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Allison is a supporting character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. She is portrayed by Nicole Zyana.

She was the seemingly fearful yet incredibly loyal assistant to business mogul, Fallon Carrington.


Allison was employed by Elcott Publishing until Fallon purchased the company and rebranded it as Femperial Publishing. She then became Fallon's executive assistant.


Allison is a hardworking, intelligent, and dedicated worker. She has a sharp memory, being able to remember large orders and lists without writing them down immediately. Though she is often intimidated or degraded by Fallon Carrington, Allison still views Fallon as a great boss and even role model. While she appears fearful and shy, Allison is a very fun and outgoing person who is just afraid to step out of her comfort zone. She will do anything for those she views as her friends, which she proved when she flashed a bouncer so Fallon and the rest of the bride tribe could sneak into The Anaconda Club.


Season 2


Season 3

Allison is in the room when Sam declares that he loves gifts and but leaves as Fallon tells him that it is not for him, but for Corlent.

Allison comes back and is sorry to interrupt and tells them that only one plane left with the Corlent group on it but reveals that Blake Carrington has his own streaming service and they are interested in partnering with him. [1]

Fallon is yelling at Alexis but is interrupted by Allison who has employee reviews that are quite scathing. Alexis shows interest but Fallon takes them and puts them aside.

An angry Fallon doesn’t want to hear any news but Allison tells her not to worry about the negative press. She thinks the show went great and the podcast has stirred up positive press surrounding Alexis. Even Gigi wants to interview with Alexis. Allison thinks the situation is perfect - if Gigi likes Alexis, then all Fallon has to do is ask Alexis to ask Gigi to make the dress. Fallon then decides to go visit her mother in person.

Fallon apologizes to Allison for being so insensitive towards her and other employees. She’s trying to turn over a new life and asks Allison to send out an email to all the employees telling them they will be getting their bonuses early this year. She then gives Allison a save the date to her wedding. Since not everyone is invited Fallon requests that she keep it quiet.[2]

Allison is invited to Fallon's bachelorette party by Sam, who puts her on chaperone duty. Her job is to make sure they don't do anything crazy. In their hotel room, they toast to a non-tacky bachelorette party. When the group wakes up in the morning, Allison is missing but no one notices until later that day when Culhane asks where she is. Fallon realizes that the person calling Kirby's phone and the hotel phone must have been Allison, and uses Kirby's phone to call her back. Allison is in the hospital.

Allison is eating pudding when Fallon, Sam, Kirby, and Cristal walk in. Fallon demands Allison tells her everything she remembers about the night before - including who she married. Allison is confused as she doesn’t remember much. She fell off a mechanical bull and a stranger brought her to the hospital with a concussion. Cristal is surprised they just left Allison hurt, but she tells them not to worry as she broke out of her comfort zone and had a great time. Allison offers to help with the Scorpio situation and asks someone to untie her gown. Cristal helps and everyone turns around to give her privacy. Cristal notices a note written on Allison’s back from Scorpio signed from The Anaconda Club.

The group arrives at the Anaconda Club only to be asked to leave by the bouncer, who tells them that they were banned from the club last night. The bouncer angrily tells them all to leave before he calls the police. Kirby pulls the group back as they can’t get arrested again. Fallon remarks that they need a New Orleans miracle. Allison taps the bouncer on the shoulder then flashes her breasts at him, leaving him stunned for a moment. She grabs his walkie talkie and runs off leaving the group time to sneak in. Sam remarks that Fallon should give Allison a raise. The next day, Allison is on the plane back to Atlanta with everyone else. They look at photos Sam found from their first night at The Anaconda Club. One of the photos features Allison kissing a woman, to which she merely smiles. [3]

Physical Appearance

Allison is a pretty young woman with olive skin, chestnut brown hair that is often pulled away from her face, and brown eyes. She has a keen eye for stylish clothing, much like her boss, Fallon. She wears only the latest styles. She prefers high-waisted pants or an occasional skirt.



  • Allison was invited to Fallon's wedding to Liam Ridley. She was also invited to Fallon's bachelorette party, where she suffered from a concussion after falling off a mechanical bull.[4]