Is this what happens when you marry a rich guy? Does he just assume that you're gonna be his house-husband? Him away on business trips while I'm stuck with the twins' runny noses and gossipy private school moms until eventually, I get my real estate license just to feel some sort of purpose.
Sammy Jo to Anders about Steven
A Line From the Past
Season 01, Episode 20
Dynasty 1x20 Promo Still 1
Air date April 27, 2018
Written by Jenna Richman & Francisca X. Hu
Directed by Pascal Verschooris
Viewers 0.68 million (680,000) [1]
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A Line From the Past is the twentieth episode of the first season of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on April 27, 2018.


THE WAR OF THE CARRINGTONS – While Alexis and Blake continue to battle, Alexis enlists in a surprising ally, Jeff Colby. With her loyalties torn, Fallon must decide if she helps save the company or come to the aid of Culhane’s family



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  • The title, along with the synopsis, writers and director of the episode was announced via press release on April 9, 2018.[2]
  • Anders mentions for the first time the existence of his estranged daughter Kirby, who lives in Australia with her mother, and phones her.
  • Michael's father James Culhane dies in this episode.
  • At the very end of the episode, Jeff Colby is revealed to be a Carrington. More of this is followed up in the next episode.
    • Jeff and Monica's estranged mother is also mentioned to be living in New York City.



Sam: I've always pictured you like a nun. But instead of Jesus, you swore yourself to the Carringtons.

Fallon: Um, slight hiccup, we didn't factor in for my dad's annoyingly off-key janitor.

Cristal: What? He's there? Well, can you distract him, or something?

Fallon: With what, cleavage? I don't tramp out like you, Crissy.






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