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Well, now, that's Carrington 102. Carrington 101 is getting important people to owe you favors, specifically for times like these.
— Blake Carrington

Blake Alexander Carrington is the male lead in the television series, Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Grant Show.

An oil tycoon, ruthless billionaire, and mastermind behind Carrington Atlantic, he is the father of Fallon Carrington, Steven Carrington and Adam. He is currently married to Cristal Jennings following his failed marriages with Alexis Morell and Celia Machado.


Blake was the Chairman of the Board and former Chief Executive Officer of Carrington Atlantic. He is a ruthless and manipulative man in both business and family matters, who doesn't often appreciate his children like they wish he would. He often plays mind games on his acquaintances to try and catch them in a lie.


A business tycoon and mastermind, Blake's first love is his business. He will do anything to protect his companies and family name, even if it means partaking in illegal activity. He often uses his influence and position of power to perpetuate his interests. Blake is ruthless in business, and even more ruthless in his personal life. After the kidnapping of his first-born son, Adam, Blake hardened and stopped caring as deeply. While it is clear he cares for his family, his love can be dangerous as it drove him to cover up the death of Fallon's childhood friend. When Blake claims someone as a member of his family, they are protected and given anything they could ever desire. The first woman he loved after his divorce from Alexis was Celia Machado, under the alias of Cristal Flores.

After Cristal's death, Blake became apathetic and hedonistic. He proclaimed "Blake time" in which he was hell-bent on spending all of his money. His selfish nature escalated until reality hit at the return of his ex-wife. Blake went through many personal hardships, including the false return of his son, the real return of Adam Carrington, his relationship with Cristal Jennings, and the loss of their unborn child after Cristal's assassination attempt. Believing to have caught the culprit of Cristal's attack, he beat Nathan Macintosh to death and enlisted Joseph Anders' help in throwing the body in the lake. Since then, Blake has paranoid and took many lengths to ensure that no one could link him to Nathan’s murder.

Throughout Dynasty

Season 1

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Season 2

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Season 3

Imprisonment and The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial

After the divers found Nathan Macintosh and Trixie Tate's corpse, Blake, Adam, Fallon, and Cristal (now played by Daniella Alonso) are having a family meeting. Blake mentions that the lawyers are on their way over, which means so are the detectives, which in turn means they need to talk fast and get their story straight. Fallon sarcastically says that she’s fine and thanks them all for asking since she just saw her friend’s corpse get dragged out of the lake. She also just found out that her fiance drowned and would have died if Tony the gardner hadn’t taken his fourth break of the day and found him in time. She still doesn’t know how he is.

Blake confronts Fallon asking her what she thought really happened to Trixie Tate, that if she truly believed Trixie had just run off to Spain or something. To which, she says she figured she had gotten hurt badly and was in one of their secret hospitals. However, she eventually admits that she tried not to think about it. Afterwards, Blake slaps Adam telling him to stand down because he has done enough damage already.

Blake is talking to his lawyer asking to make sure he’s protected because he pays him a lot. Dominique knocks on his office door and walks in. He looks her way, and says he needs to lock that door more often. She tells him that Adam is safe and hands Blake the cufflinks Jeff had planted to frame Adam. Dominique then tells Blake that it has been a while since she left Atlanta, so she’d like for him to use tonight’s event to reintroduce her to society. Sort of like her new debut. He rejects that idea telling his half sister that he doesn’t trust her, and that tonight is not going to be all about her.

Back at The Carrington Manor, Anders informs Blake that apparently the police consider this case so serious that it’s need to know only, so their contact at the police station has been left in the dark.He goes onto say that they are watching Blake closely to see if he behaves differently, so Anders tells his boss to make sure to act normal.

Anders later informs Blake that he is leaving to work with Sam at La Mirage. Fallon goes to the police to confess about Trixie’s death and Blake is arrested. [5]

Blake is handing over his stuff; amongst them his watch and a golden chain he was previously wearing now that he has been arrested. His fingerprints are also taken and he is given a prison uniform to change into. His mugshot is taken, and he smiles as the camera goes off. Blake finds himself face to face with Culhane, who apparently is sharing the same jail cell. Culhane tells Blake that it is rather fitting that all that backstabbing finally caught up with Blake. He gleefully mentions how Blake is essentially a public enemy number inside the prison since he is the top 1% of the 1%. Blake finds himself face to face with Culhane, who apparently is sharing the same jail cell. Culhane tells Blake that it is rather fitting that all that backstabbing finally caught up with Blake. He gleefully mentions how Blake is essentially a public enemy number inside the prison since he is the top 1% of the 1%. Blake’s request for bail is denied and is ordered to be taken back to his jail cell due to additional evidence that has surfaced on the case. As he’s being cuffed, Blake sees Culhane in a nice suit at his bail hearing. Culhane says how glad he is to be her for this moment in Blake’s life. He reveals that Joey, their other cell mate, was an undercover agent and that he made a deal with the Feds. If he got Blake to admit to his guilt, Culhane could walk away a free man. Inside his jail cell, a guard open’s Blake’s door and tells him to come with him. Once he’s out in the hallway, he sees Cristal at the end of said hallway in a wedding dress and matching veil. She asks him to marry her and he accepts. Cristal vows to do whatever it takes to get Blake out. [6]

