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A Wound That May Never Heal
Season 03, Episode 11
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Air date January 31, 2020
Written by Bryce Schramm
Directed by Brandi Bradburn
Viewers 0.34 million (340,000)[1]
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What Sorrows Are You Drowning?
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Alexis is like a whack-a-mole game. You knock her down, she just pops up somewhere else. It's a waste of our time and our energy. So we just ignore her.
— Blake to Cristal

A Wound That May Never Heal is the eleventh episode of the third season and the fifty-fifth episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on January 31, 2020.


WHACK-A-MOLE - With Alexis back in the picture, Blake attempts to comfort Cristal while he also works to reestablish himself. Fallon decides to expand her empire and seeks a favor from Culhane. Sam's love life continues to heat up, and Colby is forced to consider lesser options for his plan. Kirby and Adam form an unlikely friendship.[2]

Plot Summary


Blake expresses his rage by throwing and breaking things in his office. He falls to his knees just as clapping is heard. Alexis enters the office remarking on his tantrum. Blake asks how she got into the manor and she casually mentions that security at the manor has always had a sweet spot for her. She asks if he wants to talk or just spill something else. He angrily tells her that he has nothing to say to her and she shouldn’t even bother to apologize. She coldly tells him that he forced her hand and she became desperate. He won’t take the blame for her actions and she presses that she isn’t afraid of him and can manipulate him into doing whatever she wants - including murder. He grabs her shoulders and throws against a wall and they begin to fight before he grabs her throat and pins her against his deck, choking her. Alexis grins and begins to laugh.

Blake then wakes up in his bed, realizing that it was all a bad dream. He and Cristal talk about his nightmares and her anger toward Alexis. Blake refuses to deal with the Alexis situation as it would be a waste of their time and energy. He recommends that Cristal just ignore her. He won’t let Alexis ruin his momentum or the big day he has planned. He also has something special coming for Cristal. He wants her to let her anger go but she doesn’t want too and ends up burning her hand on the fire she was poking.

At a table at La Mirage, Kirby reads an article about Blake while Fallon listens in disapproval. The article praises Blake while the rest of the media is calling Fallon the “forgotten Carrington”. In the last twenty-four hours, she has seen a plunge in her social and business standing. Fallon explains to Kirby that she plans to take Fallon Unlimited international with her new streaming service. The streaming service was one of the assets that she bought when she purchased Femperial, but if she doesn’t expand it will get lost with other streaming services. Kirby offers to pitch television show ideas to Fallon but she rejects the offer, saying that she has a European business company interested.

In the barn house, Alexis finds Adam hiding from Blake, who kicked him out of the manor. She assures him that he can stay but Blake won’t come around easily as he loved the vineyard. She offers again to let him help her and Jeff but Adam refuses to hurt Blake. Adam asks if her marriage to Jeff is part of a masterplan to hurt Blake, but she doesn’t know what he means - they married for love. It would mean the world to her if her husband and son could get along, but Adam wants her to leave it be as he is perfectly content remaining neutral in their war. Alexis laughs and tells him that no one with the name Carrington can remain neutral for long. She gets a box and leaves.

In a hotel room, Sam and Fletcher kiss but Sam has to meet Fallon for breakfast. Fletcher wants to go along so he can meet Fallon as the boyfriend of Sam and not the PR guy. The word “boyfriend” makes Sam freeze and Fletcher apologizes as it slipped out. He calls Sam out on not being comfortable about the idea of being boyfriends, commenting that he looks like he might burst into hives. Sam insists he’s fine and leaves the room.

At the manor, Kirby spots Adam lurking outside of the glass doors. He explains that he needs to get things from his old room but Blake banned him from the manor. She asks what he did to get kicked out and he nonchalantly tells her a little arson. As an official resident of the manor again, Kirby volunteers to just get his stuff for him. He says it would be great and thinks Blake is coming. When Kirby isn’t looking he vanishes.

Fallon is distracted during breakfast and doesn’t pay much attention to Sam’s issues as she is engrossed in her phone. She explains that her European merger is falling through because she doesn’t have enough existing European clients. She returns to her phone and Sam vents about Fletcher calling him “boyfriend”. While most of their relationship is great he finds it sudden. Fallon groans and tells Sam that the company ended negotiations and she can’t have her merger. If Blake wins then Fallon will have a bad effect. A soccer team from Spain arrives at the hotel per Fletcher’s arrangement. The game will create good PR. Fallon asks if Sam is still seeing Fletcher then realizes that she can use the game to save her streaming service and please the European company.

