Adam Carrington is a main character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Sam Underwood. He is the long-lost son of millionaire Blake Carrington and Alexis Carrington.


Adam is Blake and Alexis' oldest son. When he was six months old, Adam was kidnapped. He was missing for 30 years and was presumed dead.


Steven Carrington

While Steven was in Paraguay "figuring himself out," he met Adam, who was using the alias George Emerson, which he got from the book that influenced Steven the most, Room With A View.

As part of his "game", Adam convinced Fallon and Sam that Steven was losing the plot by making them believe that George was fake and that Steven was attempting to hang himself. Steven is put into a sanitarium in Paris, where Adam appears and reveals the more he got to know Steven, the more he resented him, as he walked away from the perfect life and everything given to him by Blake, and reveals he's returning home to claim everything.

Alexis Carrington

While with Steven, Adam found out that Alexis had previously sent Steven on a mission to find the long-lost Adam Carrington. He also discovered that Alexis had purposely fed Steven with false leads and faked the DNA test of the person Steven found to be the Carrington's missing son. Upon Adam's arrival at the Carrington Manor, Alexis refused to accept that Adam was her real son, in order to protect her lie about Hank being her authentic son. These incidents caused Adam to be furious with his mother, and in retaliation for her actions, Adam shoved his mother's head into the fireplace.


Season 1 (0/22)

Season 2 (9/22)


  • He was kidnapped when he was six months old. The kidnapper's girlfriend later took the baby with her and raised him as her son in Billings, Montana.



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