Blake is sleeping when one of the inmates tries to smother him with a pillow. The inmate says that Blake’s snoring kept him up again, and threatens him with saying that the next time it happens, Blake won’t come up for air like today.  Fallon goes to visit Blake and scoffs at the fact that there’s no glass separating the two of them. She mentions that she always wanted to use one of those phones, and put her hand on the window like they’re in a Lifetime movie. Fallon asks Blake to kick Adam out of the house, but Blake doesn’t want to. He agrees that Adam has made some mistakes, but he is helping him right now as acting CEO of the winery. Fallon then stands up angrily, and tells her father that she will deal with Adam on her own as she walks out of the jail.

In jail, Adam and Cristal go to see Blake, who tells the two that he needs to get out as soon as possible before he is potentially killed. Adam grins, and tells his father that he has a plan. He mentions that after some digging he did, he believes that they have a great case for bias from Blake’s judge. Adam goes on to say that this could lead to a new bail hearing and a more lenient judge. Cristal disagrees because Adam’s plan could take weeks, and they need to get Blake out now. She also reminds him that if Adam wasn’t so obsessed with Fallon, Blake wouldn’t be in jail in the first place. Adam, for his part, continues to say that he was simply getting a sentimental ring out of the lake for her sister. Blake isn’t so sure, and reveals to Adam that Fallon visited him earlier that day demanding he throw Adam out of the manor. He asks Adam to stop pretending that his problems with Fallon haven’t led to more problems for the rest of them as a result of the sibling feud. He agrees with Cristal, that had Adam stayed out of the lake, he’d be in Vail, instead of prison.

Blake gets taken to a separate room, where he finds Cristal sitting on a bed. He asks his wife what she’s doing there, but she just shushes him. She smiles as she says that she reached out to his friend Warden Aldrich, and convinced him to grant the two of them some much needed alone time. The two get on the bed after she shows him a weapon he can use to protect himself, if his cell mate tries to come for him again.

In Blake’s jail cell, one of his inmates tells him that he better get the money once this is over. Blake nods, and the other inmate stabs him with the weapon Cristal smuggled in during her visit to Blake. The guards come in and take Blake out.

At the jail’s infirmary, Cristal rushes to Blake’s side while being patched up from his wound. Once the doctor gives them a moment, she reveals that her plan worked. As a result of Culhane previously attacking Blake, and this more recent attack, the judge agreed to grant Blake bail. The only condition being that he’d be placed under house arrest for his own safety. The two of them kiss in celebration, but stop when Blake winces in pain. He admits that perhaps his cellmate Billy enjoyed stabbing him just a little too much.

At the halloween party, Adam and Fallon's havoc gets stopped by Blake who is back at the Manor. Fallon confronts her dad and tells him that they need to talk about Adam once and for all. He tells her that while he’s not throwing him out of the manor, he agrees with him that Adam is out of control. Fallon is shocked, and Blake continues by saying he does see how Adam is obsessed with sabotaging her, and at this point he can’t deny that anymore. He promises to do the best he can to keep the two of them apart, and Fallon thanks him for that. Not quite finished with talking to Fallon, he tells her that he is quite proud of her for tackling the gardening she had to do for her community service. He is glad that she didn’t take the path of least resistance since he knows just how seductive that can be.

Blake wakes up as he tries to go and make a call with their sellers after Adam’s meltdown the night before. Cristal informs her there’s no need, and that she even got one of the sellers to have their wine sell in China. She asks Blake to giver her power in the family business, and promises to make their dynasty flourish. [7]

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Season 4

Losing The Manor and Fighting for Cristal's love

At the manor, Adam and Blake are discussing the loan proposal to cover what they lost in the explosion… but they only have 48 hours to do it. Blake is stuck between a rock and a hard place because he wants to save his marriage with Cristal who he is supposed to meet, but the loan proposal meeting is the same day. Adam inquires about Anders helping, and Blake claims he’s out of town at the explosion site so he’s essentially MIA.

