta General Gym, and tells Caleb that even though she is a married woman, she doesn't want to be, hinting that she wants them to be together.

In The Aftermath, Caleb and Cristal are in her suite at La Mirage. Caleb tells her that he wants to spend his life with her and that he will leave priesthood to be with her. Cristal says she feels the same and informs him that she will be leaving Blake soon but she needs some time.

Later, Cristal and Caleb are a dinner, and the former gives him a glass of alcohol, and tells him that they are celebrating as Cristal is going to tell Blake she's leaving him. Alexis spots them together and tells Blake about it.

In Everybody Loves The Carringtons, Caleb notices Blake and Anders leaving Cristal's seat and asks her about it. She informs him that Blake is living at La Mirage and that she is his therapist. Caleb tells her that Blake is manipulating her. Cristal informs him that there is nothing to worry about.

Blake later on pays Caleb a visit and tells him to leave Cristal alone.


Being a priest, Father Collins is a very religious and devout man. He is charming and irreverent but also flirtatious. He breaks his vow of chastity by flirting with and later kissing Cristal Carrington. Caleb is patient in dealing with those who challenge him, such as when he maintained calm despite Blake's verbal onslaught however later on it's shown he doesn't tolerate Blake even going far as banning him from attending his own church.

Physical Appearance

Caleb has dark brown hair and dark eyes, a medium-build, and moderate height. He is attractive and has a charming aura. He has only been seen wearing his cassock.


Cristal Carrington

Cristal and Caleb had a flirtatious encounter at The Atlanta General Gym. It was later revealed that Caleb is a priest. Caleb and Cristal started working together on the fundraiser. It was difficult for them to stay together because of Cristal's marriage and Caleb's vow. Hence, Cristal decided it better for them to not work together on the fundraiser. Caleb confronts Cristal about her making up a story to tell Adam. Despite his objections of not flirting she brings up everything that happened between them and he admits to having feelings for her. He kisses her and they start to kiss passionately.

Cristal and Caleb regret their kiss and go their separate ways with Caleb opting out of the fundraiser. However, Caleb comes to the fundraiser and the duo slow dance. A lonely Cristal then sleeps with Caleb.

Cristal ends her relationship with Caleb and also leaves Blake.

However when she sees her marriage with Blake is not going work out, Cristal starts dating Caleb. The two get serious, and Cristal decides to leave Blake, and Caleb shall leave priesthood. However their romantic relationship dissolved.