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• 4/22/2018

Liam Ridley

I'm in love with Liam!
I wonder if he we will be able to see him in season two? Do you think that might happend?
Because I would love to see him again explaining the story o for his book to Fallon, idk I just want that to happend
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• 4/25/2018
They say he's coming back for 1.22 xD
• 5/12/2018
and that he did
• 6/8/2018
I think given how they left things in the season 1 finale... It is very likely that he, Claudia and Monica continue to appear in the series. Y
• 11/2/2018

i hate liam now in season two because he keeps flirting with fallon and 1st of all you never ever flirt wit a taken man or woman and i ship fallon and culhane so hard

• 11/2/2018

It's called a love triangle for a reason

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