Bobbi Johnson is a minor character in the television series, Dynasty on The CW. She is portrayed by Kearran Giovanni.


Bobbi Johnson is the cousin of Jeff Colby and Monica Colby.

She is the new Police Chief of the City of Atlanta and replaces Chief Stansfield, who left town with money from her cousin. Her first major investigation was Fallon Carrington's kidnap.

Jeff was hoping to have a high officer on his side to take revenge against the Carringtons. But, unlike her predecessor, Bobbi is not corrupt and refuses to use her contacts, even when Jeff needs help to release his father from jail.


  • Bobbi is the sole member of one of the two core families of the show, not based on an original character.
  • It is currently unknown if she is a cousin of Jeff and Monica on her maternal or paternal side.


Season 1 (1/22)