Blake is waiting for Cristal at La Mirage, and he apologizes for prioritizing work over Cristal constantly, and says he wants to make their marriage work. Cristal puts her foot down and says she deserves a husband that will show up when she needs him. Blake says she deserves that and more. Breaking the tension, he gushes once more about his unwavering love for her, and Cristal says that despite her being a mess about the situation like he is, it’s gonna take more than a salad and an apology to make things right.

Dominique meets with Blake to try and secure the funds for her sleepwear launch. Blake tells her that even if he wanted to, his finances are tied up. She leaves her proposal with him just in case, and Blake says she’s milked the Carrington cow enough. This sets Dominique off, even though they have the same father, Blake was given everything, while she was always seen as less than. She tells him that perhaps if things had worked out with her mother and their father, she would have been given the priviliges Blake had, and Blake in turn would have been the bastard child. Instead, he is just a bastard.

Blake is getting his suit fitted when Fallon walks in asking him if anyone in their family has ever had a happy relationship. She needs her “something borrowed” from a lasting relationship. Blake says her great grandfather and his third wife were solid, until he met his fourth wife. Blake asks if this is important to Fallon and she says yes, she wants things to work out between the two. He hands over his butineer from his prison wedding with Cristal, and tells her she can borrow it.

At Fallon and Liam's rehearsal dinner, the new officiant walks in. Kirby is fiddling with the microphone and talking to Fallon at the same time, letting her and the entire room know that Cristal has been sleeping with him. Everything begins to escalate, fights ensue, and Blake punches the priest in the face. Fallon has had enough, leaving to go home.

In a heated argument, Cristal and Blake are airing out their dirty laundry that has come to light. He says she needs to take responsibility and that they both made mistakes. She says she knows what she did was wrong, but she thought she married a man that would choose her over his company. Blake says they need to do the hard work and rebuild their trust. [8]

In Blake’s office, he’s on a business call. He’s secured more barrels of oil to fill an order, but still needs a good chunk. Blake says it’ll be easy as he knows a supplier by the name of Cliff Wilson, who could do the job for him. Cristal interrupts, holding her dress for the ceremony. She asks if she’d be able to change at the manor, because doing it at La Mirage just isn’t the same. Cristal however sets some boundaries. The first being that there be no discussion of Laura Van Kirk and Father Collins, or where they stand. Today is all about Fallon.

Eventually, Dominique meets up with Blake, where she tells him that in her safety deposit box that was left to her by their father is a deed for all mineral rights underneath the manor. Because Dominique can’t go excavating, she offers Blake the chance to buy her rights. For the right price, of course. Blake says he had no idea about the land splitting or anything being left to his sister, so he declines.

After her foot incident, Fallon’s ankle is iced and elevated and she is now working on her vows that she will sing to Liam at the piano. Blake brings her a new ice bag and she decides to ask him about having Alexis walk down the aisle with them. Blake says he has no problem with it and Fallon is visibly stunned. Blake notes that it’s her day, so he will do anything she needs.

Blake is still trying to settle the crude oil payment needed to keep his personal assets from being leveraged with the loan, but apparently, the barrels have been sold, and Cliff had no idea about it. He says he can do it if Blake gives him a week, but he doesn’t have that kind of time.

Blake walks in just as Cristal is finishing her makeup and she asks him if he put a hold on the foundation’s funding for the hospital. He says yes, but it’s only temporary and he will pay it back when he can. Cristal then begins asking if something is happening, she saw all the monitors in his office. Blake confesses the truth, and he says that’s why he needs to talk to her. Blake wonders if it would be possible if he could borrow some money from her father, which he will pay back before he even knew it was gone, of course. Cristal gets heated and tells him nothing would make her happier than to see Carrington Atlantic fall, because it may be the only way they can save their marriage.

In Fallon's room, Kirby and Alexis are waiting to see the big dress reveal. Blake knocks and asks if he can have a moment with Fallon. She thanks him for allowing Alexis to walk with them down the aisle and he insists it’s her day and he wants what is best for her. Blake then proceeds to tell her the same story he told Cristal and asks if he can borrow money. Fallon asks how much he needs and when he says just under $100 million, she quickly shuts him down. Fallon is upset because she thought for once that Blake would come through for her but she was sorely mistaken. She tells him Alexis will have no problem walking her herself.

Blake tries to get an extension on the loan deadline with the bank, but it has already been sold. He soon finds out that Jeff and Alexis were behind it. They let him know that unless he can pay it back in 40 minutes, they will need to take all collateral he put up, which includes the manor. Jeff tells him he doesn’t have to leave until after the wedding causing Blake to go after him. Fallon is on the sidelines watching, hurt, because she thought Alexis was different from Blake.

