Aaron Stansfield is a minor character in the television series, Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Michael Beach. He was the police chief of the City of Atlanta, but indirectly worked for Blake Carrington and often did unethical things to help him.


In Spit It Out, after the death of Matthew Blaisdel, Police Chief Stansfield shows up being introduced to by Anders. Tough yet serious, Stansfield has been involved with Blake only to help him with many suspicious mysteries. In The Best Things In Life, it is revealed that Blake helped him to cover up an oil rig accident that killed an engineer named Dominic Ortega, and that's the only reason why Blake has Matthew's phone and Stansfield being involved. As it turns out, after accepting a 5 million payment from Jeff Colby, he was replaced by Jeff's cousin. In Private as a Circus, after Willy's suicide, Stansfield shows the Carrington family a suicide note that prevents anybody to know anything about.

To prevent some revelations about his deals with Blake, Stansfield resigned his position at the Atlanta Police and was replaced by Bobbi Johnson.


Season 1 (3/22)



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