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Northend Memorial Hospital, commonly referred to as, Atlanta General is a hospital in central Atlanta, Georgia. It has numerous wings and sections, including an upcoming veterans clinic.


Adam Carrington meets with the board of directors to discuss reinstating his privileges so he can practice medicine in Atlanta General again. They have a spot for him and he could be practicing medicine again in no time. ("Battle Lines")

Adam's license with the medical board is up for review per its six-month check. Blake used to make “donations” to the board to keep things legit, but Jeff Colby deducts that they were bribes, not donations. The payments stopped after Adam's falling out with Blake. Adam needs $100,000 to donate to the board so he can keep practicing as a doctor in Atlanta. ("You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White")

Jeff Colby is admitted to Atlanta General due to liver failure as a symptom of his neurotoxicity medication. He needs a transplant or he won't survive the week. Because of his rare tissue type finding a match proves nearly impossible, and the only familial match is Adam Carrington. Adam previously donated a piece of his liver which makes the operation high-risk. After a thwarted plan, Adam decides to go through with the surgery. Alexis sees both her husband and son before they are taken into surgery. ("Is The Next Surgery on The House?")

Cristal Carrington handles the arrangements for a fundraising gala for the new clinic. She works closely with Father Collins, and later, a board-appointed Adam. Adam is the supervisor assigned to the planning for the fundraising gala. He has to use the gala to make things right with the board. He tells the group that Father Collins has to stay, no matter what. The board is conservative and wants the gala to have both a community engagement component and a religious one and Father Collins fits both criteria. ("She Cancelled...")

The fundraising gala for the veteran's clinic is fast approaching and plans have been arranged for it to be held at the Carrington Manor. Meanwhile, Adam is caught having sex with Kirby in the supply closet at the hospital by Dr. Bailey's assistant. She informs Dr. Carrington that Dr. Bailey wants to see him regarding stolen medication. Dr. Bailey informs Adam that there are both eye-witnesses and security camera footage that caught him stealing the medication. She tells him that she doesn't want to recommend to the board that he be fired, but warnings are mainly for those caught having sex in supply closets. Bailey begins to flirt with Adam, making sexual innuendos regarding his punishment. Adam accuses her of having it out for him ever since he turned down her advances his first week at the hospital. She resents the accusation but continues to make suggestive remarks, which leads Adam to turn over his pager to her. He can keep it until an official decision is made and in the meantime, he can plead his case to her that night at the gala during her tour of the manor. ("You Make Being a Priest Sound Like Something Bad")

After a wild night celebrating Fallon's bachelorette party, Allison fall off a mechanical bull and is taken to Northend Hospital for treatment. A stranger escorted her there. Meanwhile, Joseph Anders bribes a nurse to give him all of Alexis Carrington's patient files from her "accident" with the fire. He verifies with the hospital records. Alexis claimed she was drunk the night she “fell” but there was no alcohol in her system. She had bruises on her neck and back as if someone had been holding her down. However, the file was scrubbed to better reflect the story that she was drunk and fell. ("My Hangover's Arrived")

After a hostile confrontation with Evan Tate leaves Kirby with a severe stab wound and Blake wounded, they are rushed to the hospital for treatment. Kirby requires surgery which Adam assists. Blake, however, has an injured back that has left him with temporary paralysis. As Blake and Kirby recover in the hospital from their injuries, the perpetrator Evan Tate is released from the hospital and into police custody. ("The Aftermath")

Fallon assumes the head of the Carrington family which means she is responsible for determining which research team gets a $5,000 grant. She attempts to please everyone at the hospital by greenlighting all of their projects. This fails as she doesn't donate enough money, promptly annoying Adam, who now has to tell the team members that only one of their projects can be chosen. ("New Hopes, New Beginnings")

Adam conspires to take the recent opening in the chief of staff position at the hospital. It requires him to compete with Dr. Bailey, who is a shoe-in for the position due to Adam's sketchy past. She assures Adam that once she wins he'll be out of the hospital. He and Kirby plot to have an adult film play during Bailey's presentation, which breaches ethical bounds and forces the board to reconsider her ability to handle pressure. They ultimately fire Bailey, which leaves Adam as one of the strongest contenders. ("A Little Father-Daughter Chat")

With his birthday approaching, Alexis decides to throw Adam a party at the Carrington Manor and invite the board members to woo them into choosing Adam. The party itself is riddled with drama in true Carrington fashion, though Kirby is able to help Adam woo the board members. ("The Birthday Party") He later secures the chief of staff position when an emotional Cristal approaches him needing help. She confides that she thought she was pregnant and met with her doctor, but now they believe she has a brain tumor pressing on a nerve. ("Your Sick and Self-Serving Vendetta")

Notable Staff and Employers

Board of Directors


Other Staff


  • Ted Dinard
    • "Suicide" attempt and Head Injury (Released to rehab facility)
  • Alexis Carrington
    • Smoke Inhalation and Mild Burns (1st admittance: discharged)
    • Burn Victim and Plastic Surgery (2nd admittance: discharged)
  • James Culhane
    • Illness from contaminated water (Died)
  • Liam Ridley
    • Coma and Head Injury (Discharged)
  • Jeff Colby
    • Poisoning (1st admittance: released to rehab facility)
    • Liver Transplant (2nd admittance: discharged)
  • Adam Carrington
    • Burn Victim and Eye Injury (1st admittance: discharged)
    • Liver Donation (2nd admittance: discharged)
  • Roberto Flores
    • Second degree burns and post-explosion injuries (Discharged against medical advice)
  • Allison
    • Consussion and head injury (Discharged)
  • Kirby Anders
    • Stab wound (Discharged after surgery)
  • Blake Carrington
    • Injuries sustained from a fall/back injury (Discharged with instructions for PT)

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