Fallon has a meeting with Culhane and he mistakes her presence for her wanting naming rights. She tells him that it would be a waste of money. She pitches the idea of her to using the Atlantix’s upcoming game, which streams in Spain, to advertise her new company. The large advertisement would run at half-time and offer a special deal to new Spanish subscribers. Michael countered with a sponsorship ad and allowed her to run a graphic on the screen at half-time and she takes the deal.

Jeff’s offer has been declined several times and Sawyer won’t meet with them either. Alexis wants to resort to blackmail and offers Adam as a solution. She notes that Adam has inherited the worst of her and Blake but will prove of valuable help. Jeff refuses to work with Adam and leaves angrily. Alexis calls Tony and asks for a favor - she wants him to tell Blake an intruder is on the property.

Blake plans to purchase several companies in one day, which Anders warns against but Blake ignores.

Cristal works with an alternative medicine woman to work on her breathing but it isn’t going well.

Blake tests out boxing gloves from “Powerplay”. The company is private but Blake decides to buy out all the investors.

Cristal gets a massage from the woman who remarks on how much tensions Cristal is holding in her body. Uncomfortable, Cristal asks to try something else.

Blake and Anders try an alcoholic seltzer which Anders finds disgusting. Blake agrees but the product is a gold mine. He decides to buy out Richman Ridge Hard Seltzer.

Cristal and her healer try rock therapy but she gets annoyed and claims it isn’t working.

When presented with Silverflix Streaming Service, Anders reminds Blake that Fallon has a streaming service and purchasing Silverflix will only put him in competition with her. He eagerly decides to buy the company.

The healer monitors Cristal’s heart rate as they go through a slideshow of potential triggers. She remains calm through the baby and horse picture, something the healer remarks is progress. Her heart rate spikes on a picture of Alexis and she grabs a bowl and smashes it. The healer exclaims that it’s time for Cristal to see a real therapist.

Kirby brings a shirtless Adam his things and feigns normalcy. He thanks her for bringing his things and takes the box. He doesn’t have anything to offer her as he only has packaged food. She offers to cook him dinner and he accepts. Anders comes in and asks what Kirby is doing with Adam. He explains the situation and Anders tells Adam that Tony the gardener saw Adam stalking and alerted Blake, who wants Adam out by month’s end. While Alexis owns the loft, Blake owns the land around it and can stop Adam from coming and going. He apologizes and leaves. Soon after, Adam punches his painting and Kirby confirms the time for their dinner.

Fallon and Sam discuss Fallon giving presents to the Corlent representatives, the European streaming company, that she has convinced to meet with her after the game. Her assistant informs Fallon that Blake bought a streaming company and Corlent is interested in partnering with him, not Fallon. Corlent boarded Blake’s private jet and not Fallon’s.

Fallon confronts Blake but he tells her to relax as it is just a coincidence. He lies that he didn’t know about her streaming service. He is surprised she isn’t rising to the challenge and is running away like a “little girl” instead. She promises she is more than a “little girl” and will see him on the battlefield. She dumps his drink over his business papers and leaves.

Cristal consults with a therapist who asks about Cristal fighting Alexis in the lily pond because Alexis wrecked her car. Because of the boundary laws of patient-client privilege in Atlanta, Cristal says that is the case. It bothered her more then other discrepancies is because Alexis didn’t just “wreck Cristal’s car” but blamed someone else and let him take the punishment. The therapist suggests adjusting her expectations for how people should treat her by starting with Alexis. The therapist thinks Cristal still needs something from Alexis and gives her a token to help channel her anger.

Alexis and Adam discuss Blake punishing Adam so harshly, as since the fire Adam has been on his best behavior. Alexis promises she is on Adam’s side and that Blake won’t win. Adam has a flashback to when he burned Alexis’ face and apologizes for the things he’s done to her. They hug and he realizes that Blake has fractured the family and is ready to help Alexis if she needs him. She has something planned for later and agrees to let Adam help.

