So you can keep Culhane's name out of your mouth and be home in 42 months, or you can have a very pissed off cellmate for 20 years.
A Champagne Mood
Season 02, Episode 10
Champagne (3)
Air date January 18, 2019
Written by Josh Reims & Kevin A. Garnett
Directed by Michael Allowitz
Viewers 0.59 million (590,000)[1]
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A Champagne Mood is the tenth episode of the second season and the thirty-second episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on January 18, 2019.


THE THINGS WE DO FOR FAMILY — In the wake of a horrific accident, Culhane desperately needs Fallon's help and protection, while she needs to process the sheer weight of his lies. Meanwhile, as Blake shows no shame in using family to promote his own self-interest, Cristal is reluctant to reveal a big development. 



Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Steven G. Norfleet as Colin
  • Tedd Taskey as Richard
  • Cuyle Carvin as Darell
  • Ivory Shields as Carrington Doctor
  • Kimberly Maxwell as Carrington Servant
  • Jamir Vega as Mini-Jeff
  • Adriana King as Mini-Monica



  • This episode's title was revelead on December 22, 2018 via the official The CW's channel on YouTube.
  • This episode's synopsis was revealed on January 5, 2019 via press release. [2]
  • As a main cast member, Maddison Brown is credited but does not appear in the episode.
  • James is given a Special Guest Star credit for this episode.



Blake: Believe me, there was no other choice. 
Monica: You, Blake, should never start a sentence with believe me.

Sam: I guess that's what love is. Doing things you don't want to for people who don't quite deserve it.

Fallon to Sam: Don't you ever cheat on my brother.

Alexis: I will have you know that my work has been shown and sold all over metro Atlanta.
Anders: In which coffee shops?

Jeff: What was that song Mom used to sing to us when we were kids?
Monica: What are you talking about?
Jeff: Saturday morning, when she was cleaning the house, there was some song she'd sing.
Monica: You must be blacking out again, because that's not how I remember it. Mom didn't sing nearly as much as she yelled.





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