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Amanda Carrington[1] is a main character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. She is portrayed by Eliza Bennett.

The long-lost Carrington relative, born and raised in Europe, she arrives on the Carrington doorstep holding a treasure trove of secrets from their past… and hers. Amanda is smart, confident, and can hold her own against any Carrington who comes at her. By day she’s a savvy lawyer, but by night she’s a bit of a party girl. And she has no problem stirring up trouble in a family full of troublemakers.


Early Life

At the time of her conception, Blake and Alexis were having troubles in their marriage, with the pair not even sleeping in the same room. Alexis had an affair with her yoga instructor Gabe, and believed her pregnancy was a result of this ongoing affair. She filed for a trial separation from Blake and went to England to have the baby. Her cousin was married and always wanted to have a child but couldn't, so they were already looking to adopt. Alexis willingly surrendered her daughter and signed over her legal rights to Amanda, despite Alexis's name being on the birth certificate.

Amanda was raised in a nice English family that was well-respected in their community. She went on to attend Oxford University to become a lawyer. She had an affair with Judge Whitley, who was married, that threatened to be released. If so, Whitley's cases involving Amanda as the lawyer would have been called into question with a clear violation of conflict of interest. To cover both of them, they agreed for a restraining order to be placed on Amanda from Whitley, which was then sealed away. This kept their relationship and the integrity of their cases safe, even though they had to break up in the process.

Amanda returned home as her mother died, and she began sorting through her mother's belongings. She discovered adoption papers and her original birth certificate, all of which labeled her cousin Alexis Carrington Colby as her biological mother. She wanted to learn more about her family and flew to Atlanta, Georgia.


Season 4


Amanda is brilliantly intellectual with a sense of class, dignity, and self. She knows how she should be treated and doesn't accept manipulations, lies, or deceit from either of her parents. She is slightly gullible in that she takes both Blake and Alexis at their words, though she doesn't know better. However, Amanda doesn't hesitate to retaliate when Adam's antics nearly cost her a job at an aviation company, and she hatches a diabolical plan to not only get revenge, but get even. She accepts heartfelt apologies and offers forgiveness for those who have wronged her.

Physical Appearance

Amanda is a tall, beautiful young woman with an oval-shaped face, long blonde hair, and blue eyes. She is stunningly fashionable with a high-end taste in clothing ranging from professional skirts and business attire, to mini-dresses paired with a jacket and heels. She always looks presentable and enjoys her spa and manicure days.




  • Amanda is the second child of Alexis' and Blake's to be raised outside of the Carrington family. She follows her oldest brother Adam Carrington. However, Adam was abducted as a child while Amanda was willingly given up to a family relative.
  • In the reboot, Amanda is a lawyer, in the original Dynasty series, Adam was.
  • In the original series she had the surname Bedford before discovering she was actually a Carrington and legally changing her last name to it.
  • Amanda sneezes at sunlight, who is a genetic disorder called Photic sneezing, which she inherited from her biological father Blake Carrington. ("Stars Make You Smile")
  • Amanda is claustrophobic. ("A Good Marriage in Every Sense")
  • Amanda is Ashley Day's (Colin McNaughton) favourite character.
  • Eliza Bennett got the role of Amanda four days after she auditioned for it.



  1. In "A Good Marriage in Every Sense" Amanda is revealed to have changed her last name to Carrington. She is also mentioned as being from the Morell side of Alexis's family.