Fallon loops Sam in on her plan which includes distracting Fletcher. She created a fake PR crisis at La Mirage to distract him, so she needs Sam to go over there and handle it. Fallon doesn’t want to lost Corlent to Blake while Sam doesn’t want Fletcher to find out he lied. The “crisis” is that people will start picketing about La Mirage’s unfair wager practices.

Cristal visits an exercising Alexis. They bicker but Cristal tells Alexis that she only came for an adult conversation as her therapist finds it imperative to her healing. Alexis retorts that Cristal leaving is imperative to her workout. Alexis claims she has no remorse for what she did and practice has helped her become callous. Which will be perfect for when hse destroys Cristal. Alexis throws a yoga ball at Cristal who dodges it calling Alexis insane. Alexis claims she doesn’t have to pretend to like Cristal now that the truth is out, and is invincible when it comes to Blake. Cristal thanks her for the chat and leaves.

Jeff is waiting impatiently in his car and is annoyed when Adam arrives. They were both tricked by Alexis into thinking they were working with her as the men hate one another. Adam apologizes for the poisoning incident and notes that Jeff is fine and offers to let Jeff punch him if it would make him feel better. Jeff punches Adam and it does make him feel a little better. Out of pure necessity, they work together.

Adam has to switch the carbon monoxide detector in the room with the one Jeff and Alexis bugged. A disguised Adam pretends to be “Boris from hotel maintenance” who has to replace the carbon monoxide detector. While the man is hesitant and Jeff yells at Adam for offering the man switch rooms, Adam convinces the man to let him just leave it in the room. He will return to install it but can’t let his boss see him with it. The man agrees and Adam hands the detector to the man and leaves.

Fallon and Sam visit Scotty and ask him to weave in between fireworks and jump on trampolines. The moves are very complex for Scotty to learn on such short notices. She realizes the boy won't give in and instead, offers Scotty fifty-thousand dollars if he gives them the costume and keeps his mouth shut about skipping the halftime show. Scotty agrees and leaves. She hands the head to a reluctant Sam and convinces him to do the halftime show for her. She promises it will be great and puts the mascot head on Sam and boops the beak.

Jeff and Alexis argue about her “parent trapping” Jeff and Adam into working together. Unable to deal with Alexis’ constant attempts to humanize Adam, Jeff finally tells her about his poisoning. She apologizes and promises to try and stay on the same page as him and he leaves.

At the show, Fallon communicates with Sam through a walkie-talkie. Michael and Fletcher frantically catch up to Fallon and confront her about the changes to the halftime show. Michael hopes that Fallon didn’t go against what he told her to do and she promises they’ll barely notice the changes. Michael spots a pyrotechnics expert and Fallon brushes it off as not wanting an amateur to handle it. He wants her to call it off but she runs away from them instead.

Blake is thrilled by the increase in Blake Carrington Enterprises and fills Cristal in on his busy day. Cristal is upset and Blake claims that Fallon lies to make him look like a villain and he doesn’t feel bad about Corlent Media. Cristal comments that he might be a villain. He manipulates the emotions of others to serve his own selfish needs. Blake accuses her of being hostile and Cristal tells him about her visit to Alexis. She asks him that if he had known it was Alexis who was responsible for the death of their unborn child and not Mac if she would receive the same punishment Max did. Blake tries to deter the conversation and Cristal wishes she knew why Blake refuses to punish Alexis and leaves.

Michael and Fletcher catch up to Fallon just as the firework go off. Her plan goes awry when Sam, unable to hear Fallon clearly, mistakes "no" for "go". He runs onto the field wearing the mascot costume, caught fire, and burned the banners to say, "F U Spain" instead of "Fallon Unlimited For Spain".

Adam and Kirby enjoy their dinner and discuss Adam being forced to leave Atlanta and return to Montana as a vet. Kirby assures him he belongs here and they can get to know each other better. While he gets a drink she removes her earring and drops it in the couch cushion.

Fletcher angrily confronts Sam about the newest headlines about Fallon Unlimited and Sam lying to him. Fletcher tells a defensive Sam not to blame Fallon as he is an adult and can make his own choices. The conversation turns to their romantic future and Sam wants to leave so they can talk but Fletcher isn’t interested and leaves.