Blake is trying desperately to get ahold of Fallon, but she won’t take his calls. He tries with Anders’ phone but Fallon knows better. When she picks up, Blake says that Alexis is trying to ruin everything for him and Fallon says this is why she left, even on her wedding day it’s not about her. She wants to be left out of the situation.

In Blake’s study, he’s on the phone with Anders who says that his best guess is that Fallon and Liam are in a theater of some sort and Blake knows exactly where they are.

Meanwhile Liam and Fallon get married, and Liam leaves to go get the champagne from the car when Evan shows up with a rope and a knife. She hears footsteps behind her thinking it was Liam but turns to see Evan. With the knife held to her throat, Evan says he thought they had something special together. Blake walks in and cues Liam to shut off the lights and Fallon kicks Evan off of her. Blake lunges at Evan and after the noise dies down, Liam turns the lights back on. Evan and Blake fell over into the instruments. Neither of them moving. [9]

After the traumatic experience, Blake is also being rolled in another ambulance with Fallon and Liam by his side. He lets her know he tried his best to stop Evan from hurting her, but she wants to hear none of it at the moment. She just wants her dad to be okay. Unfortunately, he mentions to his daughter that he can't feel his legs.

Everyone is waiting to hear if Kirby and Blake are okay. Adam turns the corner and tells the group that they will both be okay. Blake has temporary paralysis, but he’ll be able to walk again with the right physical therapy. Kirby on the other hand is in lots of pain, but she hasn’t sustained any serious injuries.

Fallon has shown up to the manor and she’s brought Blake with her. She wants him to stay in the manor while she nurses him back to health in his recovery. Alexis inquires about a time frame, and Fallon says the two of them will be there for as long as it takes. Alexis reluctantly agrees in order to make peace with Fallon for ruining her wedding.

Fallon brings Blake coffee and breakfast, and Blake wonders if they should hire an actual nurse. He also asks about Cristal and if anyone has heard from her. He desperately wants their marriage to work, so he asks Fallon if she will go to La Mirage to speak to her. Fallon says she’s sure Cristal will come to her senses soon, but she doesn't want to get in the middle of it.

Sam visits Blake and gives him a complimentary suite at La Mirage whenever he may need it. Blake asks Sam if he’d be willing to talk to Cristal for him and get her to visit him at the manor. Sam says he will try his best.

Alexis interrupts Blake to tell him all about Cristal and Caleb’s dinner. Upon hearing this, Blake looks extremely upset. Blake asks Fallon to get him his favorite Cuban cigars, but she says she can’t leave the manor. This spirals into her confronting her feelings, and she quickly goes off to find Liam. Before she does, she tells him to fight for Cristal because the Blake she knows would never give up so easily.

Cristal has shown up to the manor, seemingly to tell him about her leaving him. Blake, however, has other plans. After seeing his condition and his recovery process, Cristal offers to help him with his physical therapy, but this doesn’t mean she’s moving back in or that they are back together. When Cristal leaves the room, his “nurse” comes back in and he hands her an envelope. As it turns out, he’s hired someone to pretend to be his nurse who is bad at her job, so Cristal would agree to help him. [10]

Anders and Blake are in the study discussing Blake’s rehab with Cristal. Blake says that his physical rehab is getting better, but his marriage is also improving, and he even wants to ask her to move back in. Anders interjects, reminding Blake that he doesn’t exactly own the manor anymore, on top of the rest of their problems.

When Jeff and Alexis are creating havoc, Blake eventually emerges with his bags and Fallon asks him to do something as the head of the family. He says he is absolutely doing something, telling her he’s moving out.

At Oasis, Anders meets up with Cristal who is ordering dinner. He says he’s stopped by to introduce her new neighbor who is none other than Blake. When she asks for an explanation he tells her he moved out of the manor and into La Mirage. When he asks to accompany her at dinner, she tells him she’s meeting someone.

Caleb shows up to dinner and asks Cristal if he just saw Blake leave, assuming she still hasn’t taken the opportunity to tell him about them. She says she will after his physical therapy is done, she will have a talk with him. Cristal also tells Caleb that Blake has moved into La Mirage, but has promised not to bother her. Caleb isn’t convinced and tells her she’s being manipulated.

Blake and Cristal are chatting. They both have things they need to discuss but she first says the clinic got an anonymous donation to keep it running, and she knows it was Blake. Cristal tells him she knows about his manipulations, and that she’s leaving him. Blake adds that he knows it’s for the priest she was supposed to stop seeing. He says he will honor her wishes and leave her alone, as much as he hates it.

