Alejandro Raya, also known as Diego Calastana, was a minor character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Luis Fernandez.


Alejandro was Iris Machado's husband and father of their son Sammy. Celia, Iris' sister, lived with them in Caracas, Venezuela. When Iris said to Alejandro that her sister was pregnant and that they have to take cared of another baby, he was furious and beat her. Trying to separate them, Celia stabbed Alejandro in the back. She then came to a new life in the United States, thinking she has killed him.

Twelve years later, at Carrington Atlantic, Blake meets Diego Calastana, a new business partner, who is actually Alejandro.


Season 1 (4/22)



  • Alejandro died for good in the episode I Answer to No Man in the same way as when Celia/Cristal thought she had killed him the first time.
    • Twelve years ago, Celia/Cristal "killed" him to protect her sister Iris against him. In present day, Iris does exactly the same thing to protect Cristal.


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