• Princess Diva

    So, darlings, I decided that I actually like reviewing these episodes after I finish binge watching them, and I really loved "A Champagne Mood", so I'm giving reviewing a go. It also wouldn't hurt to give this wiki some extra traffic. ;) Let me know if you like them and I might just continue doing them while the new episodes air...

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  • Princess Diva

    I don't usually do reviews, but I just felt the need to write this after seeing such a brilliant episode ("Crazy Lady ") that it perfectly balanced TONS of action & also fixed every problem I had about each of the characters and plots in only 40 minutes. Seriously. This is amazing writing and the best episode all season!

    The character development was outstanding and everything was done so well! After so many rough patches in the season, especially with the loss of Cristal and James, this episode handled it perfectly. We saw The Carringtons race against all odds to save Little Blake, which was a really great plot, but how it brought their family to a new togetherness was what I loved so much.

    We finally got a proper sendoff to Nathalie Kelly'…

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  • DeviousPeep

    Wiki Re-Vamping

    January 30, 2019 by DeviousPeep

    Hey everyone,

    This is going to be a pretty lengthy post, and I felt like this would be the best way to address all of the administrators as well as the wiki's community as a whole, so please bear with me.

    I've been looking around the wiki, and I personally feel like it's in need of a clean-up. The articles are rather messy and there's no set model for how the pages should be laid out, and a lot of the layout is modeled after Season 1 or outdated (the background, the mainpage, the navigation bar) which I feel is particularly dated since we've moved far past the "Fallon vs. Cristal" days (RIP Cristal

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  • Hafsa B

    Cristal Is dead?

    July 2, 2018 by Hafsa B

    Apperantly Nathalie confirmed that she won't be coming back for S2. That means one thing, Cristal is dead ugh why??

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  • Princess Diva

    Liam or Michael?

    April 24, 2018 by Princess Diva

    The #Dynasty fandom has never been more divided on this one thing! So, let's settle it.

    Is Fallon better with Michael or Liam?

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  • DeviousPeep

    Move to Fridays

    January 8, 2018 by DeviousPeep

    News has been released that, come March, Dynasty will be moving to the Friday night time slot. What are y'all's thoughts on that?

    I'm not too surprised, personally, as while I've been enjoying the show I don't think it's resonated as well as it could have. I still love Elizabeth Gillies as Fallon, and I'm beyond thrilled for the show to bring on Nicollette Sheridan, who I've loved since her Desperate Housewives days, so I do hope they manage to turn things around.

    I think the show holds a lot of potential and has a very talented cast. I'll be watching live on the nights that I can, preferring this series over Once Upon a Time's seventh season, and I recommend that fans do watch live when they can for the sake of ratings.

    Here's an article from The…

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  • Princess Diva

    Alexis Is Coming!

    October 19, 2017 by Princess Diva

    One of the most asked questions since the start of the Dynasty reboot (mostly for the fans of the original series) has been... where is Alexis Carrington, and why haven't we seen her yet?

    Turns out, the writers have something big in store for her character, a "royal entrance" if you will. So there's no need to panic! They haven't written her out, they're just waiting for the perfect time!

    “There are certainly Easter eggs along the way until her grand entrance,” says executive producer Sallie Patrick.

    "What we like is that we know when she’s coming. We thought it’d be fun to build up that wonderful, delicious character before her grand entrance. We can only introduce her once, so we’re taking our time to figure it out.”

    There it is!

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