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Brady Lloyd is a recurring character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Randy J. Goodwin.


Early Life

Sometime in 2008, Brady marries an aspring singer Millie Cox more commonly know as Dominique Deveraux and after a year of marriage he mysteriously disappeared leaving his wife not knowing his whereabouts. She attempted to file for divorce but it was never finalized.

Season 4

After Dominique has successfully launched her fashion line, Brady returns into her life. He explains it to her how he had runaway to save himself from dangerous money loaners. Brady and Dominique eventually fix things out and start seeing each other, much to Jeff Colby's dismay. Dominique is, however, still unsure of discloing the fact that they're still married to Brady because he will be entitled to half of her fashion line if they do divorce.

It is later revealed that Brady is secretly working with Alexis Carrington. She will pay him a lump sum of money and in return he has to act like he is in love with Dominique and wants to remarry her only to leave her on the atlar.


Physical Appearance


  • On September 27, 2021 Liz Sczudlo confirmed that Brady is not Vanessa Deveraux's father. [1]
    • This is yet to be disclosed onscreen.