Blake is in the confession room to talk to Caleb. He threatens him, telling him if he doesn’t leave Cristal, the next time he comes back it won’t be for forgiveness. <ref>("Everybody Loves The Carringtons")


Alexis Carrington Colby

Alexis and Blake were married at a young age, Alexis out of societal need as her mother pressured Alexis to marry Blake. The money Blake's father offered was significant. Alexis obeyed and they were in a passionate relationship. She is Blake's first wife and the mother of his two children, Adam and Fallon. Shortly after Adam was born, he was kidnapped from the Manor. The loss took a great toll on both Alexis and Blake, and it affected their marriage. Alexis had an affair with the Carrington butler that lead her to conceive another son. She lied and told Blake the child was his. This indiscretion stayed a secret for over twenty years. Now parents to Steven and Fallon, they were happy before their marital disputes took a toll on their marriage and led to a divorce. Alexis tried to obtain custody of her children, but Blake paid off a judge to make sure the vote would be swayed in his favor and paid Alexis to stay away. Over the years, their hatred for one another has only grown. When Alexis did return, she initially showed that she still holds a torch for Blake and hopes that things will work out. She uses any opportunity she can to drive a wedge between Blake and his wives. She is also partially responsible for the death of Blake's second wife, Celia Machado, and the loss of a pregnancy for Blake's third wife, Cristal Carrington. Whatever love they had for one another has since been crushed through their mutual schemes and betrayals. Alexis testified against Blake during his trial and married his arch-nemesis while Blake has made a point of making things hard for Alexis at every turn. Despite their complex history, Blake still holds Alexis to a higher standard than his other enemies as she is the mother of his children.

Celia Machado (Cristal Flores/Carrington)

Cristal is Blake's new wife and after five months of dating, they decided to tie the knot in "I Hardly Recognized You". Blake displays a caring attitude towards her and concerned about her, treating her very dearly. He loves everything about her but despite their happy relationship, the many secrets she has kept from him strain their relationship repetitively. Like other members of his family, he's not unwilling to lie to her. He was soon turned to a widower after Celia's murder, which launched him into a downward spiral.

Cristal Carrington

Cristal Jennings entered Blake and the Carrington's following the death of Celia Machado, Blake's second wife whom Cristal was close with before Celia moving to the USA. Cristal helped Blake cope and comes to terms with Celia's death and process the part of Celia's life she kept hidden. Through this, they formed a bond with one another that soon turned romantic. They were quickly engaged and he helped her assimilate to her new lifestyle. They were married after Blake was arrested for murder. They married quickly to ensure that she would not be subpoenaed to testify against him. Cristal is often the only person pressuring Blake to be the best version of himself and to stay out of criminal activity. However, Cristal's complicated relationship with Blake's ex-wife Alexis often seeps into Cristal's relationship with Blake. The majority of their fights are either over suspicious business deals by Blake or Alexis's involvement in their lives. Their relationship has slowly become more distant, leaving both of them to have affairs.

Fallon Carrington

She is the fiery daughter of Blake. Fallon seeks to gain his approval and take control of their family company, but Blake instead gives the responsibility over to Celia, his new wife, causing the two to go into very bad terms. While he loves her, Blake is not afraid to discipline and scold her, at one point even banishing her from the manor when one of Fallon's "pranks", goes too far. At the end of season one, Fallon has the Board of Directors of Carrington Atlantic vote her father out and her in as CEO of the company.

Steven Carrington

He is the "liberal" son of Blake. After he plans to frack a burial graveyard that results in a lot more money, Steven left the manor to pursue his work. When he returned, Steven and his sister, Fallon, met Celia who becomes their new stepmother. On various occasions, Steven and Blake have clashed due to Blake's manipulative tendencies and lies. Despite their frequent arguments, they love one another.



  • In the original series, Blake is the principal and lead character. In The CW's Dynasty, he is a supporting main character, and the lead is his daughter, Fallon.
    • In the original, Blake was prejudice and hardened. He was very homophobic to Steven about his sexuality. In the first episodes, he acted like a villain. But in the 2017 version, he is cunning charming and more understandable to Steven and accepts him for who he is, with their main source of conflict coming instead from Steven's liberal and less ruthless business methods clashing with his own.
  • Blake smokes Cuban cigars when he loses a business deal. ("The Aftermath")
  • Blake sneezes at sunlight (Photic sneezing, genetic). ("Stars Make You Smile")
  • Blake, Fallon, and Sam are the only characters to have physically appeared in all of the episodes of the series as of now.