Alexis enters the loft and slaps Adam for poisoning Jeff. She doesn’t understand how he can be so cruel but Adam guesses that it’s in his genetics. She wants him to prove himself to both her and Jeff or she will support Blake in his choice to ban Adam. He agrees to try and talk to him but isn’t sure Jeff will listen.

Michael and Fallon argue over the events that happened. The field was so badly burned that it took over an hour to repair it. She apologizes but it doesn’t make a difference and he kicks her out of his office.

Alexis brings Adam to see Jeff who isn’t pleased with the sight of Adam. He threatens to end their arrangement but Alexis knows they need al the help they can get to take down Blake. Jeff doesn’t want Adam’s help. Alexis offers Jeff insurance instead of trust and Adam films a confessional video for poisoning Jeff with the intent to make Jeff sick or even kill him.

In another dream, Blake and Fallon argue over the Corlent Media deal that went to Blake instead of her. He tells Fallon that he is in control now. Alexis and Adam appear and Alexis tells him that he lost control a long time ago. Adam then stabs Blake in the back and Fallon calls him pathetic while Alexis and Adam hold him up. Fallon stabs him and they all laugh menacingly.

Alexis meets with Fallon to talk about Fallon’s unfortunate incident with her halftime show. Fallon thinks Alexis is trying to recruit her again but Alexis assures her that she isn’t the forgotten Carrington and wants Fallon to help her take down Blake. Fallon refuses to help Alexis as she doesn’t want her future to become Alexis. She won’t let her future be defined by Blake and leaves the table.

Sam visits Fletcher and admits that he might have been right about Sam sabotaging their chances of having a relationship. Sam admits he’s scared to admit how he feels because he hasn’t felt that way in a long time. He opens up to Fletcher about his relationship troubles and Fletcher tells Sam he should have called first. A man calls from the house asking who Fletcher is talking too and Fletcher lies about it being a salesman. Now feeling hurt, Sam leaves.

Fallon visits Michael about the events of the halftime show. Despite the disaster, Fallon Unlimited Streaming saw a considerable spike in overseas subscriptions that weren't Spain. Corlent was impressed and agreed to restart negotiations for the merger. To make up for the damages, and finally believing in the Atlantix, Fallon made an official offer for naming rights of the stadium.

Cristal apologizes to Blake over a meal, as her therapist told her she is at risk for unleashing her anger on innocents. Blake admits to protecting Alexis and Cristal knows that Alexis will be in their life as she is the mother of Blake’s children. Cristal is ready to break the cycle of anger and they kiss. Blake admits he’s lost control of his life starting when he lost Carrington Atlantic. He wants the company back and plans to buy it back.

Jeff and Alexis meet with the man from earlier and blackmail him with a recording from the carbon monoxide detector. His involvement with Stephanie Graham goes deeper than just an affair. He has been dueling out payments to the woman in charge of enforcing environmental regulations. If the man agrees to sell to Jeff and Alexis they will destroy the recordings. The company’s name is Carrington Atlantic.

During a phone call with her brother, Cristal orders a deadly hit on Alexis.



Guest Starring


  • Demi Castro as Dustin Sawyer
  • Daniel Augustin as Marcus
  • Ashlee Heath as Terri
  • Ryan Dinning as Scotty
  • Nicole Zyana as Allison
  • Mary Kraft as Mariel



  • As the main cast members, Michael Michele and Adam Huber are credited but they do not appear in the episode.


  • The title "A Wound That May Never Heal" is a reference to the line said by Blake Carrington to Fallon Carrington in season nine episode "The Last Hurrah" of the original Dynasty series.
  • Jeff references the 1998 film, The Parent Trap to Alexis who doesn't understand. Elaine Hendrix (Alexis) starred in the film as Meredith Blake, the now-iconic antagonist.
  • After convincing a board member of Van Kirk Industries to sell the company, the logo "Carrington Atlantic" was seen on the door. However, this would be impossible, since the Van Kirk family acquired CA and renamed it Van Kirk Industries.


Blake to Cristal: Alexis is like a whack-a-mole game. You knock her down, she just pops up somewhere else. It's a waste of our time and our energy. So we just ignore her.

Sam to Fallon: I didn't know you had a streaming service. Or is this just your Netflix account? Which, by the way, stop changing your password.

Jeff: Did you really think you could Parent Trap me and Adam into liking each other?
Alexis: I don't know what that means.